Facebook Marketing

Get Your Dream Customers with Facebook Marketing Secrets

Below are five reasons why I recommend Facebook as a platform to meet more customers.
  1. Facebook accounts for over 45% of monthly social media visits.
  2. Of all the people on the internet, 83% of Women & 75% of Men use Facebook.
  3. Facebook users spend 38 minutes per day using the platform.
  4. 88% of online users age 18-29 are on Facebook, 84% of those 30-49.
  5. Facebook has over 7 million advertisers, with 93% of marketers advertising.

Whether you want to gain more visibility or grow large customers’ page, I can help get you massive results.

Success Story

Grace Geevarh (1)

Gracie Glamour
CEO, Geevarh.

A friend referred me to Ayodeji when I was seriously in need of someone to help me with adverts for huge sales. I must say I got the best job from Ayodeji. I made huge sales on my first trial with him and had more customers as well. Indeed, Ayodeji offers a great value and I look forward in doing more business with him.

What You Will Get

Here are three out of the many benefits you will get from my Facebook Marketing.

1. Get More People to Know You

Facebook has a potential reach of advertising to 1.9 billion people. Your dream customers spend most of their time on Facebook. With the increasing numbers and the right style, they will know you for what you offer.

We have proven ways to engage your followers so you have more likes, shares and comments. My team and I commit ourselves to build a strong presence of your brand.

2. Target People Ready to Buy

A buyer is a buyer is a buyer. He who buys a product has the potential of buying similar products again. We achieve massive results by marketing to those in great need of your offers.

This is because we know it’s a waste of time and money promoting sugary drinks to diabetes patients. With us, be certain that your offers will get to those who need your offer and are ready to buy.

3. Save Time and Do Less

The marketplace is becoming competitive and so there is a need for speed. Do you want a quick professional branding? Need to make immediate sales? Or wants to direct people to your website?

We have got you covered. We don’t only make people aware of what you offer, we do it in quick time – a day, a week, a month. All your choice.

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