EffectualFires is a community organisation, and a convergence of Kingdom expressions with a three-fold mandate to start fires, stoke fires and spread fires; hence they are committed to revival labours, mentorship, and missional living.

Effectualfires website design

1. The Challenge

EffectualFires needed a professional website redesign that

  • Meet with the global professional standard
  • Communicate their three fold mandates
  • Has a dashboard where authors can create, edit and publish articles.

2. The Approach

We designed and tested every piece of layouts and framework that could help EffectualFires achieve its goals.

  • Layout Width: We used a full width layout to allow an easy flow with elements such as columns, sidebars, and widget.
  • Typography: We choose a system default and bold-size typography to enhance readers’ view.
  • Colour: We selected a grey and white palette with red highlights to communicate authority and professionalism.

3. The Result – EffectualFires

Proud to have had brilliant results, we continue working with EffectualFires as their design partners.

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