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3 Best Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria: The New List

    Choosing among this list of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria will have a massive impact on your business.

    Though, for one reason: All successful eCommerce websites have one thing in common – lightning speed.

    So, why is a fast site so important? Your customers hate slow website – even you do.

    Also, mobile users are quick to abandon your site when it loads slow. And you and I know that mobile usage is increasing fast!

    If you depend on eCommerce SEO (search traffic), that’s another big reason to make your site as fast as possible.

    So, in this article, you will learn:

    • What web hosting is and the functions.
    • Types of web hosting, Nigeria companies offer.
    • Recommended list of the best hosting companies in Nigeria.
    • How to choose the hosting sites with the best services
    • Understand what your host provides?

    There are a lot of factors influencing your success online.

    The first decision you will have to make is which web hosting company in Nigeria is best for your kind of business.

    Let’s get Started

    Introduction To Web Hosting In Nigeria

    What is web hosting?

    Website hosting is a service that allows your website to be accessible on the web. It’s you renting a space to power your website on the internet.

    We can describe web hosting in many terms, such as

    • Web hosting
    • Website hosting
    • Hosted website

    The first two is a form of hosting where you are in complete control of its functionalities.

    But the third is a hosting form where another company is in control of your blog and all its functions.

    An example is a site hosted on Blogger.

    All you can access are the tools you need to manage your site – no technical.

    And the disadvantage is that they restrict in what you can do thereby limiting your growth.

    Now is the best time to move from hosted website to the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.

    The only reason you can view a website online is because it connects to the internet.

    The computer connecting the website to the internet is what we call host.

    A host is a computer somewhere in the world connecting one or more website online.

    Let me give a real-life example.

    When entrepreneurs and thoughts-leaders attend our annual business conference, MyBusinessandI – MBI, I become the host.

    In the same way, the computer powering your website is called the host.

    And we call the companies that manage these hosts – web hosting companies.

    A hosting company stores your website data and images on servers.

    While people can then locate your website using your domain name.

    Now that you know what website hosting is, we can move to the hosting types available in Nigeria.

    Best Website Hosting Companies In Nigeria

    1. Qservers Web Hosting Company

    Qservers is Nigeria’s most rated web hosting company with track of proven records.

    They started as far back as 2014 with the goal of setting a new standard for shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting.

    So, they provided ways to win their clients via customer service and unique packages.

    You can locate the company on the 5th Floor Centage, Plaza 14 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

    About their uptime?

    Qservers boast of a reliable uptime percentage of 99.9%. The reason for lots of excellent reviews and testimonials about their services.

    Why Choose Qservers As Your Hosting Company

    • Top-Notch Quality: Qservers proves to deliver what you pay for. And with their value-added features, you will get your satisfaction.
    • Responsive Support: What else would you pray for if not for a responsive support? Qservers has an outstanding team that response to your enquiry 24/7.
    • Quick Scalability: You will read later in this article about the importance of growth. As your organization grows, Qservers suit your needs.

    2. WhoGoHost Web Hosting Company

    In 2007, Opeyemi Awoyemi started WhoGoHost while he was a student of OAU. Today, it prides itself as the best web hosting company in Nigeria.

    Or what do you say about a company providing services for top companies like? GTBank, Slot Store, Dragnet Solution, and the famous Cool FM.

    WhoGoHost is an accredited NIRA registrar and Google G Suite accredited reseller?

    Why Choose WhoGoHost As Your Hosting Company

    • Credibility: They have been serving businesses on all sides for over 10 years now. It shows they are pro in what they do.
    • Customer Support: They have an award-winning support team available to handle your requests. Whatever you may need, they are a click away.

    3. DomainKing Web Hosting Company

    DomainKing.NG is a domain registrar accredited by African & Asian Registries.

    They offer web hosting, WordPress hosting, and SSL. And this they have been doing since 2008.

    Also, you can register your domain name with them. As they offer several global domain extensions like .com, .net, .ng, .org and more.

    Why Choose DomainKing As Your Hosting Company

    • Value: If you need the best hosting value for your money, choose DomainKing. With negligible amount, you get an exceptional hosting, FREE domain, and more.
    • Accredited: They are a leading Nigeria’s domain registrar accredited by NiRA. Serving over 20,000 customers is a proof of trust.

    Types of Web Hosting Services

    As you choose among the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, it is good you know the types available.

    So you know which hosting site is compatible with your eCommerce website design.

    A blogger may not spend much on web hosting services since the resources needed are little.

    But an eCommerce website will.

    Web hosting companies have different types, which include:

    • Shared Hosting,
    • Dedicated Hosting,
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    • Cloud Hosting

    Let us know them better.

    1. Shared Hosting

    Among all web hosting types, shared hosting is the cheapest. So, most persons tune in to this type.

    Because it is the hosting that allows other website to share resources with you.

    But of course, this comes with downsides.

    When another site on the same server gets busy, it slows down your site performance.

    Security is also a challenge you will face with the shared hosting. A security leak in another website can affect your website.

    So, it’s more of your website suffers when others misbehave.

    2. VPS Hosting

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

    It is a type of hosting where you have two or more virtual servers on one physical server.

    In VPS, it is impossible that two servers ever affect each other.

    Because each server has its operating systems, leading to a better web experience.

    The physical server runs a hypervisor, managing the resources of virtual machines.

    Best VPS web hosting companies are DomainKing and Whogohost

    3. Dedicated Hosting

    These are high performance servers using complete resources to power your eCommerce website.

    Here you have total control of the configuration, speed and even operating systems.

    So, you get the full power of the server for your website alone.

    At first, it might look confusing setting up. But it is easy if you are ready to learn something new.

    Also, it cost more because of the installation of the OS, security software and more.

    Best Dedicated hosting companies are: DomainKing and Whogohost

    4. Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is like VPS hosting, with minor differences. Also, present in shared hosting.

    You can see the differences below:

    Dynamic: Your cloud servers can adjust in size to meet your website operations.

    So, if you receive massive traffic, it increases to meet demands and vice versa.

    Horizontal Scaling: These servers can move back and forth while working with no downtime. This way you grow more even with high traffic.

    The best Cloud web hosting companies in Nigeria are Whogohost and Qservers.

    To create a stable and performing website, I encourage that you always choose cloud – Shared or VPS.

    How To ChooseThe Best Web Hosting Services

    There are features you must consider with any web hosting companies in Nigeria. I called them the 5s of an excellent host.

    Other features like free domain name, free ads credit are also good but not as important as these 5s.

    They are:

    • Security
    • Support
    • Storage
    • Speed and
    • Scalability

    In details,

    1. Web Hosting Companies with Strong Security

    To a large extent, your website security depends on your admin activities.

    Though, I encourage the use of strong passwords, 2FA and login security tools.

    Still, you can’t underestimate the vulnerability of a poor host.

    No matter how beautiful a house is; if the foundation is bad, it will end collapsing.

    The beautiful house is your ecommerce website. The ground (foundation) is your hosting.

    Hackers are everywhere and they can pull down your efforts in seconds if you miss it with a terrible host.

    Features like SSL, Firewalls and Daily backups are not an option but a must.

    SSL certificate will encrypt your website, preventing hackers from stealing customers’ card details.

    Firewall will scan and fight against attacks before they reach your website.

    Daily backups will be your savior should anything go wrong with your website.

    Choosing a host that can handle server-side threats and keep your data safe is a must. (Read that again)

    2. Web Hosting Companies with Solid Support System

    If your eCommerce website goes down at 12am, will the website hosting site be available to help?

    You need to answer the question before you commit to any host. 24/7 support is vital.

    Most times, it’s hard to know how supportive a web hosting service will perform until you sign up.

    Do your research, read reviews from trusted sources, and ask for recommendations.

    Stay away from hosts requesting you to create a support ticket always and hope they get back to you.

    What you need is priority support in actual time. A support team that can make quick fixes.

    In the words of Sean Garrity of HostingAdvice

    “In the eyes of the customer, a solid support system is probably the biggest differentiator. No one wants to send support tickets out into the ether and hope that someone gets back to them someday. The best hosts offer personalized customer support through live representatives via phone or chat, and many complement that with a knowledgebase that allows for self-service for less technical issues.”

    3. Web Hosting Companies with Large Storage:

    How much storage space do you need for your eCommerce website?

    Host companies offer different storage sizes depending on the packages.

    I avoid two kinds of storage offer. Those below 10 GB offer and the Unlimited offer.

    You should not settle for eCommerce web hosting with less than 10gb space.

    Ecommerce website needs quality products images. And these images take a lot of space. (Sometimes up to 3 Mb per images)

    As for the unlimited space offer, don’t be enticed. You will have unlimited storage space but limited by the number of files (inodes).

    It’s like putting you in a room filled with treasures, telling everything is yours.

    Then later you realize that though all the treasures are yours, but you can only leave the room with two.

    Ask your web hosting provider, “What is the number of inodes (number of files) on your plans?”

    If it’s less than three hundred thousand (300,000), stay away.

    4. Web Hosting Companies with Good Speed:

    A slow eCommerce website will send customers away and make you lose lots of money.

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    No one enjoys waiting, so a fast website is the key to your business success.

    The speed of your website depends 50% on your website hosting type.

    A dedicated server is faster than a virtual private server. And virtual serve than a shared server.

    Bandwidth (capacity) or data transfer also matters. It determines the number of visitors you can receive a month on your website.

    The higher the capacity, the better. Most web hosting companies in Nigeria offers unlimited capacity.

    5. Web Hosting Companies With Future Scalability:

    Soon you will have 100 customers visiting your site per day. When you have a thousand visits per day, can your host accommodate them?

    This is your business–you must think long term. Can I grow with this web hosting provider? Ask yourself!

    Changing website hosting later on business is possible, but not funny? You risk a high chance of losing your files to errors.

    Choose an eCommerce web hosting capable of scaling once the need arises.

    Upgrading your server should not need more than reaching out to support.

    Conclusion On Best Web Hosting Companies:

    Website hosting is a service in Nigeria that allows your website to be accessible on the web. It’s you renting a space on the internet.

    People in charge of this service are web hosting companies or web hosting providers.

    They provide the tools and resources you need to store your website files and data on the web.

    A hosting company stores your files on special computers called servers.

    These computers must be on 24/7 to keep your website online.

    People can then locate your website using your domain name.

    So, an investment in any of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria is not a waste. promises high returns for your investment.

    They can guarantee your eCommerce website will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    They can support your business rights and protect your online security and privacy.

    Working with real people who are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

    So, it’s a good thing to invest in the best web hosting companies in Nigeria.