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3 Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Ecommerce Sales

    Implementing the best email marketing strategies for your ecommerce business is key to success.

    Email is no longer the simple plain text messages you know it as. It is a cost-effective method to reach and engage with your customers.

    It is one of the best digital marketing types to scale your sales in the eCommerce business.

    Also, Statista forecasts that the number of email users is set to grow to over 4 billion in 2025.

    Expect companies to invest more in email marketing strategies.

    In this article, you will learn:

    • What is email marketing strategies
    • The types of email marketing your business can benefit from.
    • How to do email marketing with the best strategies and tips.
    • And the top email marketing tools for small businesses.

    Let’s start.

    What Is Email Marketing Strategies?

    Email marketing is a digital marketing tool for building relationships with both old and new customers.

    It is what happens when you send a commercial email message to your subscribers.

    And these subscribers are people who signed up in your form, giving you permission to send them marketing emails.

    Today, email marketing strategies are no longer one-size-fits-all, because what works for one may not for another.

    You will need to segment your customers and personalize your emails to them for better conversion.

    Benefits Of Email Marketing To Small Businesses

    1. Position You As An Expert

    One benefit you enjoy with these email marketing strategies is that it positions you as an expert in your industry.

    All you need is consistency in sharing relevant educative and engaging information with your list.

    2. Save Time Save Energy

    Managing an online business can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.

    Email automation is about taking repetitive tasks off your hand and organizing the workflow automatically.

    3. It Helps To Retain Existing Customers

    According to Annex Cloud, “82 per cent of companies agrees that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition.

    Emails help to keep in touch with your past clients, thereby getting you more sales with little to no marketing.

    4. You Can Reach Out To Customers Faster

    Is there an increase in your product price or service charge?

    Emails help you pass a message across to all your customers at once with the guarantee they will see it.

    5. Get Repeat Sales Using Emails

    Quantspark has it that products’ recommendation emails result in 25% conversion – sales.

    This is why my students earning from the best affiliate marketing programs that pay does so via product email recommendations.

    Using email marketing can help your business grow. And it allows you to include your personality and communicate your brand.

    How To Do Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business

    1. Choose The Best Email Marketing Services

    A lot of your success with online business depends on your choice of email marketing service.

    Because they are responsible to ensure your emails deliverability.

    So, you need understand the features you need before settling for one.

    What Features Do You Need In An Email Marketing Service

    • Have well-structured email newsletter templates.
    • Ability to send bulk emails without a lot of work.
    • Personalized emails according to name, title, and more.
    • Easy to manage contact list and segment into groups.
    • Track key performance like open rate, click rate, and more.

    And last, your email marketing service provider must ensure your emails does not end in spam.

    2. Start Building Your Email List

    To work with the best email marketing strategies, you need to start building your contact list.

    With that list, you can promote your business, showcase products, and share articles.

    This same list is a good way to turning first time visitors into paying customers.

    But how do you build an email list?

    • A signup form at the end of your blog post is a good way to grow your list in a quick time.
    • If you have an engaged audience on social media, get them to sign up through your form.
    • Offer lead magnets (free resources, product discount) to get more customers leads when they sign up.
    • Consider sharing email list with business partners.
    • Set an exit intent pop up to capture visitors email address.

    Building an email list takes time but it’s worth the sacrifices.

    Also, you should abstain from buying email list but instead grow them organically.

    Because a list with people not your targeted audience does you no good.

    It’s like promoting a coke via email to a diabetic patient. You have the right product and marketing message but wrong list of audience.

    Everyone on your list should have opted in to receive emails from you. And their permission should be express and verifiable.

    3. Send A Welcome Email

    Now a visitor has signed up on your email list. What next?

    Step up your email marketing strategies by sending a welcome email to subscribers immediately.

    What is a welcome email and how do write one?

    A welcome email is an automated message you send to new customers. The idea is to introduce your what your brand is and what you do.

    An example is the Virgin America welcome email – professional and casual.

    email marketing strategies virgin america

    Now that you have sent you first email (welcoming email), it’s time to strategize sequence and structures of your other outgoing emails.

    4. Other Email Marketing Strategies

    Be Clear Of What You Want:

    To build a successful email campaign, you need clarity of what you want to achieve.

    Your goals could be:

    • Promoting new and existing products.
    • Offers discounts when a customer buys in large quantity.
    • Getting more downloads for your eBook and software.

    Whatever you want to achieve, be clear about it. Doing this, you will benefit from the best of email marketing strategies.

    Time Your Sending:

    Email marketing campaigns performs better when sent on Tuesday or Thursday in the mornings around 10:00 AM or in the afternoons around 2:00 PM.

    Other best times are 6am and 6pm same Tuesday and Thursday.

    Your subscriber chose to opt in your signup form. They should also have the choice to opt out whenever they want to.

    Federal anti-spam laws require you to give people a way to unsubscribe from your list in every campaign you send.

    Make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe with a clearly visible unsubscribe link. If people can’t find the way out, they’re more likely to mark you as spam.

    Use Double Opt-In

    There are two different types of opt-in for email marketing:

    A single opt-in is when a subscriber is added to your list once he clicks the submit button.

    Double opt-in is when you send a confirmation email to reassured a subscriber’s intent to opt-in to your list.

    The double opt-in process does help in avoiding email typo error which decreases the number of bounced rates you get.

    Also, double it increases your of getting loyal contact list and email deliverability.

    Optimize Subject Line

    A successful email starts with a descriptive subject line that grabs the attention of your recipients – not more than 30 characters.

    People are careful about what emails they open because of the fraudulent activities on the internet.

    So, use an easy to remember Sender Name and Address

    Use A Single CTA

    People ends up not clicking when you include too many links or buttons in your email.

    Each email you send should have a goal. Are you introducing new products to customers? Are you educating your clients on how to do a particular task?

    No matter your goal, use a single call-to-action (CTA).

    Stay Updated

    Do you have subscribers who have not been responding to your email marketing campaign for a long time? See if you can get them interested again.

    By updating your email list, you remove the inactive ones and add the newly gotten ones.

    An updated list increases your email deliverability and ensure higher engagement rates.

    Types Of Email Marketing Strategies

    1. Transactional Emails:

    Transactional emails are messages you need to send to customers in order to facilitate a transaction or provide a product or service, as requested by the customer.

    For this reason, you don’t need to obtain consent from the customer to send this email marketing type.

    When a customer purchases your products or services, it is important you send them this type of email showing what they ordered and the invoice.

    Example of Transactional Email Template

    Welcome, [Name].

    Thanks for trying [Product Name]. We’re happy to have you on board. For reference, here’s your login information:

    Login Page: [login_url]

    Username: [username]

    If you have any questions, feel free to email our customer success team []. We also offer live chat [live_chat_url] during business hours.

    [Your Business Name]

    2. Information Emails

    Information emails are used to inform the recipients about a particular action. And as such should be clear and straight to the point.

    Send your informational email only when it is necessary – don’t overuse by cluttering your recipients inbox.

    Also, don’t forget to include a clear and bright call to action (CTA) leading a customer to a dedicated landing page.

    Example of Informational Email Template

    Dear [Name],

    A reminder that the Business Owners Special Summit hosted by our partner company is taking place on [date] at [time].

    This online meeting can be accessed using the following link: [button]

    Please feel free to ask any questions during the meeting. And note that there is a limit of attendees, so please register in advance by replying to this email.

    Best regards,

    3. Email Newsletter

    These are emails you send regularly on weekly or monthly basis. Most times, they include a summary of your most recent content.

    It is the perfect option for your business to promote her products and services via content marketing.

    You will make your email look appealing if you include an image, persuading title, and personalized.

    Examples of Email Newsletter Template

    Article Title 1: The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

    [Image 1]

    Excerpt 1: Do you know with the right social media management tools and strategies well, you can build a successful business while doing less in a quick time?

    Read More [Link] >>>

    4. Product Update Email

    As an ecommerce business owner, you agree with me over time it’s rare for a product to have same price for years. This call for the need for product emails.

    These are emails you send to your customers about a new product or a major update on an existing.

    A products email doesn’t need you going about the bush. Keep it simple and short.

    Example Of Product Email Template

    Hi [Name]!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of one of our most requested features – [feature name]!

    It’s now easy to [Benefit]. Here’s a quick overview of how you can use it.

    To learn more about this feature, check out this support article [Link].

    As always, let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better. We appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks for using [Your Product Name]!

    FAQs On Email Marketing Strategies

    Should I use HTML or Plain Text in my email marketing strategies?

    It all boils down to your audience and the types of emails you’re sending. It most depends on your purpose of use.

    But here is my recommendation.

    If you are a writer having much dependency on words with little to no images, use plain text. If you run an ecommerce business, use HTML for your email marketing.

    What are the types of email marketing strategies?

    We have the

    • Transactional emails
    • Informational emails
    • Email Newsletter
    • Product Update emails

    Conclusion On The Best Strategies For Email Marketing

    Over 72% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

    This resulted in email marketing being one of the best strategies to boost your personal brand and business.

    It allows you to reach new customers while still in touch of the previous ones.

    Since email is accessible to all age groups, it generates you more leads (subscribers)

    Because most email marketing tools and service offer free plans makes it cost-effective.

    Kickstart your email marketing campaign with the best of strategies I have mentioned above.