Top 10 Australia Scholarships for International Students

Australia is known for its rich culture and high quality of education that supports international students through different scholarships.

Are you seeking a study destination that prepares you as a future leader, equips you with work-ready skills, and empowers you to contribute to research and development?

Then Australia is the right place to study.

To help you navigate successfully on your education, you can leverage these 10 Australia scholarships for international students.

Top 10 Australia Scholarships For International Students

Commence your undergraduate and postgraduate study in Australia with any of the following scholarships.

1. Maitri Scholars Program

With the influx of Indian international students into Australian universities, the Maitri Scholars Program targets high-performing Indian students providing funds for their world-class education in Australia.

Top 10 Australia Scholarships for International Students

Newly enrolled students are considered for the Maitri Scholars Program and selection is based on nominations from Australian universities.

The scholarship caters for part of your tuition, travel expenses, visa costs, establishment expenses, travel and health insurance, and monthly allowance.

It is expected that before you apply for admission to an Australian university; you need to contact the university, expressing your interest in being a Maitri scholar.

2. Global Excellence Scholarship at the University of Western Australia (UWA)

You are eligible to apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship as an undergraduate and postgraduate international student at UWA.

You stand a chance to be awarded this scholarship if you are an international student with sound academic records.

Global Excellence Scholarship provides you with $36,000-$48,000 financial assistance over a three to four-year period as an undergraduate but $24,000 for postgraduate study over two years.

However, not all academic programs at UWA have access to the Global Excellence scholarship.

The scholarship comes as a reduction in tuition payment each academic session.

3. Australian Award Scholarship Program

One of the popular fully-funded scholarships in Australia for international students is the Australian Award Scholarship.

In a bid to strengthen the bilateral tie between the government of Australia and other countries, the government of Australia provides this scholarship for international students from specific countries.

Some of the accompanying benefits of the Australian Award Scholarship include full tuition payment, living costs, to and fro travel expenses, supplement academic expenses, health insurance, and establishment expenses.

The scholarship body liaises with partnering schools to provide this scholarship for international students.

However, you are mandated to leave your study country, Australia for at least 2 years after completion of study.

You can apply for the Australian Award Scholarship here.

4. Alex Rodgers Travelling Scholarship at Australia National University (ANU)

If you are faced with financial constraints even after receiving financial aid as a doctoral student at Australia National University, you can apply for the Alex Rodgers Travelling Scholarship.

The scholarship aims to provide funding for your travel expenses during your research work.

Being a merit-based scholarship with a $6,000 annual value, you are eligible to apply for the Alex Rodgers Travelling Scholarship if you are studying Astronomy and Astrophysics and you are enrolled as a full-time student at ANU.

If you are interested in this scholarship, you can apply here.

5. The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship

UK offers some of the best scholarships for postgraduate studies.

But if you are a UK citizen who needs a postgraduate scholarship in Australia for your international education?

The Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship is here to provide financial assistance for your study. Whether you are studying arts, sciences, or humanity, the scholarship covers you.

The support that the Northcote Postgraduate Scholarship provides to fund your academic goal covers your visa expenses, fee payments, economy return travel expenses and living allowance.

Before you are awarded the scholarship, you are expected to have received an admission offer or provisional admission statement from your choice university.

6. Melbourne Research Scholarship

Melbourne Research Scholarship is specifically available for postgraduate international students in Australia.

You stand a chance to receive the scholarship once you apply for admission to a graduate research program at the University of Melbourne. So, it is awarded based on merit.

You can only utilize this scholarship as a new student after accepting the scholarship office, starting your program, providing bank details, and meeting any condition attached to the scholarship offer.

As a research Student, the scholarship provides a yearly stipend of $37,000, a one-time relocation allowance, health insurance, and a fee offset.

7. Destination Australia Program

Providing annual financial assistance of $15,000 to international students like you is the primary aim of the Destination Australia Program.

It provides undergraduates with scholarships for their study in Australia.

For you to be a Destination Australia Program scholar as an international student, you need to have a student visa throughout the scholarship period, commence a new course, and be enrolled as a full-time student with one of the education providers.

Instead of applying to the scholarship body, you are expected to apply for the Destination Australia program through one of the qualified partnering education providers.

If you are interested in this program, you can apply here.

8. New Brisbane Scholarship

The New Brisbane Scholarship is one of the Australian scholarships for international students. The scholarship is available at Torrens University Australia.

It provides 30% coverage of your tuition fees for either your undergraduate or postgraduate degree program.

You need to meet the minimum requirement of a 6.5 score in IELTS, proof of previous study, and be admitted as a full-time student at Torrens University for you to qualify for the New Brisbane Scholarship.

9. Leslie Rich Scholarship

With the array of funding opportunities available for you, the Leslie Rich Scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship in Australia for your study at the University of Sydney.

Before you can access this $7,000 value scholarship, you are expected to have a primary funding source that covers your stipend.

Leslie Rich Scholarship is available for only first-class graduates who intend to conduct research related to the renowned Alzheimer’s disease.

You also need to receive an unconditional offer of admission from the University of Sydney to be eligible for the scholarship and the Global Excellence Scholarship.

If you are interested in this scholarship, you can apply here.

10. Scholarship Program for Engineering Students Offered by AIS Technolabs

As a Citizen of Australia, Canada, and the USA that is offering an Engineering course, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship for international students.

This scholarship for Engineering students provides $5,000 in need-based support for undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

You can use the fund for any relevant expenses like to support your tuition, living costs, accommodation, and books and stationeries.

Also, you need to enroll on some of the best postgraduate scholarships in the USA.

How To Apply For Postgraduate Scholarship In Australia

  • Choose schools that offer your desired program and that you can meet their requirements.
  • Ensure that your school of choice has funding to support your choice program.
  • You can choose to seek external funding.
  • Find out your eligibility for each of the scholarships and know the one that you can meet their requirements.
  • Follow the instructions for the scholarship application as it is on the website.
  • Upload your credentials and write any required essay.
  • Review all the information provided and submit your application.

If by any means you are lost on the next step to take during your scholarship application, seek the guide of a study abroad agency near you.

Of course, they are more than willing to guide you to navigate your scholarship application successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I study in Australia

You need to Study in Australia because of the world-class education available. Also, many academic institutions offer many scholarship opportunities to tackle your financial incapacity.

2) What are the best Australian scholarships for international students?

The best Australia Scholarships for International students include:

  • The Destination Australia Program,
  • Australian Award Scholarships,
  • Maitri Scholars Program,
  • New Brisbane Scholarship, and
  • The Melbourne Research Program.

3) Can I get an Australian scholarship without ielts?

Yes, you can get an Australian scholarship without IELTS. However, it is dependent on the requirement stated by the body issuing the scholarship.


Since there are many Australian scholarships for international students, this leaves you with a variety of options to choose from.

With the quality of education available in Australia, you are certain that pursuing any of these study programs will contribute to your professional development.

Also, it will equip you with sought-after skills to be relevant in an ever-changing world.

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