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Get To Know Me:

Hi, Welcome. And I trust you are doing great.

I am Oluboba Ayodeji Ebenezer. So you know their meaning:

  • Oluboba: A King gives birth to a king.
  • Ayodeji: My Joy is double
  • Ebenezer: The Lord has helped me.

So, I am

The King with Double Joy, whom the Lord has helped.

oluboba home

Okay! Let’s get professional.

I am an Ecommerce Consultant with a decade experience in Ecommerce Web Design, Content Marketing and SEO Services.

Since 2013, I have helped many business owners grow their influence online and attract targeted customers.

I can help you achieve more in your business than you are getting right now.

You can contact me here.

Okay! Let’s get back personally.

This is my personal blog… And it’s very dear to my heart.

On this blog, I share anything that will be helpful to anyone anywhere.

So, be kind to share when you see business or personal articles, reviews, devotionals, and even job opportunities.

The goal is to help as many people who need my help with the right information.

If you feel we have a lot in common, and could work together to achieve greater things both in business and personal.

Let’s talk here…

Before you go, below are my core values – what defines me.

  • Excellence: The best is the least.
  • Balance: Avoid extreme of anything.
  • Simplicity: Be free and take it easy.