MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Application in 2025

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program aims to build a network of young people and institutions that will make a positive impact on Africa’s socio-economic landscape.

Since 2012, the Program has assisted close to 45,000 African young people in pursuing further education.   

The Program offers more than just a scholarship. You get mentoring, leadership training, tutoring, internships, career support, and they even cover your tuition and living expenses. 

Through a network of 40+ universities and NGOs, the Program is boosting higher education with inclusion, innovation, and collaboration. 

By teaming up with young people, universities, NGOs, and other education stakeholders, they are on a mission to make sure young people get the education and opportunities they deserve.

Requirements for MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program Application in 2025

To help scholars and young people in Africa succeed, the Mastercard Foundation Program demands the following requirements to become eligible to apply.

  • You must be academically strong and committed to making a difference to be considered for the program.
  • You must be a citizen of an African country.
  • If you are 29 or younger, you can apply for an undergraduate degree.
  • You must be 35 or younger to apply for a master’s degree.
  • Plus, every university has its own requirements. Review the application requirements at the college you are interested in.

This program remains one of the best USA scholarship opportunities for African students.

How to Submit Application for MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

If you are interested in joining the scholars, you must apply for the MasterCard Foundation Program through the university of your choice.

1) Do your homework and explore the university’s program website to get all the details on who’s eligible, what’s required, when the deadlines are, and how to apply.

2) Choose the institution and program you want to apply for. Applying to multiple schools is fine. Just remember that it’s a lot of work to finish an application.

3) Don’t forget to prepare the documents required by your chosen institution for submission. If you don’t turn in the document on time, your application won’t be complete.

4) Some partners require international students to take tests like the SAT, TOEFL, or IELTS. If it applies, take the tests a few months before you apply.

5) You will need recommendation letters and references for most universities. Reach out to someone who knows you well, like your teacher, mentor, or community leader, and ask for their support.

Apply for scholarship here

Note: Each partner university manages individually the application process and decision-making. So beware of parties promising you admission into the program.
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