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7 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs You Can Start In Nigeria (2022)

    Want the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria? Learn how to start with platforms that pay you daily? Continue Reading…

    Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is on the rise, reaching 12 billion payouts in the next decade.

    It remains one of the best ways if you want to make money online, being a less technical means of passive income.

    One of the biggest issues I had then was selecting the best affiliate programs that pay daily in Nigeria.

    Because not all affiliate networks allow Nigerians. And some that do are not honest with tracking and payments.

    I once sent over 1000 people to an affiliate site before I realized their tracking dashboard didn’t read it. It was a painful experience that I had to close that account.

    So, I took it upon myself to do the work for you so you won’t fall into this trap.

    Now, listen, as one who has been in the digital marketing industry since 2013. I still cannot guarantee your earnings because only you can. But I have made the work easier by testing all platforms mentioned here.

    So, by the end of this article, you must have learned:

    • The Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria
    • How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business That Pays In 7 Easy Steps
    • 3 Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Offer That No One Wants You To Know
    • 5 Things You Must Look Out For Before You Joining Any Platform (A Must Read So You Don’t Repeat My Mistakes)
    • 27 Affiliate Marketing Terms You Must Get Familiar With.
    • Answers To Possible Questions You May Have About Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    Get my course where I show people like you step-by-step methods on how to make money from the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

    Before we dive into the best programs in Nigeria, let’s see what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

    Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: What It Is And How It Works

    Affiliate marketing is selling a third-party product for a commission.

    The products’ company gives you a link and provides you with tools to promote their offers.

    These products can be physical, digital, SaaS, and even services.

    When someone buys via your link, the company pays you a commission in a fixed amount or percentage.

    With some platforms, you can earn as high as 60% of whatever you sell while others pay less than 10%. More on that later…

    So, we can agree that affiliate marketing is business partnership between you and the company.

    Why You Should Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

    1. Get Paid Daily

    If you seek an online business that pays you daily in Nigeria, start with affiliate marketing.

    You can wake up every day to see you have made a sale you are not even aware of.

    While these platforms don’t pay into your account immediately, the money is still yours.

    2. No technicals Required:

    The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it’s a business for everyone.

    You don’t need codes or designing heavy graphics to start since the companies you are affiliating with provides the resources needed.

    Your work is to promote using the best digital marketing strategy and get paid.

    3. Lacks Stress:

    Mention three businesses that come with little to no stress. Affiliate marketing will top the list.

    Aside from being stress free, it offers you the freedom you have always desired.

    It is a lifestyle business that you do the major work and it keeps paying with your direct input anymore.

    But to make this come true, you need to read my complete guide on how to start a blog and make money online.

    Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria That Pays Daily

    1. Jumia KOL Affiliate

    One of the best affiliate programs for beginners in Nigeria

    Jumia partner is the most popular affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria because of its stability and consistency in paying partners.

    I registered with Jumia Force (JForce) as an affiliate while still an undergraduate.

    All I wanted then was to earn beyond my pocket money and find my way out of lack.

    So, I recommend this program to you if you are serious about starting an online business that pays in Nigeria.

    You make money as Jumia affiliate when you send visitors to their website who converts (buy on Jumia). 

    To succeed in this business, you need an active website and the dedication to grow your business.

    What You Should Know About Jumia’s Affiliate Program.

    • You can earn as high as 10% commission on every item sold within 30 days. 
    • So, if your referral buys wears of N200,000. You should expect nothing less than N15,000 from that sales because of the 7 -10 % commission on fashions and accessories.
    • Jumia pays at the minimum of N2500 and does so via bank transfer in the first week of the following month. This means they pay your January earnings in the first week of February.
    • They allow to promote their products with other companies own on the same website.
    • Last, Jumia does not charge affiliates for both registration and banners – FREE.
    Make Money With Jumia

    2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

    One of the affiliate programs in Nigeria that pays in dollars

    Do you want an online business that pays in dollars? Start the Amazon affiliate program today,

    Amazon is a conglomerate that focuses on eCommerce, cloud computing and AI.

    It remains one of the big five tech companies in the US: Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft.

    As for the Amazon Associate program, I considered it the largest in the world.

    Because this program helps you monetize your traffic well enough.

    With millions of products on the website, be sure your visitors will always see something to buy.

    How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    • Sign up to join thousands of creators, publishers and bloggers.
    • Recommend millions of products to your audience.
    • Earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs.

    3. PiggyVest Referral Program

    One of Nigeria best affiliate programs in the finance sector

    PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) is an online platform that helps you save and invest with ease.

    You can choose to save towards a particular goal daily, weekly and monthly. Or lock away your money for a period.

    They launched the PiggyVest affiliate marketing program in Nigeria to bring in more users to the platform. 

    And also to help you and me to make more money online using our smartphones.

    The good thing about this program is that they pay both you and the person you refer.

    More About PiggyVest Affiliate Program

    • When a user registers through your link and completes their registration process, PiggyVest pays both of you N1000.
    • But note that you only get paid when your referral becomes valid. I.e They link their BVN and fund their Flex Naira wallet with at least #100.
    • Fund any other two wallets on the platform with at least #1000 each.
    • Then, they will pay your commission into your SafeLock account, and it becomes mature for you to withdraw after 10 days.
    • PiggyVest allows you to opt-out of the referral program by using the Delete Promo Safelock button.

    4. Travelstart Affiliate Marketing

    The second best among list of travel affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Travelstart is an online travel company founded on two primary principles; simplicity and best price. 

    They founded the company in 1999 and today operates in several countries.

    You can make as high as N400,000 a month with the Travelstart affiliate program in Nigeria.

    So whether you are a lifestyle blogger or travel agent, this is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria right now for you. 

    How Does Travelstart Affiliate Marketing Works In Nigeria?

    • Sign up for FREE, and the team gets back to you in 48 hours.
    • Earn 70% of the airline commission or profit with every paid booking using your affiliate tool. 
    • Also, you earn a flat fee for all flights that do not originate in Nigeria.
    • They pay you your commission 2-3 weeks after the month has ended.
    • You can either choose to present the program to your readers in iFrame or text-link solution.
    Make Money With Travelstart

    5. CowryWise Referral Program

    The second best among list of finance affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Cowrywise believes in rewarding all of its customers. 

    So, they set up the referral program for affiliates to make money by signing up people on the website.

    But what is Cowrywise, and what do they do?

    Similar to PiggyVest, Cowrywise is a platform to save and invest without stress.

    They allow you to do this via their easy-to-use automated platform (I love their website user interface).

    What To Know About CowryWise Affiliate Program

    • You earn from CowryWise when someone registers through your link and they make a deposit into their account.
    • You make N250 per valid referral for a start, and the person also makes the exact amounts no matter your own level.
    • As campus ambassadors, you earn N350 per referral. And as corporate ambassadors, you earn N500 per referral.

    Note: Cowrywise affiliate marketing kicks against referring accounts in Nigeria using temporary emails. Or referring new users with similar account details as yours.

    6. Qservers Affiliate Program

    First in the list of web hosting affiliate programs in Nigeria

    There is no better time to monetise the traffic on your site and start recommending Qservers.

    They rated Qservers as one of Nigeria’s best hosting companies. 

    They sell not only hosting but also domain names, website design, digital marketing services and more.

    As a Qservers’ affiliate, you have all the digital marketing tools you need to convert your existing audience into profit.

    Because they supply you with a range of special banners and textual links with unique affiliate identification numbers that you place within your site. 

    When someone clicks on your links, their software tracks the user activity.

    You can log in to your dashboard in the next 24 hours to see how your banners and links perform.

    More On Qservers Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

    • You don’t pay to become an affiliate–it’s Free.
    • Qservers pay you N500 for signing up–kind of them.
    • You earn up to 20% onetime commission per referral!
    • They pay you via bank transfer once you have up to a 3000 balance.

    7. Bet9ja Affiliate Marketing

    Best among the list of bet affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Bet9ja positions itself as the number one betting site in Nigeria for great odds. 

    It covers significant sports games and other vital entertaining events.

    To make selling easy for you, Bet9ja has an in-house design team ready to assist you. 

    They make available custom banners and landing pages to engage your audience.

    If you want collaboration, they are open to working with some of the biggest partners in town.

    How To Join Bet9ja Affiliate Marketing Program In Nigeria

    • Sign up on the bet9ja affiliate marketing website for Nigerians.
    • Document all details they need and wait for their approval.
    • Bet9ja pays a 20% commission of monthly net profit.

    Note: You cannot promote bet9ja on sites that contain sexual or violent content.

    Get Started With Bet9ja

    8. Wakanow Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    Top list of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria travel industry

    If you seek to work with the first online travel agent in Nigeria, then it’s Wakanow.

    They gained more momentum during the 2010 South Africa world cup.

    Their goal is to bridge the gap and inefficiencies facing the travel industry.

    In Wakanow, they refer to affiliates as sales associates of the organisation.

    How To Benefits From Wakanow Affiliate Marketing Website In Nigeria

    • Sign up as an affiliate and check your email for a confirmation message
    • Earn through your referral link when your user pays the registration fee.
    • Increase the price of products in Wakanow to make more profits.
    • Gain access to discounts on Airfares, Hotels, Airport pickup services and Visa processing.

    9. WhogoHost Affiliate Program

    Second on the list of the best web hosting affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Whogohost pride itself as Africa’s largest and most popular web hosting provider.

    They have been serving individuals, small businesses, and enterprises for over 12 years.

    You can promote Whogohost’s services on your website using your referral link.

    You earn money when a client you recommend pays for any of their products.

    Guess what? Like Qservers, WhoGoHost credits your account with N500 for joining.

    More About Whogohost’s Affiliate Program In Nigeria

    • You receive as much as a 15% commission per referral.
    • Whogohost provides banners you can display on your website using HTML Code.
    • You can request a withdrawal once you have up to 3000 in your balance.
    • And the provided dashboard shows you the number of visits and signups you have.

    10. 1XBet Affiliate Marketing

    The second best affiliate programs in Nigeria betting industry.

    1XBET, an online betting website launched in 2011, is currently one of the best bookmakers. 

    Being a partner is an opportunity for you to earn extra income.

    All you need to do is promote their product on your website, social media, and traffic sources.

    Then, when your referral registers and deposit, you receive a commission. 

    With 1XBet, you can earn as much as N300,000 a month – a legit online business.

    How 1XBet Affiliate Marketing Website Work In Nigeria

    • Create your affiliate account
    • Introduce new users to 1xbet
    • Receive commission up to 40% for referred customers
    • Withdraw your money every week via bank transfer.

    11. Grammarly Affiliate Program In Nigeria

    Tops the list of education affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Grammarly helps you write mistake-free on third-party apps and even in text messages! 

    It uses AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates. 

    Without a doubt, Grammarly tops the list of affiliate programs in Nigeria in the education category.

    They offer cash bonuses, increased payouts and exclusive discounts.

    How Grammarly Affiliate Marketing Site Works In Nigeria

    • Sign up on the platform in under 60 seconds or less.
    • Place a banner on your website and receive the activation bonus.
    • Be sure of high conversion rates (20 – 30%)
    • The cookie remains on your referee’s browser for up to 90 days.
    • You receive an activation bonus when you sign up.
    • Get the best of world-class support.

    12. Konga Affiliate Program

    One of the best eCommerce affiliate programs in Nigeria

    Konga Affiliate Program is the second best affiliate programs in the Nigeria eCommerce industry.

    Because your referrals can shop all they want while you make money from home.

    Konga boasts of over 10,000 partners across the 36 states in Nigeria, including FCT. 

    That’s evident proof it’s working.

    To motivate her partners to do more, Konga varies growth levels according to Associate, Silver, Gold and Platinum performance.

    Konga pays from 1% – 3% commission of what your referral bought. 

    To become a Konga partner, use the button below.

    How To Choose The Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

    While most beginners choose to promote all affiliate programs in Nigeria, it is not a wise idea.

    Instead, you can choose to sell the best among them.

    All products are not equal, so don’t waste your time trying to promote everything you see on this affiliate program list.

    What makes affiliate programs the best to join?

    1. High Commission Or High Ticket:

    I would tell affiliates, “anything below 50% commission for services and 30% for products is not wise”.

    Except, in rare cases where the product is a high ticket.

    For example:

    Imagine you sell an investment product of N100 million and you receive a 10% commission.

    That is N10 million–it’s fair enough.

    So, even though the commission is low but because the product price is high, you still earn much.

    But when you are dealing with low tickets products (of smaller prices), it becomes a game of numbers.

    2. Digital Products Or Services:

    I know you can make money selling physical products as affiliates.

    But you wouldn’t do as much as when you sell digital products or better still services.

    The reason is that affiliate programs selling physical products in Nigeria like Jumia pay less in commission because of the cost of production.

    Also, you may have a delay in payment because of delivery issues or customers’ returns of goods.

    Not as if customers don’t ask for a refund with digital products, but it’s rare.

    And below are examples of digital products you can sell:

    • Software,
    • Ebooks, and
    • Courses.

    Make your life easy by promoting digital products or premium services.

    3. Promotional Tools

    Access to the best digital marketing tools makes the work easier.

    An example of such is the link shortening tool – to shorten long affiliate links into 10 characters or fewer.

    Another is the email auto-responder. They help you drip and automate email sending based on your chosen tags and filters.

    4. Recurring Payment

    Only a few affiliate marketing platforms offer recurring deals. So, if you find one, rejoice.

    Recurring works such that as long as your referral remains a customer, the vendor keeps paying your commission.

    These are common with membership websites and sometimes software, where users renew annually or monthly.

    5. Fast Payment

    While some affiliate marketing platforms pay 30, 45 or 60 days after sales, others pay on a fixed day of the month.

    The reason is that within 30 days, a customer can ask for a refund.

    So, some vendors came up with a system called the tentative payment.

    This is a system where vendors pay you as an affiliate, 80% of your commission and pay the 20% after the customers’ refund period.

    As of the time of writing, this system of affiliate marketing is not yet in Nigeria.

    So, your best bet is to choose among these list of affiliate programs in Nigeria that pay daily.

    How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria For Beginners

    1. Choose A Profitable Niche

    start affiliate marketing in Nigeria by choosing your niche

    To start affiliate marketing business in Nigeria, you need to choose your niche.

    What is a niche? A niche is an area of focus and topics you want to cover as you write content. More like asking you to choose your direction.

    I understand this can be tricky because feelings and passion get involved.

    While you try to get it right, it is better to get up and start than wait.

    Doing this, you test out ideas, enter the market, and learn what works and what does not.

    How To Choose Your Niche In 3 Simple Steps

    1. List Your Passions

    I tell my students, a good way to start with affiliate marketing is to list out at least 10 of their interests.

    Because if you are working in a niche you have no interest in, you will soon fade out.

    I am not saying your niche must be perfect. No!

    But it must be what you find joy in doing and solving people’s problem.

    2. Research Existing Market

    Please, when deciding on a niche, choose nothing new. Ensure you are not the first person in that field.

    Having competitors is not a bad thing. It is a sign that people associate with the business.

    So, make an analysis of your competitors to see ways you can be unique in the market.

    3. Check the Financial Strength of the Audience

    Now that you know your passion and market are key to starting an affiliate marketing business.

    One last thing you need to research is the financial capacity of your targeted audience.

    Your potential audience can only buy as much as they can afford.

    So, it is important that you verify they have the resources and willingness to buy what you recommend.

    2. Get An Hosting Package.

    You can’t start affiliate marketing in Nigeria and expect to succeed using third-party hosting and domains like “” or “”.

    Hence the need to buy your own hosting and domain name.

    Beyond a list of the best hosting companies in Nigeria, I recommend you buy from NameCheap.

    hosting in nigeria namecheap

    Below are my reasons:

    • I have been using them ever since I started on the web, and they never failed.
    • You get up to 99% discount on domain name and 50% on hosting in your first year.
    • They have been serving in the industry since 2000, and so are reliable.

    When you are choosing your domain name, three things are most important.

    • The domain name should be a “.com” extension.
    • It must have no illegal records on search engines.
    • And it should be short and easy to remember.

    Since we are dealing with affiliate marketing, you may choose to include any of the following keywords in your domain name.

    • Specials
    • Deals
    • Offers
    • Bonuses
    • Coupons
    • And more.

    List at least seven domain names you can use and check their availability on NameCheap.

    3. Set Up Your WordPress Website

    professional website

    Having a website is key if you must join the list of top affiliate marketers in Nigeria.

    Because it allows you to build a dedicated audience to whom you can recommend products.

    What is the best website builder to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

    I recommend

    WordPress is a software that allows you to build your website and publish articles with ease.

    What Makes WordPress The Best To Start Affiliate Marketing Website?

    • It is easy to use that you don’t need any knowledge of coding.
    • Because it comes with a drag-and-drop function that allows you to design pages in ways you want.
    • With the help of the RankMath SEO Plugin, it becomes easy to rank top on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    I understand that creating a website that meets global standard may seem hard for you. But it doesn’t have to be.

    With the best digital marketing tools, it becomes easy.

    And if you don’t have the time, then I recommend you outsource your website design and SEO services.

    This way, you can focus on what matters.

    4. Join The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

    jumia affiliate marketing in nigeria

    Well done for coming this far!

    First, you will need a product even before content. This is where lots of beginners get it wrong.

    They write before knowing what products to promote.

    So, to get this right, check out this list of the best affiliate programs and networks in Nigeria that pay daily.

    You will see extensive collection of my recommendations. Go through them and see what each offers.

    This is the start of your affiliate marketing journey.

    How To Choose The Best Affiliate Programs

    1. High Ticket Or High Commission:

    Always go for products in your industry line and with high profit margin.

    For high-ticket products, 10% or less is enough. But for low tickets, products, 50% and above is the best choice.

    And if you find one that offers recurring fees (lifetime payment), please choose it.

    2. Digital Or Physical Products

    You earn low with physical products because of the cost of production.

    Also, you may have a delay in payments because of delivery issues or customers’ returns of goods.

    I checked my Jumia affiliate now and realised they cancelled a pending commission.

    Because the buyer (which is my referred) returned the good – you see what I am saying.

    how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria JUmia rejection

    So, when comparing both, digital products do better.

    Below are examples of digital products you can sell:

    • Software and Tools,
    • Plugins and Themes,
    • Ebooks, and Courses.

    3. Marketing Tools

    One important thing you must not neglect in availability of marketing materials.

    It is the company’s duty to provide you with tools to make your marketing easy.

    If they don’t have, it is a sign they are not serious about business.

    Because if you are doing well, they too are doing well.

    Promotional tools you should look out for are but not limited to:

    • Emails
    • Sales Page
    • Banner Ads,
    • Custom Link Tool and more.

    5. Create High Quality Content

    Write post

    If you want to become successful with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you need to write.

    I am not talking here about writing 500 words or copy-pasting words from Google.

    I man writing, editing and publishing first-class articles that stand out.

    Your content must be informative to engage your audience until they buy the products.

    As part of guide to start affiliate marketing, below are content types that work in Nigeria.

    1. List Articles

    An unfair advantage of these articles is that it is easy on the eye.

    So, your audience loves it since they can glance through it in moments.

    Publish list articles such as “Top 10” and “7 Best” where you mention all your recommendations.

    An example is my 9 Best Online Business That Pays Daily.

    2. How-To Guides

    Another exceptional way to promote your products is by creating tutorial articles.

    So, if there is something you know better, publish a detailed article on how to do it.

    Then, you can insert your affiliate links and promote helpful tools in the guide.

    3. Reviews:

    Reviews are one of the best contents that sells in affiliate marketing.

    And reviews are of two types – Products and Video reviews.

    The product review covers details description of the product features and benefits.

    People engage more with video reviews because they can see how it works in real time.

    Ensure your review is honest and does not look you are trying to sell something.

    Tips To Produce The Best Content For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

    • 1. Start writing your affiliate marketing content by focusing on only one niche.
    • 2. Personalise your contents that a reader feels you are talking to him or her in person.
    • 3. Make it more about your audience by paying attention to what they want.

    6. Promote On Social Media

    promote affiliate offers on social media

    In this modern era, social media has become one of the best ways to make money online.

    They are great platforms for sharing information, images, and videos.

    Before you start using social media for affiliate marketing, you need to come up with a strategy.

    Below Are Ways To Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Share Quality Products

    You will do better with social media when you promote high-quality products.

    Your audience gets products they love while you make a huge commission on it.

    But to this, you need to create quality content and be consistent with it.

    This is a powerful strategy.

    2. Cloak Your Link

    People don’t feel cool with raw affiliate links because it looks long and rough.

    So, in your best interest, you can cloak the link using bitly[dot]com

    • Old Affiliate Link: Oluboba[dot]com/user/link/Nsie67dkSOP973/
    • New Affiliate Link: Bitly[dot]com/SiouSR

    This way, you will get better engagement and more clicks.

    3. Add Affiliate Link To Images

    Here is another effective way to use social media to create affiliate marketing.

    Reason being that images speak more that words and so attract more clicks.

    Go into your affiliate dashboard, generate your social images html code and paste.

    If you sign up with Jumia affiliate, you will get access to this feature.

    Which Social Media Is The Best For Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    To get this right, you need to understand where your audience meets.

    And the three most common social platforms are:

    • Facebook is the most popular social media with over 3 billion daily users.
    • Twitter boast of over 300 million active users daily. To stay relevant on twitter, you need tweets at least once every hour.
    • LinkedIn is a social media connecting professional. It receives over 800 million users per day.

    Ensure you don’t upload too often to avoid pushing your audience away.

    7. Send Email Newsletters

    email newsletter to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

    Your website is not complete until your audience can subscribe to it to get updated via email.

    This way, your audience can keep in touch with your latest blog post and products update.

    If you don’t promote your offers, they wouldn’t sell. Hence, the need to collect their emails.

    Display a pop-up offering visitors a gift for their emails. Then, you can recommend products in your newsletter.

    When sending out emails, your subject line is the most important, followed by the preview text.

    And here is how to do it: Include only one of these factors per headline:

    • Figures (helps readers to quantify)

    E.g. 9 Must-Have Tools To Start Your Day Well.

    • Scarcity (brings about high demands)

    E.g. Had To Reserve The Last Machine For You

    • Time (fear of missing out).

    E.g. Get 70% OFF Phone Deals (Offer Ends In 3 Hours).

    And when you write, keep it below 50 characters–the shorter the better.

    You can read more on how to write catchy headlines here.

    Few other email tips include:

    • Keep your email body (content) 200 words or fewer.
    • Capitalize the first letter of every word in your headline.
    • Include a call to action at least after every 75 words.
    • I recommend you send follow-up emails three times after the first email, with 3 days apart.
    • Use a link tracker like Bitly to have a detailed analysis of how people are clicking your link.

    You can get more email marketing strategies to increase sale.

    Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

    This section explains how starting an affiliate marketing in Nigeria pays the three partners involved in the business.

    1. Businesses:

    If you are a business owner, affiliate marketing is your best shot because the risk of investment is low.

    You pay affiliates only when they sell your products. So, no salary, and no allowances.

    Also, consider the fact that with affiliate marketing, you pay little or nothing to promote your products here in Nigeria.

    And your affiliate takes up the marketing cost in a return for a commission.

    2. Affiliates

    As an beginner , you look forward to joining the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

    If you start with the right strategy, you will earn high than the usual. It doesn’t matter if you a beginner or not.

    And since some affiliate marketing companies have grade levels, they may promote you to a level where you sell your own products.

    3. Customers

    Where do customers get the best and most detailed description of a product? Of course, it’s from affiliates.

    A customer comes to your blog, reads your article, and makes his buying decision based on your experience using a product..

    You have saved him the time and headache of trying to choose the best among many other products.

    3 Mistakes To Avoid As You Start Affiliate Marketing

    1. Lacking Knowledge Of Your Buyers

    Before you start and become successful with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you need to understand your audience.

    • Who are the people buying from you?
    • What are their frustrations?
    • Why should they buy from you?
    • What do they stand to gain when they buy from you? (free installation, etc.)

    As an affiliate, having a targeted audience helps with a definite message.

    So, you speak to their heart.

    A wrong choice of words can make you lose your subscribers and send your affiliate business into exile.

    2. Buying Traffic

    Like products, all traffic is not equal. Quality will always triumph over quantity.

    I once had a news blog with 12,000 monthly visitors. Yet, could not make one-tenth of what this blog is making even with lower traffic.

    Don’t make the mistake of buying traffic from third-party sources, you will regret it.

    I am particular about beginners who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

    More email subscribers are not the same as better email subscribers.

    So, learn how to grow your email list organically.

    3. Spamming Subscribers

    This is common with beginners who think sending out daily emails will make subscribers buy more.

    No, it’s doesn’t work that way.

    No one likes you to clutter their inbox with sales emails. In fact, people frown at it, and they will unsubscribe without a second thought.

    So, give space to your newsletter and reduce the frequency of your sales promotions.

    In most cases, I encourage that you only send promotional emails only after seven educational emails.

    Another way to reduce users from exiting your list is to use double opt-in systems.

    If a user inputs his email twice in your form, it shows he is ready to do business with you.

    Affiliate Marketing Programs Terms In Nigeria You Need To Know

    Here is an important section on affiliate marketing. Hence, it is necessary for beginners to equip themselves with proper understanding.

    In this section, I explained 21 of the most commonly used terms in affiliate marketing and their meaning.

    This way, you get yourself familiar with them when you see them on your affiliate dashboard.

    Ad Blockers:

    Ad blockers are extensions that people use in their browsers to stop at the display when browsing.

    The number of people using this extension or software has increased massively over the years.

    While it is good news for them, it is bad news for you as an affiliate marketer.

    Because, if your ad does not show up, nobody is going to click. And if nobody clicks, you won’t take any commission.

    So, what’s the solution? You will learn how to overcome this in our Super Affiliate Marketing Training.


    An advertiser is a company or an individual that has products or services they want to promote. You can call them the product manufacturer.

    They understand that by recruiting affiliates, they will gain more exposure to their offers.

    So, they will pay high commissions for every sale you make.

    Affiliate Campaign:

    An affiliate campaign is when you promote a product or a service to a targeted audience via free or paid channels.

    This campaign shows you the source of the traffic, the number of clicks you receive, and those that are converted into sales.

    And for every successful sale you have, the product owner pays you.

    Affiliate Disclosure:

    “This page contains an affiliate link. When you buy through any of the links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.”

    When you see such statements above or it’s related, it’s called affiliate disclosure.

    It is how you inform your website visitors that you are a partner with the companies you have listed their products on your website.

    While affiliate disclosure is most common in the United States, it is also a good practice to include it on your website for sake of transparency.

    Affiliate Link:

    Once an affiliate management team approves your request to partner with them, you receive an affiliate link.

    This unique link distinguishes you from every other affiliate registered with the company. It’s like your passport to promoting the products.

    And if you are a business owner wanting to recruit affiliate marketers, you need to give out this so you can track who made sales.

    Sometimes, another word interchanged with an affiliate link is affiliate ID. They mean the same.

    Contact me to build you a complete affiliate marketing dashboard to help you recruit and manage affiliates for your business.

    Affiliate Manager:

    As the affiliate members of a business grow, they assign dedicated managers to help you succeed.

    They are like account managers you get when you registered with a bank.

    You can communicate directly with these managers via channels the company provides.

    Keeping in touch with your affiliate manager is key, as they usually have insights into the best-selling products.

    Affiliate Network:

    An affiliate network is a platform that provides you with many affiliate offers from different companies.

    They serve as the marketplace for affiliate networks.

    One advantage of using affiliate networks is that you see all the offers on one dashboard. So, you don’t have to keep moving from one website to the other.

    The bad side is that the network takes a certain percentage of your commission as a management fee.

    While some vendors like using these networks to manage their affiliates, others don’t.

    Affiliate Offer:

    Anytime product or service that you can promote for a commission is an affiliate offer.

    When you open your affiliate dashboard, you will see lots of offers with important metrics to help you make the best choice.

    You can copy the product page, generate a link with it in your affiliate dashboard, and start promoting.

    Affiliate Programs In Nigeria:

    An affiliate program is a system that enables a business owner to recruit, manage and pay commission to affiliates.

    It allows the vendor to set the amount (in percentage or flat amount) they will pay for each sale.

    Then, affiliates can register to get their unique link.

    Average Order Value:

    Many affiliate offers have upgrades to help customers get more from whatever they are buying.

    We refer to these as back-end offers they present to customers immediately after they buy the major product–front-end offers.

    The average order value takes the upgrade sales into account. So, you will earn money with the major product and the upgrades.


    Getting someone to buy through your link can be very challenging because of the competitive nature of affiliate marketing.

    This brings about the power of using bonuses to speed up your sales progress.

    For example, if you are promoting an eCommerce website design, you can offer your templates as bonuses.

    Doing this, you attach more value to the offer, which makes people want to buy.

    Click-Through Rate (CTR):

    This is a key digital marketing metric that measures the number of times someone clicks on your affiliate link.

    It measures the number of times people see your link and the number of times they clicked on it.

    So, if you email with your affiliate, link to a list of 1000 subscribers, and 500 people opened it.

    This means you have 500 impressions and an open rate of 50%.

    If 50 of those that opened click on your link, then your click-through rate (CTR) is 10%.

    Conversion Rate:

    The conversion rate is the number of people that buys against the number of people that visited the offer page.

    Here is another metric that you must pay attention to.

    Still using our example above, where 50 people click on your affiliate link.

    So, if 25 people out of these 50 buy the products or pay for the services, then your conversion rate is 10%.

    The higher your conversion, the higher your earnings. And when the conversion rate is high, it encourages you to want to invest more in targeted traffic to earn more.


    A cookie is a small piece of code that signals the affiliate program you are promoting when someone clicks on your link.

    They are tracking codes with an expired period.

    So, if the offer you are promoting has a 60 days cookie period.

    It means when someone clicks on your link; they have 60 days to buy the products to win the commission.

    And if they clear the browser before the 60 days, then you lose the commission.

    Cost Per Action:

    Cost per action is a type of marketing where you, as an affiliate, receive a commission when your referral performs a specific action.

    These actions could complete a survey, entering your email address, or buying a product.

    Affiliate marketing by default operates with this marketing.

    Data Feeds:

    Some of the best affiliate marketing programs will you as an affiliate with a pool of data.

    In this data, you will see the products or services you can promote alongside the details of each to make your promotion easy.

    You can then create content according to the information provided to educate your audience.

    Earnings Per Click:

    This is another key digital marketing metric you need to know about. This is where an affiliate program or network provides figures for its products and services.

    So, $1 can be the amount the program pays you when one of your referrals sign-ups.


    Impressions are the number of times that people view your ads. If 10 people see your affiliate links 60 times, then your impression is 60.

    While for email marketing, it is the number of times that your subscribers open your email.

    This metric is most common to ad networks and not affiliate marketing, where sales are all that matters.

    Landing Page:

    A landing page is the product or service page that you send your visitors to, then they click on your affiliate links.

    Top affiliate marketers are now sending their visitors their own website first instead of the direct vendor’s page.

    A major reason for doing this is to get the visitors’ email addresses so they can always reach out to them for further promotion.


    A sure way to become successful as an affiliate marketer is to get people’s leads (contact details).

    Then, with targeted content sent to these emails, you can convert a certain percentage of sales.

    Email leads are very important because it allows you to reach out to your audience at a low cost.

    So, rather than sending visitors to the vendor’s page directly, you can get their email address first with a pop-up.

    Niche Markets:

    If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, focus on a specific niche.

    When you build a website around a chosen niche, it becomes easy to provide real value to your visitors via your content.

    So, it is important that you ensure that there are people willing and able to pay in your niche markets.

    The three most popular niches are:

    • Wealth Creation
    • Health and Fitness
    • Self-Development

    Return on Investment (ROI):

    When you spend to run your affiliate marketing campaign, you need to ensure you have a return on investment.

    You get this by subtracting all the money you spend on a campaign from the total commissions you receive.

    This way, you can tell if your campaigns are profitable. And the higher the ROI, the better.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies you can ever invest in. It’s a long-term investment that forever pays.

    Because it shows that the visitor clicking your web page on Google is interested in your offer.

    All you need to do is to write unique articles that are human-readable and apply the best SEO practices to rank on the Google front page.

    Split Testing:

    Split testing is where you compare the performance of two or more ads for the same offer.

    And split testing work best with paid traffic because it allows you to see which ad is performing best.

    Another name for split testing is A/B testing.

    Two-Tier Affiliate Program

    A two-tie affiliate program pays you not only the commission for your sales but also a certain percentage from the commissions of the affiliate you have recruited.

    So, if the standard commission is 30%. A two-tier affiliate program will pay you the 30% after-sale and still pay you (maybe 10%) of whatever the people you register as affiliate made.

    These types of affiliate programs are like network marketing in Nigeria.

    Affiliate Programs In Nigeria FAQs

    What are affiliate programs?

    Affiliate programs are means in which companies pay people to sell their products.

    How did affiliate marketing start?

    Most people believe Amazon was the creator of the affiliate marketing business model.

    But William Tobin started it in 1989 when he became the first person to market on the internet.

    Then, as the founder of PC Flowers and Gifts, he was paying Prodigy Network on each sale they made.

    By 1993, Prodigy Network was earning over $5 million per year as commission.

    In 1994, CDNOW launched its own affiliate program called BuyWeb with a niche in music.

    And in 1996, Amazon launched its associate program.

    What are the highest paying affiliate programs in Nigeria?

    The highest-paid affiliate programs in Nigeria are TravelStart, 1XBet, Jumia, and Qservers.

    Which affiliate programs are the best in Nigeria?

    Jumia, Amazon, and Qservers owns one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. Get started today because registration is free.

    What kind of website is best for affiliate marketing?

    An authority website designed by digital marketing experts which meets Google standards. Also, the site must have great content in it.

    Conclusion On The Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

    So now you have all you need to start with the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

    While it may seem hard in the beginning, it’s worth it.

    I recommend you get started with the steps I have mentioned here.

    Let’s have a recap of the steps:

    • Choose a profitable niche according to your interest and the problem it solves.
    • Register your domain name and web hosting from Bluehost
    • Outsource your website design services to start a blog and make money online
    • Write, edit and publish master content that interest and engages your audience.
    • Use the power of social media to promote your affiliate offer.
    • Email newsletter to keep your audience updated on your latest offer.

    Get my course where I show people like you step-by-step methods on how to make money from the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

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