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7 Best Of WordPress Themes For Your Business Website

    Using the best of WordPress themes for your eCommerce business site and blogs makes them loads faster, rank higher, and look neater.

    But sometimes, if not well-guided, you will end changing from one theme to the next, hoping to find get the perfect one.

    It can be stressful and time-consuming that you could use a whole day to customize a theme only to see another that seems better than it. And then you change again.

    What is a WordPress theme?

    A WordPress theme is a collection of files into one that determines how your site looks and its overall beauty. This collection of files includes graphics, codes, style sheets and many more.

    In simple words, we can compare a theme to the structure of a house, the skin of the body, the bottle of a drink.

    Among many other things in this article, you will learn:

    • Most reliable WordPress themes for various niches.
    • How to install and delete this WordPress themes
    • What to look out for when choosing a theme.
    • How to detect what theme is that in a website

    Let’s proceed to choosing the best of WordPress themes for your ecommerce business and blogs.

    Best Of WordPress Themes For Ecommerce Business Website and Blogs

    To build a website on WordPress, you need to buy domain name and web hosting.

    The domain name is your site address on the internet like and the web hosting is the storage of all your websites.

    I recommend using Bluehost. Because they are one of the best hosting companies with an easy setup.

    Also, you will get a huge discount on hosting and a free domain name and SSL certificate.

    1. Astra Theme

    The Best Of WordPress Themes For Ecommerce

    best of wordpress themes astra

    Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is fast, flexible and SEO-friendly.

    This theme has gained the reputation of the WordPress community and has the trust of top companies.

    Even when it is multipurpose, Astra never failed to deliver at speed, getting you a 100% score on GTMetrix.

    Among all themes, Astra works best with WooCommerce, which allows you to design your eCommerce website in hours.

    Also, it works with major plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce, WP Rocket, Rank Math and more.

    Why Choose Astra?

    • Pre-Built Websites

    Reduce your time in design by importing already built website from their library of starter templates.

    • Customize Without Code​

    Make your desired changes without coding or limited options in the WordPress customizer.

    • Build With PageBuilders

    If you desire to build with page builders like Elementor, Site Origin, or Beaver, then Astra is your best option.

    So, if you are looking to build a business website with eCommerce and blogs, you can’t miss it with the Astra theme.

    2. GeneratePress Theme

    The Best Of WordPress Themes For Business

    best of wordpress themes generatepress

    GeneratePress is no doubt the best theme to use if you care about performance without sacrificing usability.

    I love this theme that I have used it many times building many business websites and blogs.

    The free version of this theme focuses on speed, usability, & accessibility.

    But with the premium, you ease your customization with hundreds of mind-blowing features.

    You will enjoy everything your website needs to perform at its best both for your visitors and search engine.

    Do I need to remind you that GeneratePress is less than 8kb in page size and has only 2 HTTP request?

    What this means is that your site will load in less than the standard 1 seconds and will hit the 100% page speed score.

    Also, if you ever need help, be sure their support will respond in less than 24 hours.

    If you are ready to take your business to the next level today, choose GeneratePress.

    Why Choose GeneratePress

    • Theme Builder

    GeneratePress provides block elements that give you total freedom to design anything you want as you want it.

    • Site Library

    Save time and energy in design by starting your website from an already built professional website in their library.

    • Mobile Ready

    Ensure your website is perfect for smart phones with the low-profile header provided in the customization area.

    3. Kadence Theme

    The Best of WordPress Themes For Blogs

    best of wordpress themes kadence

    Kadence is the best theme to build fast and beautiful blogs in minutes. Its powerful options make it extremely adaptable for any layout or style preference in a few clicks.

    A notable mention among these options is the drag-and-drop header builder. It helps you stand your header out from the rest.

    Also, be sure that the developers build Kadence with the best SEO Practices so you can rank faster on Google.

    Kadence works well with popular WordPress plugins to add more functionality to your website.

    Why Choose Kadence

    • Full Customization

    Kadence unlocks every area to enable you to make your website how you want. With sidebar, no sidebar, full-width, narrow width and more.

    • Unlimited Colours

    You can change the look and feel of your website by choosing among the 12 pre-designed color palettes.

    • Social Links

    Connect faster with your community by placing the social icons in visible positions, like the header and footer.

    4. Newspaper Theme

    Best Of WordPress Themes For Magazines Website

    Newspaper News WooCommerce WordPress Theme Preview

    Newspaper is a WordPress theme that allows you to write and publish blog articles without stress.

    Besides being the best for news publishing, it is also perfect for eCommerce, review or business website.

    Newspaper supports uploading video and multilanguage. Also, it embeds with AMP, allowing it to fit well on mobile screen.

    This theme uses the best SEO practices and integrates with Instagram feed, bbPress, WooCommerce and even Google Ads.

    Why Choose Newspaper

    • Generate Revenue

    The theme comes with a powerful membership and paywall builder that helps collect leads and increase sales.

    • Unlimited Popups

    With short codes, you can create unique contents that encourages interactions on your website.

    • Cloud Library

    Now you can create your website in seconds with an extensive collection of pre-built website available on their cloud.

    5. Johannes Theme

    The Best of WordPress Themes For Author Website

    Johannes Personal Blog Theme for Authors and Publishers Preview

    Johannes is a modern personal WordPress theme for authors. It followed the current trends of web standard.

    One thing I love about this theme is that they well optimized it for speed and SEO.

    Also, it is very flexible that you can customize the site to your taste to promote your personal branding.

    So, if you ever need a professional personal blog, Johannes is your best option.

    Why Choose Johannes

    • Optimize Images

    Present your images in ways that stand you out as an expert in your field, either portrait or landscape.

    • Monetize Easily

    Earn more from your works by placing banners on top of the page, between posts, above footer, and many more.

    • Reading Time

    Add to your user experience by letting them know how long it takes to read your articles.

    6. Neve Theme

    The Best Of Responsive WordPress Themes

    most reliable wordpress themes neve

    Neve is a fast WordPress theme built for small businesses, coaches, startups, blogs, and more. It comes with a quick launch of their demo website for any niche you may want.

    Customizing your website has never been easier with its smooth integration with Gutenberg and popular page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer and more.

    Also, if you decide to change your website colours, you can do that all at once from one place.

    Neve prioritizes speed and loads in 0.6 seconds by default, making your website run fast.

    Why Choose Neve

    • Blog Layouts

    Give your readers enough reasons to read more with features that boost user’s experience.

    • Header and Footer Builder

    Do you want it sticky or transparent? With Neve, you enjoy outstanding components to do more with your website.

    • Enhanced WooCommerce

    Maximize your conversion rate and upgrade your online store with plenty of eCommerce tools.

    7. BuddyBoss Theme

    The Best Of WordPress Themes For Membership Site

    best of wordpress themes buddyboss

    BuddyBoss makes it easy for you to build on WordPress, giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need to create a successful online business that pays.

    So, if you have always wanted to share your knowledge, sell courses, and grow your revenue, this bundle is for you.

    BuddyBoss comes in a bundle that provides you everything you need to succeed with a membership website.

    This bundle contains the BuddyBoss Theme, BuddyBoss Platform and BuddyBoss Mobile App.

    Everything in this bundle is open source, which means you can add and make any changes you want.

    Why Choose BuddyBoss

    • Full Control

    With BuddyBoss, you can build an online community, sell memberships and courses, with full control over your platform.

    • Engaging Community

    Allow your readers to connect and learn from each other, increasing your brand’s value.

    • Sell More

    With easy integration with WooCommerce and LearnDash, you can sure to sell more of your courses and products.

    How To Choose The Best Of WordPress Themes

    With thousands of options out there, it is possible to get confused about the best WordPress themes for your next business or eCommerce website.

    I will share with you, 5 things you should pay more attention to before settling for a theme.

    Professional Design

    Like any other website, the first thing a visitor sees is the site design. So, you want something that is clean, modern, and of top standard.

    Remember, you are building a website that represents who you are and what you do. So, you want something that makes your brand outstanding and easy to remember.

    In choosing a professional design, what works with a food business website may not work for a news website.

    Also, traffic from my website shows that over 83% of visitors use smart phones.

    So, another thing to consider is the mobile responsiveness of the theme. The theme can fit well on a mobile screen with no change from the reader.

    Therefore, one of the best WordPress themes out there are the ones built for a specific niche like the Johannes.

    A brilliant design can be the enormous success factor to your business model or otherwise.

    Need For Speed

    If the first thing a visitor sees on your website is the design; then the first thing he/she feels is the speed.

    A WordPress Theme has to be fast in loading and quick in operations because it affects everything else.

    A theme becomes slow when it contains too much of unnecessary designs. So, you see a developer trying to force a design meant for plugins into the theme.

    Also, most themes with images looks good but hardly increase how much you make on the website. In most cases, even hurt your speed.

    So reducing your images means you will enjoy a fast time with your website and less load on your server.

    You need to ensure that whatever theme you settle with is clean and well optimized with speed.

    SEO Friendliness

    Among your many goals of your website, a prominent one is that you want people to see you on Google. In fact, this is almost the number one dream of every business owner.

    For this reason, your WordPress theme must be SEO-Friendly. You may have the best of design, but with bad SEO code, you are going nowhere on search engines.

    To know if your theme is friendly with SEO, ensure:

    Your tags must format properly, with the name of the post first followed by the name of the blog.

    All your content titles use the H1 tag, with the primary keywords used.

    The theme has clean codes with formatting linking to an external CSS file.

    If this is your first time of choosing WordPress themes, it may be difficult to know which is best for SEO.

    All themes listed above are SEO friendly.

    Compatibility With Plugins

    Of what use is a WordPress theme that cannot work best with other plugins? Nothing!

    This is a common problem for the theme with Ajax design. They contain too much code that makes it difficult to change.

    The beauty of WordPress is the ability to connect both themes and plugins to build your desire website.

    There is a plugin for almost everything out there. So, you cannot ignore them no matter how complete your theme claim to be.

    So, if you must settle with a theme, please ensure that it is compatible with at least popular plugins in the market.

    Some of these plugins include Elementor, WPRocket, WooCommerce, RankMath, iThemes, and more.

    If you are in doubt about the theme compatibility with a particular plugin, ask the theme developer.


    The worst thing to happen is to build a website only to realize that there is no after sale service. I mean, there is no proper documentation nor support system to ease your use of the theme.

    The lack of support is one of the major reason I don’t encourage you to use free themes. You are most times left to yourself – after all, you paid nothing.

    But when you pay for the premium version, you can be sure of a guaranteed support.

    I have done the work for you already with the list of best WordPress themes above. They all offer excellent support, especially Astra and GeneratePress.

    How To Install WordPress Themes

    Now that you have chosen from the best list of WordPress themes, it is time to install.

    First, login into the official website of whatever theme you choose above to the theme files.

    The next step is to login into your WordPress dashboard and click on the Appearance menu on the left.

    At the top of the newly loaded page, click on the button with the text, “Add New”.

    Manage Themes

    It reloads and takes you to a page where you see lots of free themes available in the WordPress repository.

    But since what you are using is a premium theme, and you have downloaded it already you don’t need any of the free theme.

    Now, click on the “Upload Theme” button at the top of the page.

    Add Themes

    Next you will see a file selection button showing, “Choose File”.

    Click on it and it automatically opens your computer where you can select the theme zip folder that you downloaded.

    Once you have finished selecting, click on “Install Now”.

    Add Themes Choose Files

    WordPress will upload the theme file to your hosting folder and install it for you. After some minutes, you will see a message about the theme successfully installed.

    The next thing to do is click the activate button to complete the installation process.

    Once you have done this, what remains is to customize to your taste. And you can do this by clicking on the customize button attached to the theme you just finish installing.

    best of wordpress themes activate

    Conclusion on the Best of WordPress Themes

    We have come to the end of the article on the best of WordPress themes for your eCommerce or business website.

    At the end of it all, a theme does not solve all of your website challenges. So, instead of trying to struggle with it, you can outsource to us to design you a professional website.

    This way, you can focus on creating engaging content for your readers to serve them more.

    Remember that the primary aim of your website is to deliver timely, relevant contents to your readers. Any theme that helps you achieve this is good and anything otherwise is bad.

    You can read more about business ideas that cam make you money with low capital.