11 SEO Companies with the Best Strategies in Nigeria

Any business in Nigeria that must attract a good number of organic traffic needs to work with the best SEO company or agency.

SEO (Search engine optimization) are sets of marketing strategies executed to rank websites on search engines so as to gain organic traffic.

By organic, I mean a natural way of getting people to visit your website without the influence of ads.

So, the primary goal of SEO is to improve your Google ranking and increase your organic traffic.

Any SEO company you will work with in Nigeria must have definite strategies that can guarantee these results.

The Best SEO Company In Nigeria

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11 Best SEO Marketing Strategies

1. Get A Fast Mobile Responsive Website

A fast and responsive website is the first of all SEO marketing strategies you must put in place.

Is your website mobile responsive? I mean, does it fit on screens of all sizes?

If you want to benefit from SEO, it starts with you building a fast mobile responsive website.

Because if your website’s layout is not first-mobile, your content will look deformed.

Another thing you should pay attention to is your website speed–it’s very crucial.

Your customers don’t want a slow website – not even you.

Your website design affects users’ experience, which in turn affects your search engine rankings.

Poor web designs lead to a decrease in SEO rank.

I had several shares of this. One was when I add a particular side widget and lost 512% of my traffic in 9 days.

The only reason I could detect early was that it was the only change I made on the site that week. So, it was easy to trace where the errors are from.

SEO Best Marketing Strategies You Can Follow

  • Ensure your website loads in 3 seconds or less
  • Minimize your use of plugins because they increase your JavaScript load.
  • Stay away from vague titles like “Untitled”, “New Post 1”, “Home”, etc.
  • Give your website simple and clear navigation.
  • Focus on readability by proper text font and size.
  • Disable your internal website search results from search engine crawl.
  • Add schema markup. It is the code that describes your content to search engines.
  • Maximize internal inking – the act of introducing visitors to other pages on your website using links.
  • Make your website accessible – for crawlers to index.

2. Position As An Expert In Your Industry

This is one of the most underlook SEO marketing strategies.

Without relevancy, you cannot become an authority on search engines.

When you think of Messi, what comes to your mind? How about Michael Jackson?

The same applies when you want to rank your website.

Relevancy is so important that it influences the traffic Google sends to you.

You can rank high, get lots of visitors, and still not make any dime from your store.

Which means you are becoming relevant on the wrong topic.

Let me give you an example:

At some point, I was posting about daily devotionals. While that gave me more page views, it was depreciating my value in the marketing niche on seach engines.

So, I had to stop.

So, how do you become relevant and rank on search results?

Niche in your content to target users interested in your products or services

Be the most relevant results for the keywords you are targeting, and Google will reward you.

3. Create Unique and Readable Contents

Content writing is a major factor that contribute to the cost price of monthly SEO packages in Nigeria.

Digital marketers say, “Content is king.” But I say, “Relevant content is king”.

Search engines care about good content. Contents that are informative and engaging.

And in return, they bless your website with lots of free visitors.

But how does Google know what content is best? Among many factors, they check the bounce rate.

Bounce rate is a key digital marketing metric that shows the percentage of users who visited a website page and leave without visiting other pages.

A page with a high bounce rate tells Google that the page content is poor.

SEO Best Practices To Optimize Your Contents

  • Go for the long-form article because Google favours longer, unique and readable content.
  • Publish blog posts at least once a week, or at worst in two weeks.
  • Update your meta description and other details at least every 3 months.
  • Increase engagement by offering solutions to their problem in your content.
  • Always proofread and spellcheck your content before publishing.
  • Use paragraphs and subheadings to organize your content flow.
  • Avoid copying content from other websites–Google will penalize you.

Lastly, there has been a misconception about whether we should write for humans or search engines.

Use the Hybrid approach – A system of writing for humans and optimizing for search engines.

4. Optimize Your Images

This is the fourth of the SEO marketing strategies you should implement.

If there is one source of traffic most marketers are not paying attention to, it is image search.

You need to mark up your website images with the Alt attribute such that search engines understand what the image is about.

An alt attribute is an HTML element you used to provide more information about an image for users who can’t view the image.

Sometimes images get deleted and file corrupt. Other times images don’t load completely because of network issues.

This is where the Alt attribute helps. It shows a description of the image, enhancing the overall experience of the user.

5. Choose Long Tail Keywords

SEO keywords are in three stages:

  • Head (1-2 keywords),
  • Body (2-3 keywords),
  • Tail (4-7 Keywords).

Head keywords have the highest number of searches and the tail with the lowest. But long-tail keywords convert (sell) better.

For example:

If you run a medical equipment company in Nigeria, trying to rank for the keyword, Equipment, is a waste of time.

Because, Equipment is a head keyword – a generic term.

How about ranking Hospital Equipment?

That becomes a body keyword–still not the best of the list of SEO practices you can execute.

Instead, go for long-tail keywords like Maintenance of Hospital Equipment

Those are more specific and show the user is ready to do business with you.

6. Rank For Transactional Search Queries

Search Queries are of three types:

  • Navigational Search Queries
  • Informational Search Queries, and
  • Transactional Search Queries.

Navigational queries are search queries with predetermined results. In most cases, they involve searching for a brand.

When you type Jumia Black Friday on Google, you most likely already know what you are looking for.

So Google presents you with the official website of Jumia.

Information queries involve a user finding information about a broad topic.

So a user searched, Tech business ideas in Nigeria”.

What the user seeks are business ideas in the technology industry, not the entertainment industry.

Transactional queries are search queries that show a user is ready to do business soon.

So, a user searched for “Cost of eCommerce website

This user already knows what he wants. So, he is easy to sell to.

To enjoy free traffic to your eCommerce website, focus more on transactional queries.

7. Optimize Your Title Tags For Faster Ranking

One of the best SEO marketing strategies you must follow.

The first thing you see when you open a product page is the title tag.

Also, this title tag is what your visitors see on Google before clicking on your website link.

It helps them know what they should be expecting.

Though, you can make your SEO title tag different from your product page title using the Rank Math SEO plugin.

But for an eCommerce website, it is best you leave it the same.

Best SEO Practices To Make Your Title Great

  • Avoid stuffing keywords into your page title.
  • Keep your title between 50-60 characters (7-10 words).
  • If you can, include your keyword at the beginning of your title.
  • Your title should educate users about the page content.
  • Stay away from using clickbait to make people visit your website.
  • Always include numbers in your page title–it helps.
  • Update and tweak your titles when you notice a certain trend.

Ensure your product title is easy to understand.

Another strategy, according to digital marketing experts, is to use a relevant short title.

Because mobiles will truncate long titles since they have limited space.

This remains one of the best On-Page SEO marketing strategies to rank your website.

8. Write An Easy-To-Read Meta Description

While Google confirms meta description is not a ranking factor, it is still key in user experience.

A meta description gives a brief introduction to what the page is about. That’s why it’s so important because it draws in visitors from Google.

It is an excellent way of persuading search engine users to visit your site.

Also, it becomes more vital in website listing and advertisement on Google.

SEO Best Practices Meta Description

  • Make your writing sound appealing; not spamming or exaggerating.
  • Limit your meta description to 120–140 characters for the sake of mobile users.
  • Own a unique meta description for each product on your online store.
  • Ensure search engines’ bots can crawl and index your web page.
  • When writing, stay away from generic or unrelated descriptions.

Last, to avoid Google using random data from the Open Directory Project as your meta description, tell your web designer to use the code below sitewide.

<meta name=”googlebot” content=”noodp”>

9. Use Heading Tags In The Right Order

Another of the best SEO marketing strategies you must follow.

Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) are important to the ranking of your web content.

H1 is the largest and has the biggest weight on Google. While H6 is the smallest with the lowest impact.

To determine your page content, Google looks at your heading tags to see what keywords are most common.

So, it becomes crucial that you align your heading tags in order. You start with H1, then H2 and H3 and more.

Don’t use the heading tags as a replacement for the bold tag.

About H2 tags?

We use H2 tags for subheadings to break down content for easier understanding. And you can only have one H1 tag, but many H2 tags.

Another of the best SEO practices is to use your long-tail keyword in your H2 heading tags at the beginning.

So, if your long-tail keyword is Ecommerce Website in Nigeria, then your title tag (H1) can be:

Ecommerce Website In Nigeria: How Much Does It Cost To Build?

And your H2 headings can be:

  • What Is Ecommerce?
  • How Does Ecommerce Works In Nigeria?

And more.

10. Choosing The Best Domain Name

While keyword domain name can be beneficial to your website SEO, it’s branding in marketing.

In some cases, I encourage you buy a clean expired domain name with 15-50 DA.

The problem here is it will lead to more scrutiny from Google, which may bring about a negative ranking.

There are lots of them expiring every day. You can use the free tool Domcop to check.

Best SEO Marketing Strategies On Domain Name

  • Register with the right domain provider with 24/7 support.
  • Avoid hyphens (oluboba-ayodeji.com) as it looks spam.
  • Get a short and easy-to-remember name.
  • Choose top-level domain names (Oluboba.com) over others (Oluboba.name, Oluboba.biz, Oluboba.info and more)
  • Make sure you operate your domain without the www prefix. Such that www.oluboba.com it will still redirect to oluboba.com.

These are some SEO best practices and techniques you should put in place, so Google doesn’t see your domain name as two different sites.

How To Buy A Good Domain Name

11. Customize URL & Internal Linking Structure

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It is the unique link you click on to go to a specific page or web address.

For example, here is the URL for my article on the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

SEO Best Practices On Linking Structure

  • Including your keyword in your URL, especially at the beginning, without stuffing.
  • Stay away from generic anchor text like “Learn More”, “Click Here”, “Page” or “Article”.
  • Also, make it short and descriptive. Descriptive in the sense that people can know what the content is about by looking at the URL.
  • Avoid changing the URL of your website. And if you do, use the Yoast Redirect manager to redirect all links.

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Cost Pricing Of SEO Packages In Nigeria

The cost price of SEO services in Nigeria can range from N300,000 to N500,000.

This pricing depends on the packages you want for your website.

In details…

On-Page SEO is a section of SEO that focuses on strategies you put in place on your website.

They are factors within your control like speed optimization, internal linking, and more.

It is important you pay attention to this aspect of SEO because it is the base that determines the success of all other strategies.

Off page SEO are factors from third-party websites that promote your website ranking.

A major and most popular of the off-page SEO is backlinking.

Backlinks are links that direct to your website from other people’s website as reference.

Another off-page SEO is the use of social media. This particular off-page SEO may not improve your ranking but adds to your website traffic.

So, if you want to rank on Google in Nigeria, get an SEO specialist in Nigeria to install On-Page SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Hire an SEO company in Nigeria?

If you are in for a serious profit-making business, you want to consider hiring an SEO agency to help you audit your website pages and increase your site ranking.

What is cost price of SEO services in Nigeria?

The cost price of SEO services in Nigeria can range from N300,000 to N500,000.

The price differs for many reasons depending on your service need like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, site audit, keyword research, backlinking and more.

Are SEO and SEM the Same?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which refers to optimizing your website to rank high on search pages. SEM is Search Engine Marketing, which refers to promoting your business on search engines and its networks via paid ads.

Conclusion On The Best SEO Companies and Experts In Nigeria.

As a business owner, SEO is not an option but a must. It is the lifeline of your business.

But who in this list of SEO companies and experts in Nigeria is the best to work with? It all depends on your needs and preferences.

Reach out to any of them and they will be glad to help.

If you need someone who can identify with your needs, work with you one-on-one, and get you the results you want, I am the one.

Contact me here.

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