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Wike calls Peter Odili and Rivers State Elders, “Political Vampires”

    Mr Nyesom Wike, the former Rivers State governor and current FCT Minister, went after certain politicians in the state, labeling them as “political vampires”.

    During a live interview with journalists, Wike called out the elders, including ex-PDP Chairman Uche Secondus, for being dishonest.

    He stated, “As it is today, politically, we don’t have any relationship. No, we don’t work together. There are differences. It has nothing to do with a personal thing.“

    He said that he and Odili decided about which side to support in the fight in Rivers State, talking about his clash with his successor, Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

    Wike calls Peter Odili and Rivers State Elders, “Political Vampires”

    He accused the Rivers elders of being political game-players who cling to the governor like money-hungry parasites and even threatened him.

    He bragged about how he dealt with them and that they cannot touch him.

    The elders recently had a meeting declaring their support for the president and Governor Fubara.

    In the interview, Wike also said it’s fine for anyone to ask for a 50% commissioners’ quota.

    He pointed out that if the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, could pick all his commissioners, then there’s no problem with someone else asking for the same.

    Emmanuel’s predecessor was Godswill Akpabio, the ex-governor of Akwa Ibom State and current president of the Senate. But they fell out not long after the governor was sworn in.

    Wike said, “This is how you know men. Akwa Ibom governor, did he not take every member of Udom’s cabinet? People are terrible. If we say the whole cabinet supported you, but there were also those who were not cabinet members that also supported you.

    “So, the best bet is, take 50-50 percent, so that people don’t feel they have lost out, what’s wrong in that? So that is what you call control? Okay, face your government now, why are you bothering me?“

    The FCT minister said he would have run away if Atiku had won the election.

    He said, “When we went to Supreme Court, I put my international passport in my bag. And I told my wife, look, if we lose this today, I will go from there. So, you take care of this, you take care of that. All these people, I know the whole plot against me.”

    When questioned about what he could have done differently to avoid the current deadlock, Wike acknowledged that he appointed Fubara as the governor of Rivers State.

    However, he hinted that in politics, similar to business, it’s important to accept losses and move forward.

    He stated, “Sometimes, you may invest in business. Sometimes you’re at a loss. Will you kill yourself? If you kill yourself, will you go back to the business? It’s not every investment you make that you will reap from. Sometimes, personally, I have lost. And that’s the only way I can move forward. I don’t think about it.”

    He continued, “I put him (Fubara) there too…he wants to be on his own with these political vampires who are always sucking, and they want to continue to suck Fubara,”

    When asked why he kept meddling in Rivers State politics, the minister said he had to keep greasing his political gears.

    “Leave Rivers State; am I from here? Am I from Abuja? I should not oil my political machinery,” he retorted.

    He also challenged his successor, Fubara, to publish the debt he owed during his tenure as the state governor, accusing the governor of treating the Rivers State House of Assembly members “as his boys”.

    He couldn’t believe that the Rivers elders had become Odili’s boys suddenly, even though they had abandoned him before.

    Odili was a huge fan of Wike when he was governor. Wike went all out praising the former governor, even surprising him with a house on his 74th birthday in 2022.

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