9 Effective Ways Of Sharing The Gospel On Christmas Day

Well, there are many ways of sharing the gospel on Christmas Day, but I will only share nine of them in this content.

Christmas is a day that has been dedicated to celebrating Christ’s birth. It is a special day that is celebrated all around the universe.

On this day, family, friends, colleagues, and close relatives come together to fellowship, share love, jubilate, and share gifts.

It is a day that all Christians remember that God gave us a special gift of love—Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas. His birth is the purpose behind the celebration of Christmas Day.

If Christ were not born, there wouldn’t be any reason for us to celebrate Christmas as children of God. Perhaps it would have just been a mere holiday, as some people assume.

This is why it is important to make Christ known on

Christmas Day. Yes. Christmas is a day to share Christ’s love with people. It is a day to share the gospel of Christ with lost souls.

It is a day to bring as many that are seated in darkness to the light of Christ.

If all you do on Christmas day is eat, drink, and make merry, your Christmas is incomplete.

What will make your Christmas complete is sharing the gospel of Christ. This is because the food you eat and the drinks you take will only benefit your stomach.

However, when you share the gospel, God’s kingdom benefits from it. This is why you should always share the gospel on Christmas day.

God wants the whole world to know about the gift of love He has given to humanity.

He wants everyone to understand that Christ’s birth brought hope, joy, peace, and faith.

This will be achieved if you decide to partner with God by engaging in the business of souls on Christmas day.

Having known this, the next thing is: how can you preach the gospel on Christmas day?

Ways Of Sharing The Gospel On Christmas Day


Village outreach, as the name implies, is an act of reaching out to those who live in the village.

It involves taking the gospel of Christ to children, teenagers, youths, and adults in the village. This act is a very good way of sharing the gospel on Christmas Day.

Many of those who live in the village do not have the capacity to celebrate Christmas.

Most of them do not even know Christ. They are yet to understand the significance of Christ’s birth.

So when you take the gospel to these villages, it makes them come to know who Christ is.

It gives them the privilege to understand the reason behind the celebration of Christmas. This eventually makes them partakers of the hope of salvation.

Furthermore, it makes them experience the love of

Christ. As you speak to them, relate to them, and share gifts with them, they feel loved by the love of Christ.

This will make it easy for them to believe in the gospel of Christ, which is a gospel of love.

In addition, village outreaches make it possible to have the right perspective on Christmas day.

It makes them know that Christmas is not all about merriment but about what the birth of Jesus brought to humanity.

In conclusion, village outreaches are good ways of sharing the gospel during Christmas.

They are good ways of celebrating Christmas. Therefore, you should never hesitate to take Christ’s gospel to the unreached in nearby villages on Christmas day.


Evangelism is a word coined from the Greek word “evangellon.” It simply means the art of sharing the gospel.

So, when I say engage in house-to-house evangelism, I mean you should take the gospel of Christ from one house to another within your community and beyond on Christmas day. This is another good and efficient way to celebrate Christmas.

When you go from house to house to preach the gospel on Christmas day, you make Jesus happy.

This is because, as you share this gospel, Christ is being revealed, and when Christ is revealed, God will be glorified.

Also, it makes people experience the love of Christ. It gives them the hope of salvation.

Additionally, it makes you a partaker of the blessings that come with Christmas and preaching the gospel.

Romans 10:10 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who share the gospel?”

Your feet get beautified when you preach the gospel during Christmas. God’s glory beautifies you. You get abundant blessings.

Therefore, you should consider going house-to-house this Christmas. It will really be an experience you will never forget.


An orphanage is a building where orphans live and are looked after, while orphans are children whose parents have died.

To celebrate Christmas in a glorious way, you can visit orphanages.

When going, ensure you go with gifts. These gifts should be given to the children.

The gifts can be in the form of food items, beverages, stationary, clothing articles, footwear, etc.

Just ensure that the gifts include the basic needs of the children.

Since Christmas is a season to share the love of Christ with people, doing this will enable you to share God’s love with the orphans.

God cares about orphans, and he loves those who care about them too.

Additionally, He wants the little children to also know the blessings that come with the birth of Jesus.

He wants them to understand that Jesus Christ is a gift of love, hope, and joy.

You can use the Christmas season as an opportunity to care for orphans.

Gather a team of like-minded people, strategize on how to go about your visit, go to a nearby orphanage, and put a smile on the faces of those little children this Christmas.


This is another good way to share the gospel of Christ during Christmas. This is because it gives you the opportunity to gather a large number of people.

If you invite people to church programs, they may not attend, especially if they are not Christians.

However, when you invite them to a Christmas party, they will be willing to attend.

After gathering people to celebrate with you on Christmas day in a party, it gives you the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them.

As they come for the party, give them food, soft drinks, and different kinds of item available.

When they finish eating, drinking, and making merry, you can now seize the opportunity to preach the gospel of Christ to them.

Since they have shared in your food and drinks, they wouldn’t want to neglect listening to what you have to say about Jesus.

Instead, they would accept to listen to you.

As you preach the gospel to them, make them understand the essence of Christmas.

Help them to see the significance of Christ’s birth. Let them know the reason Jesus was born, the hope, and the joy His birth brought.

Make them understand that celebrating Christmas without having Jesus in their lives is not good.

This will make the light of Christ shine abroad in their hearts. Through this, they might decide to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Intercession is simply an act of standing in the gap for people in the place of prayer.

It is the act of making a supplication or petition on behalf of others. It is closing the gap between God and the lost souls on the altar of prayer.

Interceding for souls on Christmas Day is a good way to share the gospel.

Although you may not preach, your prayer has the power to save a soul. What Jesus did when He came to the world was to stand in the gap for us.

He came to close the gap between God and man. He came to deliver man from his sins.

So, when you intercede for souls, you are indirectly doing what Christ has done.

God does not want any man to die without accepting Christ, the gift of love.

He wants every man to know that salvation is made available in Christ Jesus alone.

When you intercede for souls, it makes it easy for the hearts of men to get ploughed to receive the seed of salvation.

I remembered a dream I had during one of my early conversion days. In this dream, I saw a brother giving me a letter.

When I collected the letter and read it, what I saw inside was, “Pray to God on our behalf that our souls may be saved.”

This revelation made me understand the urgency and need to intercede for lost souls.

God values the ministry of intercession, and He feels happy whenever He sees His children engaging in this ministry.

Therefore, I am charging you to inculcate the habit of always interceding for souls on Christmas day.


A film show is the art of showing movies to a large gathering of people, which can either be done outdoors or indoors.

It is when a large number of people converge to see a movie. It is another good way to share the gospel during Christmas.

On Christmas day, you can gather a large number of people in a hall, a market square, a village square, a church, or any vicinity that is suitable for showing films.

After the people have converged, play edifying movies for them. The movies should be centered on Christ’s birth and its significance.

You may also show movies that teach about the importance of salvation or any movie that spells out the truth that salvation is in no man except Christ Jesus.

When people watch this movie, their eyes will be opened, and they will be willing to give their lives to Jesus.

This will ultimately lead to a great harvest of souls for God’s kingdom. Then heaven will rejoice because of this.


Prison is an institution where offenders are kept as punishment for their crimes. Those who stay in prison are called prisoners.

These people are always in a state of devastation, depression, and hopelessness. This is due to the fact that they have no freedom.

This is why it is a good place to take the gospel of Christ on Christmas Day.

I had the privilege of attending a prison evangelism once. I must confess that it is a place Christians need to visit often for evangelism purposes.

When you visit the prison on Christmas Day, you have the opportunity to minister hope to the hopeless.

This hope is one of the things that Christ’s birth brought. Hence, going for prison evangelism gives you the opportunity to share the hope in Christ with the destitute.

As you minister to them, let them understand that God loves them and does not intend for them to be in prison.

Allow them to know that Jesus can bring them out of prison. Share Christ’s love, hope, joy, and faith with them.

Make them understand the need to give their lives to Jesus.

As they listen and decide to accept Jesus, usher them into genuine repentance.

Since many of them are there because they were found guilty of one crime or another, it will help them to renounce their sins and accept Jesus.

Allow them to know that if they acknowledge their sins, confess them, ask for forgiveness, Jesus is willing to accept them and also forgive their sins.

To sum it up, visiting the prison on Christmas day is a great way to share the gospel. Christ wants the captives free.

Therefore, you should never hesitate to participate in prison evangelism when you get the opportunity to do so on Christmas day.


God loves the sick, and He wants them to also experience his love.

He sincerely cares about those who have infirmities in their bodies and wants them healed. However, he needs you to help him achieve this.

Many people in the hospital have lost their hope and faith in God. Most of them feel abandoned in their sick and injured state.

You can help this set of people experience love, hope, and faith again on Christmas day when you visit them.

Go to the hospitals on Christmas Day. Share Christ’s love with those who are there.

Minister healing to them in faith and allow them to be partakers of the blessings of Christmas.

Allowing God to use you as a vessel to heal the sick on Christmas is an honorable thing to do.

In fact, it is one of the best gifts you can give Jesus on His birthday.

Hence, you should never hesitate to visit the hospitals on Christmas Day. It is a way to celebrate a memorable Christmas.


Rehabilitation centers are places where drug addicts are helped to give up drugs and alcohol so that they can return to a healthy, independent, and useful life.

It is another good place you can take the good news on Christmas day.

When you visit rehabilitation centers on Christmas Day, you have the opportunity to let addicts know that they can break free from drugs and alcohol.

You share with them the freedom, deliverance, and liberty that are made available in Christ Jesus.

Since what they seek is freedom, the message will find a place in their hearts.

Jesus loves drug addicts. He wants them to know that he loves them. He also desires to let them know they can find freedom in Him.

You can partner with Christ on Christmas Day to achieve this.

Drug addicts deserve to experience Christ’s love. They deserve to know the hope and freedom found in Christ.

I am therefore encouraging you to visit rehabilitation centers on Christmas Day.


To conclude, Christmas is not just all about merriment and jollification. It is a season of love.

It is a time when you, as a believer, should sound the trumpet of the gospel of Christ in the ears of people.

I therefore charge you to always share the gospel of Christ during Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you in advance. Have a red-letter Christmas.

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