How To Start And Grow Your Online Business In Nigeria

In case you are asking, “How do I start my own business online in Nigeria?

I can assure you are at the right place.

Before now, only a few entrepreneurs could afford to start an online business because of the cost of website in Nigeria.

Considering domain and hosting, the cost of building a website was on the top side.

Another reason is that people don’t know what online business pays and so they don’t want to waste time and effort on the wrong business.

Today, the game has changed.

When you finish with this article, you will know how to launch an internet business with little or no money.

How to start an online business in nigeria

How To Start Business Online In Nigeria [With Little or No Money]

1. Look for Problems

Is there something you come across and you are not happy with it?

Do you notice certain struggles people have with their business and everyday life?

If yes, you have seen a problem needing a solution. If no, don’t stop searching.

Your ability to uncover hidden problems is vital to your business’s success.

A business online can only succeed in the level of problems it is solving.

Many ignored this and went straight to starting their own small business online.

Six months down the line, they wonder why they are not having the results they desire.

With a faulty foundation, what can the righteous do?

In my first two years of starting a business online, I struggled.

Because I was not solving any real problem.

Then I would aggregate news from different website and automating them to post on my website.

And then pray that someone clicks on my ads.

Until I revisited my mindset, I could not make any progress.

When you identify the right problem, you increase your chance of success with online business.

2. Do Market Research

When you find a problem, how do you know it is the best business to start online?

There are two ways to measure:

  • Are there enough people searching for a solution to the problem?
  • Are the people willing to pay for the solution?

Every internet business must answer the two questions above.

Most business ideas only meet with the first, but not the second.

Let me give an example:

There are thousands of people searching for news updates.

If you start a blog on news, they may end up on your website.

The first criteria passed.

But these audience types are not willing to buy anything from you.

And, won’t hesitate to go elsewhere if you stop publishing.

And so it forces to you rely on third-party ads to make money online in Nigeria.

The second criteria failed.
Don’t underestimate the power of market research.

It helps to know your audience better and how you can best serve them.

I was already on the 37th article before I realized I had been publishing it to the wrong people.

Learn from me and don’t make my mistakes in starting a small business online.

3. Launch Your Website

Here comes the next step on how to start a business online

It is time to get a domain name and web hosting.

Because I hosted this website on Namecheap, I encourage you to do the same for your website.

Afterward, decide on your choice of online business platforms – recommend WordPress.

You don’t want to use a platform that can’t contain your growth in the next ten years.

Below are website tips for a small business starting online:

  • Choose one font and stick to it–system fonts seem best.
  • Make your menu simple and clear for easy navigation.
  • Avoid the temptation to overuse images and videos.
  • Collect email address either through an opt-in offer or sign-ups.
  • Shorten the clicks between products and checkout to only three or less.
  • Make your website friendly and fitting to all electronic devices.

4. Promote Your Business Online

No matter how good your content or how great your products are, if nobody knows about it, you are playing.

Without people coming to your website, your business online is nothing.

How do you start a website online business that pays?

  • Write contents that make people want to visit.
  • Optimize your posts and pages for SEO.
  • Persuade the audience to your website using powerful titles.
  • Run search engine ads if you have products to sell or services to offer.
  • Engage people on social media and share a link to your blog post.

5. Start Writing

There is a lot of competition out there.

And so it takes being an expert in your field for people to value your messages.

When people need solutions to problems, they turn to you for help.

Since they demand a professional service, you can charge a premium price.

If you want to be an expert in your chosen market, you must do these things.

  • Be the best (at least the best) in a high-income skill.
  • Write a lot and produce content about the skill you know best.
  • Give away unique and valuable resources as free content
  • Take part in your industry forums and social media groups.

You will increase your visibility and make your small business online an authority.

6. Get Customers Email and Follow Up

Your email list will most likely be your most valuable online business asset.

You can get this list either via a site pop-up or through customers sign up.

When someone gives you their email, it is a legal license, you can send them emails.

An email list is vital to start an online business that pays for reasons below:

  • It helps you create and develop a lifetime relationship with them.
  • Email marketing is 100 percent measurable, even down to the open rate and clicks.
  • It is cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing.
  • Email marketing reduces your future marketing cost.
  • It converts visitors to customers better than any form of marketing.
  • Emails increase your backend sales and profits.

7. Invest in Yourself

It is a good thing to start a small business online to make money.

It is a better thing to invest in yourself – spirit, soul, and body.

“In wealth building, your health is the foundation and relationships the key. You will go far as much as these two can take you.

Oluboba Ayodeji

I have seen entrepreneurs with a passion for starting a business online, but lack what it takes.

It takes conscious effort to grace to succeed with an internet business.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

For the knowledge of yesterday is not enough for today, and today not enough for tomorrow.

How do you invest in yourself?

  • Read excellent books on business and money
  • Seek to become a student of wonderful mentors and leaders.
  • Attend seminars and conferences
  • Learn fast and act on changes you noticed with your business.
  • Eat good food, sleep 8 hours, and exercise.
  • One more thing: Invest in relationships – network with other industry leaders.

FAQs on Online Business in Nigeria

What business can I do online in Nigeria?

Freelance writing and web design are two examples of small businesses you can start online.

How do I open or start a business online?

Determine the type of business you want to do. Then create a website, write content, optimize for SEO and sell your products or services.

What is the best online business in Nigeria?

All! Most online businesses in Nigeria today have tendency to make you money if you do them right.

What online business can I do to make money in Nigeria?

Many! Blogging, selling on eCommerce platforms, trading Forex, Youtubing and more can make you money online.

Which online business that pays daily?

Affiliate marketing, cyptocurrency, blogging (adsense), selling courses and more. Discover complete list of online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

Conclusion on How to Start Online Business in Nigeria

Starting an online business in no rocket science.

Anyone with the basic knowledge of a computer and the internet can start and run a successful business online.

Also, while it is possible to start business online with no money, I do not recommend.

Because it limits your growth and places your business at risk of closing.

The best is to start with cheap providers and you can always upgrade from there.

I wish you the best

If you need me to work with you to achieve your goals, contact me.

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