New Brisbane Scholarship Application (2024)

The New Brisbane Scholarship is inviting the international community to study at Australia’s fastest-growing university.

They have everything you need to make it big in your professional career.

New Brisbane Scholarship invites students from around the world to join their industry-focused courses.

There are plenty of scholarships for you, regardless of your area of interest.

New Brisbane Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

If you want to study full time at one of their Brisbane campuses, you can apply for these scholarships. It will cover up to 30% of your course tuition.

New Brisbane Scholarship Application (2024)

Scholarship is for new international students beginning their studies at our Brisbane campuses. Academic conditions apply for the Design, Business and Health merit scholarships.

Regional scholarships are provided based on new International student passport. Scholarships valued up to 30% are applicable to new international students from other regions.

Undergraduate and postgraduate international students must maintain a full-time study load, 1 EFTSL over a 12-month study period, to maintain this Australia scholarship.

Scholarship applicable on tuition fee only and on first attempt subjects. Full price charged on retake subjects if previously failed.

Scholarship may not be eligible for any course changes during the duration of the study. Students need to have an IELTS 6.5 or equivalent and a decent grade in their previous studies.

How to Apply

New international students may be eligible for a scholarship depending on which intake that they begin, their country of citizenship and the course that they are applying for.

You must meet eligibility requirements to complete this application form.

Please read all the information in the application form, including the selection criteria and requirements for shortlisted applicants, before completing the application.

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