10 Study Abroad Agencies You Will Ever Need in Nigeria

With many study abroad agencies in Nigeria, here is a list of the best education consultants that can help you become an international student.

As Nigerians continuously celebrate their admission into schools abroad. It is time for you to start your processing.

While it is possible to do these processing yourself, I will not advise you follow this route.

Your search on the internet will never beat the experience of a consultant who has been doing the same thing for over a decade.

It took me 11 months to get the same documents my neighbour got in 3 weeks because he worked with a consultant.

Working with them will:

  • Save your time and energy.
  • Prevent you from making costly mistakes
  • Help you in choosing better programs.
  • Guide you in the application process.
  • Provide information about the course of study
  • Process your travel documents
  • Advice on budget management

And the major of them all, they will save you the headaches and frustrations that come with running around.

Be it for your undergraduate or postgraduate, there are study abroad agencies near you who can help.

List of the Best Study Abroad Agencies and Consultants in Nigeria

1. Jestone Education:

If you live in Abuja and its environments, Jestone Education is one of the best study abroad agencies near you.

10 Study Abroad Agencies You Will Ever Need in Nigeria

They provide a guide on how to achieve your academic goal of studying abroad.

As a prospective international student who could be confused about what to do, their counselling services can aid you in the following ways.

  • Give you clarity and direction to begin your study application.
  • Provide the help to ensure that you gain admission to renowned educational institutions abroad.
  • Provide counselling for student visa applications.
  • Ensures guardian support for international students who are far from home and family.
  • Provides career support to help you advance in your chosen profession.

You can also access one of Jestone Education branches at Ajike Street, Anthony, Lagos.

2. Preparation For Life Education (PFL Education)

I understand that as someone who wants to study abroad; you need an agency that offers a comprehensive service.

This is exactly what PFL Education offers you.

They aid admission to study any postgraduate programs in the UK with offices in different parts of Nigeria.

They provide you with:

  • IELTS lessons
  • Visa application counselling and help
  • Admission Guidance
  • Career progression and counselling services
  • Placement services in schools abroad

You can get updates about admissions open in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and UAE by following their social media handles.

They also share opportunities available in different universities abroad.

3. TGM Education

Are you stuck on how to achieve your academic dream?

If you are looking towards engaging the services of the best agencies that can help with your study abroad programs, TGM Education is a sure plug.

TGM Education is also called TG Marchnata.

With over 25 years of experience, this admission consultant has helped Nigerians with their application process.

You can benefit from their many services, which include:

  • Student placement in top academic institutions in the world
  • Academic counselling and professional help
  • Foreign education consultancy service

TGM Education is here to help you gain admission and study in different parts of the commonwealth countries and beyond.

Their team of experienced academic counsellors makes them outstanding in the study abroad game.

You need to connect with TGM counsellors and attend TGM Education physical events like the TGM Roadshow.

TGM Education has its tentacles spread all over different parts of Nigeria, like Ibadan, Kano, Lagos and Abuja.

4. Brave Space With Elaine (BSWE)

BSWE is an academic mentorship hub in Enugu, Nigeria that has produced massive numbers of international students in the world.

With their robust academic mentorship plan, I can tell you they are one of the best study consultants in Nigeria for MBBS programs.

As a Nigerian applying to schools abroad, you face a lot of challenges in trying to secure admission to schools abroad.

BSWE hold their academic mentees by hand in their academic mentorship sessions to provide:

  • Guide on how to choose a country of study, course and school.
  • Mentorship on how to write academic essays, Statement of Purpose, academic CVs and cold emails.
  • Guidance in your entire study and visa application process.
  • Help in securing scholarships, assistantships and other financial aids for study abroad

With a strong team of academic mentors spread across the globe, BSWE is known for their commitment and excellence in international student matters.

You can schedule and hop on a free consultation call with a mentor at BSWE to gain clarity and kick start your plans to study abroad.

If you need a mentor to discuss your frustrating academic situation, BSWE provides a listening ear and necessary help.

They offer academic mentorship programs to help you excel in your chosen profession as a student.

As a prospective international student, BSWE provides the right community to nurture and support your academic dream.

5. IDP Education Consultant In Nigeria

IDP Education is the best study abroad consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. 

From my experience, you can easily feel lonely and overwhelmed by your plan to study abroad.

So, they connect people of like minds like you and me to interact and learn together.

Also, with the economic situation in Nigeria, finance can be a limitation to smashing your goal of studying abroad.

Here is the good news! IDP Education offers free education consultancy services to enable you to gain clarity.

Aside from free academic counselling, IDP Education collaborates with IELTS and hot courses to serve you better.

That’s massive, right?

To turn your academic dream into reality, IDP Education serves you in various ways, like:

  • Free consultation calls on study abroad matters
  • Guidance in the choice of relevant course
  • Preparation for IELTS
  • Help in the application process

You wouldn’t want to miss out, right? Join the “IDP Nigeria” on social platforms.

You can also locate IDP Education offices in different parts of Lagos, also in Nassarawa, Kano, Abuja, Enugu, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

6. GT Western Education and Migration

Instead of travelling to Lagos or Abuja from Imo state, just locate the GT Western Education and Migration branch at Owerri.

They do not restrict their services to career counselling, but span across:

  • Scholarship application guidance
  • Study application enrollment
  • Visa processing and application
  • Course guidance and counselling

GT Western Education and Migration is an excellent study abroad Visa consultant in Owerri, Nigeria.

Thanks to its certifications and professional membership.

7. Edubureau

In Port Harcourt Nigeria, Edubureau helps to bridge the gap in fulfilling your dream of studying abroad.

As one of the top studies consultants, the Edubureau help process admission in the best study abroad countries.

I believe you are intentional in fulfilling your big dream of studying abroad.

If yes, you can entrust Edubureau with your:

  • English test training (IELTS and PTE)
  • Admission and Visa application processing

8. Scovers Education and Travels

If you live in Northern Nigeria and dream of studying abroad, Scovers Education and Travels can make it happen.

They cater to the academic needs of Nigerians who aspire to study at top universities in the world by providing:

  • Scholarship information
  • Admission application process guidance
  • Educative tours and live events in African schools

Scovers Education and Travels is a study abroad consultant in Kaduna, Nigeria.

9. Niona Agency

Do you need an MBBS study abroad consultant?

Niona agency provides you with the help you need to secure admission and a visa for study in the medical profession.

Niona agency, based in Jos, helps international students with seamless applications.

They provide assistance to navigate the complexities of applying to study in Cyprus, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Poland and the US.

Their services include:

  • Expert education guide
  • Visa application assistance
  • Study application process

No matter your academic background or intended course of study, Niona has something for you.

To get updates and ask questions about study abroad opportunities, follow Niona Agency on Facebook.

10. Carpa Education Consultant In Nigeria

Life can get so busy that you do not have the time to initiate the visa application process, Carpa Education provides all the help that you need.

They also equip and prepares you to ace your visa interview.

Carpa Education is the overseas study consultant near you if you are in Akwa Ibom Nigeria.

Their variety of services to enable you to study abroad include:

  • Education matching services
  • English Language Test Training (TOEFL/ IELTS/ HSK)
  • Visa application and acquisition
  • Travelling arrangements

Their Facebook page provides the relevant information you need to know about different study locations and available opportunities.

Conclusion On THe Best Study Abroad Agencies in Nigeria

Since you are not familiar with the application process, you should seek the assistance of an education consultant in Nigeria.

They will guide you in making informed decisions, assist in admission and scholarship application, and the general visa application process.

You don’t want to waste time and resources doing trial and error with your application?

Do well to engage the services of any of the above study abroad agencies in different parts of Nigeria.

Did you enjoy this piece or have any contribution, question and clarity on the points above? You can join the forum for more.

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