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5 High Income Skills You Can Learn In 2023

    Do you know there are new high income skills you can learn for without a formal degree and still pay you?

    I had a one-year training of both hard skills (web design) and soft skills (fast learning) before entering the university.

    These skills were some of the best investments in my professional and personal life. I still feed on them till date. And that can be the same for you as well.

    Learning new skills makes you valuable to your employers, your business and even yourself.

    In this article, you will learn what are those high income skills you should learn and what makes them profitable for the future.

    Let’s Begin

    What Are High Income Skills?

    High Income Skills are those skills relevant to top-paying industries and will always be in demand, no matter the economic situations.

    And learning these skills does not need you having a formal degree. You only need to be diligent and work to become an expert.

    It means you get to a point where you can convert your knowledge into practical uses to solve a problem.

    And as you grow in these skills, so also your income.

    Best High Income Skills You Should Learn In 2023

    Sales and Public Speaking

    Number 1 in the list of soft skills that guarantee high income

    I combined these two because they all have to do with one thing — communication.

    The ability to communicate a vision or an idea is the greatest skill anyone would have in this generation.

    Everything from negotiation, digital marketing, web designing copywriting, public speaking all needs communication.

    We sell every day. From convincing your partner about a thing to persuading customers, your products are the best.

    I was in the boardroom with one of the biggest conglomerates in Abuja discussing how to sell their products online in Nigeria.

    In the 3 times we met, there was never a mention of “what do you study?”

    Rather, “what’s your charge?”

    Learn the art of public speaking and selling online and you will never regret it.

    Digital Marketing

    One of the best high digital income skills for the future.

    In today’s digital world, businesses see the needs of online presence. They understand creating brands’ visibility helps in winning customers.

    Hence, the need for digital marketing.

    It’s one of the highest paying digital income skills that covers an entire industry with many sub categories which include:

    • Website Design
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing and more.

    Go to any online job board website and see the number of people applying to these positions.

    Technology Skills

    Coding and Design are the leading high income skills in this category.

    Tech is the future, and the future is tech. Don’t fight this, it is reality.

    Yesterday’s oil will be tomorrow’s tech. Today is the balance.

    Oluboba Ayodeji.

    Technology is here to stay, and it’s staying for good. From your website, mobile app, electronics, software and even cars.

    There are people earning in the top six digits every month from programming. It’s all a matter of being diligent and your trust in God.

    Speaking on design…

    Design has to do with everything visual of the project and the development, the functionality.

    Coding and design will always be in need. And even when you are not working on new projects, you are still earning on maintenance.

    So, if you love coding, go for web or mobile development. But if you love visuals, choose UI/UX design.


    Copywriting and Content Writing are the best high income skills you can learn here.

    Copywriting is the writing to sell. Content writing is the writing to inform. While they may be similar, they are not the same.

    A copywriter works on sales copy, a content writer works on all other forms of writing – blog post, articles, and more.

    The highest paid copywriters are called the direct response copywriter. Their duty is to write to persuade the reader such that he or she performs a desired action on the spot.

    These actions vary depending on the goals of the product or service owner. It could be to buy a product, click a link on an email, signup to an email list and more.

    Lest I forget, some copywriters also write video scripts and even do website copywriting.

    So, you expect there is a lot of money you can make with these writing skills. 

    Financial Markets Skill

    Trading and Investments are top in this category of high income skills

    Oh! How I wish I had learnt to trade the first time I knew about it. It will be a different story today.

    My friend, forex trading and crypto investments will launch you into the land of treasures.

    Now, this does not mean you will become rich because you started.

    You need a high level of discipline and worthy strategies to win.

    However, learning these new skills should be your first concern before further analysis.


    Health and Relationships are free profitable skills also worthy of learning.

    Surprised to see these two?

    Don’t worry… My list is not complete without speaking about personal development.

    For me, anything learnable is a skill. So are your health and relationships.

    At some point, I had to stop programming because of the time it was consuming. I no longer have time for people important to me.

    Now, this does not make programming bad. It’s my preference and you should decide yours.

    Please, learn the skill of taking care of your health and blessing your family with your time.

    Why Is Learning These New Skills Important?

    High Income Skills Is The Future

    There was a time when call centers were the hot cake of the town. Soon people make calls with their own phones.

    Also, there also was a time when owning a cyber café was one of the most successful small-scale businesses in Nigeria.

    Today, the business is fading because of access to laptops and data connections.

    As human challenges arise, so does the need for solutions.

    You Determine Your Income.

    “We are sorry; we can’t pay you your desired salary. If you will take a 50% cut, we may consider your applications.”

    Above are words every job applicants are afraid to hear.

    Learning any of these new high income skills today prepares you for the future.

    You determine your price and not someone else.

    That’s why I teach my students not to start an online business based on trend scarcity, but on the needs of the people.

    Every scarcity will someday become plentiful, but humans need to stay forever.

    You Become Valuable To Employers & Clients

    You know your value to a company in the days of recessions. If all you do is to answer calls and arrange files, they will soon disappoint you.

    But in situations where everyone can tell of your importance because you control a core business activity of the company. Then you matter.

    Learning any of these high income skills makes you valuable to employers.

    How You Can Learn High Income Skills

    • Get a Teacher

    This is your best bet. And I recommend this method first before any other. Why?

    You will learn 4 times faster when someone teaches you a thing than when you learn on your own.

    Don’t be like me who learnt web design without a teacher. Trust me, it wasn’t funny and wouldn’t recommend anyone follow that path.

    Today, I have students all over that have graduated from my school. One of my students got his first six figures three weeks after he collected his certificate.

    So, whatever high income skills you choose to learn, get a teacher with years of experience. It will save you wasted efforts.

    • Invest in Excellent Resources.

    After learning at the feet of your mentor, then invest in good books and detailed courses.

    If you want to learn sales and communication, books and audio are okay. But, if you want to learn digital marketing or technology skills, videos will do better.

    Also, I recommend, you invest in paid courses–their returns are always far better than free ones.

    • Start and Keep Practicing.

    My expertise in eCommerce website design was because I started.

    No matter your good intentions to learn any of the skills mentioned, if you don’t start now, you are going nowhere.

    Intentions don’t bring praises. Actions does.

    Oluboba Ayodeji

    And even when you start, you need to keep practicing until you become too good to be ignored in your field.

    Deliberate practice is the mother of perfection.

    Oluboba Ayodeji

    How To Make Money With These High Income Skills.

    • Get a Job

    I know you want to learn a skill that enables you to start an online business that pays daily.

    But a good way to survive the moment if you can’t afford your basic needs (food and shelter) is to get a job.

    Also, I encourage you to go for part-time, contract, or remote jobs. You will have more time to develop yourself and improve your skills.

    And as you are working in this job, ensure you don’t forget your dreams.

    Because most people forget the reason, they started and end up spending their entire lives chasing shadows.

    11 Best Freelancing Platforms You Will Get High Paying Remote Jobs

    • Sell Your Knowledge

    Even before you become a pro in your chosen field, you can monetize your knowledge.

    But how do you do that? There are three ways:

    You can start a blog to make money online.

    On this blog, I share my knowledge on how to earn better and create the life you love.

    Another is to sell a digital product like eBooks and courses. Many years after creating, you will still earn from those products.

    Even though you will spend a lot of time, energy and resources creating your content at first, it’s worth it.

    Questions & Answers On High Income Skills

    How are high income skills better than college degrees?

    >> High income skills are faster and cheaper to learn
    >> They are flexible and assuring to get work.
    >> They project you as an expert in your field.
    >> High income skills are quicker to make money

    Which of the digital skills is the Best?

    Programming, content writing, website designing, financial markets trading are all some of the best options you can learn.

    What are some examples and types of high income skills?

    Programming, content writing, website designing, sales and marketing, financial markets trading and more are types of high income skills.

    My Conclusion On The Best high Income Skills In 2023

    Now that you know all the best high income skills you need to ascend the top in your field, what next?

    This is where most people do nothing. I hope yours won’t be the same.

    Don’t fall into the trap of paralysis analysis where you research and research and still do nothing.

    Or a paradox of choices where you become too confused about what to choose. A major reason I categorised the skills.

    All I will say is, start. Choose one of these high income skills and start today with what you have.

    Stay Blessed!
    Oluboba Ayodeji.