5 UK Postgraduate Scholarships You Should Apply

Let’s discuss the available fully funded scholarships that present you with the best opportunities for your postgraduate studies in the UK.

Are you stuck in achieving your academic goals of studying for your postgraduate program at a world-class university in the world due to financial constraints?

Different governments, schools, and organizations provide scholarships to foreign students for their studies. Some scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded.

A fully funded scholarship covers the overall expenses of an international student including travel expenses and accommodation, whereas a partially funded scholarship covers a few selected expenses at a university like part of the tuition fees or fee waiver.

Let’s discuss the best opportunities that are available for international postgraduate students whose studies destination is the UK.

5 Best UK Postgraduate Study Scholarships For International Students

1. Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth scholarship is one of the best postgraduate scholarships that offers you the best opportunities in the UK.

This program is majorly for international students from commonwealth countries who cannot afford to afford their postgraduate study abroad in the UK.

The UK Government, the Development Office and the Commonwealth, alongside part funded by the UK host university funds this scholarship.

It allows students to pursue their fully funded one-year master’s or three-year doctorate program at a UK University. 

You are eligible to apply for the scholarship if you are from Commonwealth countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and more.

For you to qualify to apply for a Commonwealth scholarship:

  • You need to first of all apply to a university at the UK to gain admission for study.
  • Prospective master’s scholars need to have graduated with second-class upper (2:1) in their respective undergraduate programs.
  • Prospective doctoral scholars need to have a good master’s degree result and be a citizen of a commonwealth country.
  • After that, you can now apply for the Commonwealth scholarship to fund your studies through your university.
  • To apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship, you can do so through any of these three means: a university, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), and a National Nominating Agency.

The documents you need to apply for the Commonwealth scholarship include:

A scanned passport, two reference letters, an academic transcript, a university degree certificate, and an admission letter.

An application for Commonwealth scholarships opens in and closes around December.

You can check for a list of the best programs to study abroad.

2. GREAT Scholarship

This is one of the fully funded scholarships provided by the UK government to postgraduate students from 14 different countries.

The GREAT scholarship enables over 100 international students to study a one-year master’s degree program at specific UK universities. It covers at least £10,000 expenses for each scholar.

There are 49 universities in the UK and courses that this scholarship sponsors.

This means you need to apply to any of the selected partner universities and eligible courses before you can qualify to apply for this scholarship.

The partnering Universities for GREAT scholarship are spread across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England.

To be eligible for the GREAT scholarship, you need to be a citizen of the below-selected countries. 

Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Turkey, India, Egypt, China, Thailand, Kenya, Mexico and Malaysia.

Also, you must have completed an undergraduate degree and met the English Language test requirement. 

Be ready to share your motivation, attend networking events and engage in speaking engagement as an Alumnus.

You can visit the British Council website to find the collaborating UK Universities.

The application opens around April/May for all aspiring for postgraduate scholarships in the UK.

3. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

If you are seeking a one-year fully funded Master’s scholarship program to study in the UK, then this scholarship is for you! Commonwealth Shared scholarship covers only the master’s program.

You are eligible to apply for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship if you are from a low-income and middle-income Commonwealth country.

You also need to be innovative and demonstrate leadership potential.  With a second-class lower bachelor’s degree result, you can apply for this scholarship. 

The Commonwealth Scholarship is different from the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship.

The difference between the Commonwealth scholarship (CSC) and Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (CSS) is the result.

You are eligible to apply for CSS with a second class lower but need second class uppers for CSC.

During the scholarship online application process, you are to:

  • Submit the evidence of your academic qualifications,
  • Provide comprehensive employment details,
  • State your past work experience,
  • List publications and achievements,
  • Provide details of three referees, and
  • Write a development impact statement.  

4. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship is one of the best fully funded scholarships for postgraduate students possessing leadership qualities to undergo a one-year master’s program in the UK.

This fully funded scholarship covers your travel expenses, tuition, accommodation, and stipend.

To be eligible to apply for Chevening scholarship opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Two years of work experience (whether full-time or part-time work, voluntary work and internship program),
  • Be from an eligible country, obtain at least second-class honors in a bachelor’s program, and
  • Receive an unconditional offer of admission from at least one UK university after applying for three eligible courses in the University.

Due to the high volume of applications for the Chevening scholarship each year, I suggest you apply for up to three courses.

Chevening Scholarship is open for international students from over 100 countries, like Nigeria, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Turkey, North Macedonia, Russia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Senegal, Singapore, Cuba, Taiwan, Yemen, Paraguay, and Zambia among others.

The Scholarship application window opens around August/September and closes in November.

Just like other fully funded scholarships for postgraduate studies in the UK, as a Chevener, after study, you are expected to return to your home country and contribute to its development.

5. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

A fully funded scholarship program for financially constrained international students to study in the UK.

Bills and Malinda Gates Foundation provides this financial aid to these students for study at the University of Cambridge, UK.

With an annual value of £30,000 – £60,000, Gates Cambridge scholarship covers all the scholar’s expenses to pursue a postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The scholarship is available for international students in 253 countries for either their full-time or part-time studies.

You are eligible to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship if you:

  • Have high intellectual capacity,
  • Demonstrate reason for your choice of course,
  • Showcase leadership abilities, and
  • Commitment to impact lives positively.

Other expenses covered by the Gates Cambridge scholarship are:

  • Inbound visa payment,
  • Travel fees and maintenance allowance,
  • Dependent children allowance,
  • Academic development funding, fieldwork, and
  • Paternity/maternity funding (optional).

To get a fully funded scholarship in the UK requires you writing a motivational letter.

Conclusion On The Best UK Postgraduate Scholarships

Your big dream of pursuing your postgraduate study abroad in the UK can become a reality, with the available fully funded scholarships.

It is paramount to check out the criteria, eligibility, and requirements of each program to avoid the Japa syndrome.

Attending scholarship Alumni webinars helps you to write winning academic essays and ace the admission committee interview.

This and more will help you excel in your application.

With the thousands of applicants seeking for fully funded scholarship in the UK, the application and selection processes can be rigorous and tight. 

Yet, you can do it. Success!

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