10 Canada Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

Here are 10 scholarships that can help to start your postgraduate program in Canada as an international student.

With 807,750 international students in Canada (1) holding a study permit in 2022, you can agree with me that Canada is a choice study destination country.

Its high standard of Education, research opportunities, and bilingual environment make it a great home for international students.

While you are planning to study in Canada for your postgraduate studies, you should also consider utilizing the available scholarship opportunities for international students.

These scholarship opportunities relieve you of numerous financial expenses and enable you to focus on your education.

Since Canada provides many scholarships with lots of programs, let’s find out the best for international students and how you can get it.

10 Best Canada Postgraduate Scholarships And Programs

Amongst the various scholarships in Canada, these are the best scholarships that can fund your postgraduate education in Canada.

10 Canada Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

1. Connaught International scholarship at the University of Toronto

If you have plans to apply to a postgraduate degree program in Canada, you should consider applying at the University of Toronto to access this award.

You can apply for a Connaught scholarship while applying for admission to any of these study programs.

Connaught International scholarship is awarded to those who will be offered admission to start a research program and have access to basic funding.

The scholarship is now a secondary funding source to top up the basic funding to at least $35,000 for up to five years.

The scholarship can be deferred for up to one academic year if need be.

With an average of A in your last degree program, you are eligible to be nominated for the Connaught scholarship by the graduate units.

Also, ensure to complete and submit your admission application before its deadline. If you are interested in the Connaught scholarship, contact your admission unit during your admission application.

2. IDRC Research Awards

As an independent body, IDRC provides funding for researchers who are focused on proffering solutions to certain global problems.

If your research work is focused on fostering green food systems, international health, inclusive governance, science and education, and sustainable economics, you can apply for IDRC research awards.

Thus, this scholarship provides at least CAD42,033 salary for students in one year.

3. Kilam Trust Scholarship

Among the various categories of scholarships offered by Kilam Trust, you can apply for the Izaak Walton Kilam Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to you as an international student, likewise for Canadian citizens irrespective of fields of study.

Therefore, to be eligible for the Izaak Walton Kilam Trust Scholarship you need to be a postgraduate student in the University of Alberta (U of A), Canada.

You need to be a first-class graduate to be qualified to apply. This scholarship is based on your excellent academic achievements, proposal submitted,

You get to receive $45,000 for two years. You should complete a year of your studies at U of A before applying for thid scholarship.

Izaak Walton Kilan Trust remains one of the top postgraduate scholarships in Canada for international students.

4. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Do you intend to offer a leadership program in Canada even as a doctorate student? Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholarship is the best fit for you.

With a $40,000 scholarship for your tuition and other expenses, you get to focus on your Ph.D. education and the foundation’s leadership program.

Trudeau Foundation scholarship provides a leadership program that lasts for three years for all its scholars.

In addition, the foundation also provides financial aid of $20,000 for your language program, travel plus accommodation for the leadership program, and other research expenses.

As a Trudeau Foundation scholar, you gain relevant skills that enable you to birth your ideas for the benefit of your immediate community, Canada, and the world at large.

So, you are to serve as a volunteer committing 30 hours of volunteer service, become bilingual (if you are not), and participate actively in the foundation activities.

5. Anti-Black Racism Initiative Recruitment Awards

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies unit of McGill University to black students offering degree programs at Master’s and PhD levels. The scholarship lasts for a year.

While most scholarships limit you to accepting scholarships from only one funding source, the Anti-Black Racism Initiative Recruitment Awards allows you to continue with external funding alongside their financial assistance.

Before you can receive the award, you need to gain admission at McGill University, register for a full-time program, and identify as black in the course of your registration.

Also, your department needs to submit a nomination for you.

6. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program

As one of the PG scholarships in Canada, the government of Canada through the ministry liaises with some participating universities to provide OGS program funding.

The OGS program provides funding for 139 Canadian citizens and 4 international students.

So, the competition to get an OGS scholarship among international students is fierce.

The scholarship award is $15,000, as each scholar receives $5000 for three semesters. However, you need a temporary resident visa to apply for OGS.

The good news about the Ontario Graduate scholarship is that you can hold assistantship positions and still retain this scholarship.

To this end, you can apply for this scholarship to avoid the need for study loan.

However, you can’t hold OGS alongside the Queen Elizabeth 11 Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology in an academic year.

Other eligibility criteria for International students for the OGS program include admission in any of the participating schools, enrollment in a full-time program, and excellent academic standing.

You receive an OGS award based on your academic achievement, referee assessment, and Statement of Interest.

7. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Are you a postdoctoral student seeking a postdoctoral fellowship program in Canada as an International student? Then, Banting Scholarship is for you.

With a whopping funding value of $70,000 annually for two years, you get to focus on your research program in a Canadian academic institution.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship is one of the best Postdoctoral applicants with all it takes to research and economic to the economic and general growth of the nation.

You can only apply for this Banting Fellowship through eligible host institutions like universities, research-oriented hospitals, and credible not-for-profit organizations.

8. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS)

With a scholarship value of $50,000, Vanier CGS is one of the most competitive scholarships for study in Canada.

Even as a Foreign student in Canada, you can apply for Vanier CGS to support your doctoral program in social sciences, humanity, engineering, health research, and natural science.

After which, you seek nomination from your intended University of study.

They award it to full-time students in partnering institutions or specific programs and does not hold certain fellowships and scholarships.

Part-time students with pertinent reasons can also access the Vanier CGS award.

9. Study In Canada Scholarship

Study In Canada is one of the best scholarships for you to apply a master’s program for international students. The scholarship is also available to both undergraduate and doctoral students.

To be qualified for the scholarship, you must be an international student from one of the eligible countries.

The scholarship application is first sent to a collaborating Canadian school like Concordia University. The school then applies for the scholarship on your behalf.

Study in Canada scholarship is a partially funded scholarship with a value ranging from $10,200-$12,700 for 4-6 months of either study or research.

It covers various expenses like travel, living costs, accommodation, visa fees, stationeries and health insurance.

10. Minimum Funding Policy at The University of British Columbia (UBC)

In a bid to ease your financial burden as an international student, the University of British Columbia now offers basic financial assistance of $22,000 each for all its doctoral students.

You are expected to keep applying for the funding each year with an excellent academic record.

Accessing this fund means that you are to enroll a full-time student. Part-time employment in research-related fields can be part of the funding.

The financial assistance covers tuition, accommodation, books, and other living costs.

How To Apply For Canada Postgraduate Scholarships

Depending on the laid down guide provided by the school, organization, and government body that is offering a scholarship, you need to follow suit to apply for a Canadian scholarship.

Here is a basic way to apply for a Canadian scholarship as an International student.

To apply for a Canadian Scholarship, you need to choose a program of study and an academic institution.

  • Explore both internal and external scholarships available to study that program.
  • Find out the scholarship requirements and eligibility criteria.
  • If you are eligible, follow the specified procedure to apply for the scholarship, adhering to all the instructions.
  • Accurately review your scholarship application documents and submit it before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we get a scholarship in Canada?

Yes, you can get a scholarship to study in Canada as an International student.

2. Which university in Canada gives full scholarship

Universities in Canada that gives full scholarship include the University of Alberta (U of A) Izaak Walton Kilam Trust Scholarship, the University of Toronto Connaught International scholarship, and the Study in Canada scholarship at the University of Concordia.

3. Is Canada a good country to study?

Yes! Canada is one of the best countries to study because of its high standard of education and available financial assistance for study.

Conclusion On Canada Postgraduate Scholarships

In a world full of financial support for education, Canada has funding available to help you sail through your postgraduate study as an international student.

Amongst Canada postgraduate scholarships and programs for international students, you can utilize the:

  • Kilam Trust Scholarship,
  • Study in Canada Scholarship,
  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships, and
  • Minimum Funding Policy at The University of British Columbia (UBC).


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