Last Paper Syndrome: How You Can Overcome in Exams

Last Paper Syndrome is one of the most underrated harmful syndromes that ever exists. It’s common for students or anyone writing exams which most times leads to failure.

As deadly as it may be, there are always ways to counter this syndrome.

While most people experience this syndrome, they don’t know what it is.

So, if you are a student or writing exams, this is a MUST read for you.

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What Is Last Paper Syndrome?

Last Paper Syndrome is that feeling where you lose interest in studying as you move closer to the final exam.

In this situation, your mind has completed the exam while your body is already on vacation.

This way, you look forward to finishing the exam faster than finishing with good grades.

You can’t wait for the day to come that your motivation drops to read.

And when the deal day arrives, pressure yourself to submit earlier than usual.

This feeling and behavioural pattern is what we called Last Paper Syndrome.

Signs You Are Experiencing Last Paper Syndrome.


The first sign of the last paper syndrome

When you feel so much excitement about finishing the exam rather than to actually read for the exam, you lose the motivation to read.

Procrastination then becomes a friend rather than an enemy.

And it’s even more dangerous when this last paper is far away, like two weeks apart from the second to the last.

“I will read in the evening when my friends are gone.”, you said to yourself.

Evening came, you said, “I will wake up at night when everywhere is quiet. After all, I understand better during these hours.”

Morning came, you said, “Let me rest a little more before I clean up before I step out to read.”

You see how procrastinating is eating deep.

And if there is anything that fuels your procrastination is the belief that you have enough time. No, you don’t. My friend, wake up; collect your paper.

Self – Deceit

The second sign of the last paper syndrome.

To justify your actions, you tell yourself that you know the subject.

While that may seem true, it is nothing but mirage. Don’t forget we didn’t say first paper syndrome but last paper syndrome.

This means, I expect you have completed some papers in the past.

The feeling you got from the favourable papers can make you feel intelligent.

And that’s false. You are intelligent, but not as you think you are during those feelings.

You forgot it is not he who knows that passes, but he who knows well to convince the examiner.

Fear of Failure:

The third sign of the last paper syndrome

This fear is greater if you are in your final year and it’s your last paper.

I have been in this situation and I can tell you it’s not funny.

Your focus is no longer on grade A anymore, but how to make sure you don’t fail the course.

Because a minor mistake can lead to any an extra year.

So, to cover up for this fear, you come close to lecturers and start saying YES SIR to all their requests.

Very dangerous…

Possible Treatment To The Last Paper Syndrome.

Professionals recommend solutions like scheduling yourself, playing fewer, avoiding distractions, etc.

While all these solutions are good and will help, the first you must work on is your MIND.

The major way to get things is to keep your mind in check.

If your mind doesn’t align with what you are doing, forget it. You are doing nothing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a genius or whatever.

Your body wants to feel tired, but your mind must resist. You must talk to yourself that it’s normal to feel that way. Hence, no excuse for not reading.

Don’t give your body the power. Rather, allow your mind to rule.

But that leads me to the question, “how can your mind rule if it’s exposed to extreme thoughts?”

Extreme thoughts such as hopelessness or over-joyfulness.

This means you must filter the things you hear and see. And you should stay away from friends already celebrating before the announcement.

Remind your mind that this exam is not different from any other. And, you will sit to read.

Final Thoughts On The Last Paper Syndrome

Don’t get too excited about finishing. You don’t want the coming soon celebration gets into your head.

Remember, it’s not how far, but how well. And until it’s over; it’s not over.

So, encourage yourself in the Lord, follow your reading plan and work with people ready to support you.

Speed without accuracy is useless.

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