9 Best Tips to Choose Your Website Domain Name

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose a domain name for your business website.

A domain name is your business (website) name on the web. It is the address where customers can access your website.

For example;

Spotile is the domain name of this site, and [.com] is the extension.

So, the business address (digital location) of this site on the internet is oluboba.com.

I cannot overemphasize the importance and benefits of having a domain name that matches your business name.

With a domain name, you can have a professional email ([email protected]) that boost your credibility and build your brand.

The same way you were selective of your business physical location; the same way you should be to choose a domain name.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Good Domain Name?

  • Impression:

The impression your domain has on your visitors is the first reason you must settle down to choose a good one.

It is the first thing customers notice even before they see the contents on your website. It is your unique identity on the internet.

Buying a suitable domain gives your business a professional look.

  • SEO:

Would you like customers to locate your website when they search your business name?

The right keyword in your domain can be helpful in search engine ranking. It also helps for easy identification.

  • Branding:

When you see Amazon.com, what brand comes to your mind? It’s no doubt it’s Amazon.

Buying a domain name is crucial to your business credibility, copyright, and increasing brand awareness.

11 Tips To Choosing A Domain Name For Your Business

1. Make It The Same with Business Name

As a modern business owner, you need to choose a domain name that matches your business.

Even if it’s not an exact match, it should contain your major keyword.


Apple company can use ApplePhones.com for sales of their phones. The brand name [Apple] is still being used.

2. Choosing the Right Extension

From the days of eCommerce, the kingdom of domain names suffered violently. And only the violent (smart business owners) takes the best [.com] by force.

Oluboba Ayodeji

[.com] is the short form for company. It is the most popular and used by over 95% of ecommerce websites today.

He who owns the [.com] of a domain is the king of that name on the web.

3. Easy to Spell and Remember

Don’t choose a domain name where customers must ask you to spell the name more than twice – there is a problem.

To get the best, pronounce your proposed name to at least three people. If they can spell with ease, you can go on with it.

Make sure the spelling is same as it sounds. Else, customers will miss your website and buy from your competitors.

4. Avoid Similar Spelling

Avoid names with different British and American spelling.

Example: Favor and Favour, Specialization and Specialisation.

You will not be there to tell them it is “Z” and not “S”.

5. Avoid Short Form

Avoid using a domain with chat spellings and abbreviations. You are not on WhatsApp.

Example: Bday in place of Birthday, Fone in place of Phone.

This is business – treat it as such.

6. Stay Away From Double Letters:

Avoid names with double letters. As popular as Twitter, I still think twice typing.

Double letters make it easy for your competitors to add another of the same letter to it to make it three. Remember, browsers don’t auto correct.

Example: Appreciate and Apppreciate.

Until you got here, you didn’t know the second spelling had 3Ps.

7. Avoid Confusing Words

Avoid names with two interchangeable letters next to the other. I had to let go a domain name of four years for this reason.

Example: Entrepreneur and Entreprenuer, Micheal and Michael.

You can see how confusing it is right?

8. Stay Away From Trademark Names

Don’t choose a domain name similar to an already established brand.

First, you may spend your last penny in court. Second, you will lose your potential customers to the big brands.

The chances of your customers landing on that big brand website are very high because of their SEO Marketing Strategies

Example: Facebook.com (Official Facebook), Facebook.com.ng (You). Don’t do it.

9. Don’t Choose Domain Namee Starting with X

Avoid name starting with letter X because customers will liken your brand to Xvideos and Xrated.

Also, your competitors can easily manipulate your spelling and sound by adding letter, “E”.

Example: Xpensive and Expensive.

10. Words With Plurals

Avoid domains with plural English meaning in the English dictionary. Better, though, register the plural as well.

Example: Sample.com and Samples.com.

11. Country Names

Avoid using international domain if your customers are from the country.

Your business operate in Nigeria but you are using .co.uk, it will affect your Google search ranking.

If you based in the country but sell to global market? Stick with .com.

Consider your market and adopt the domain name for your eCommerce website to your culture.

In summary, use this guide below to buy the best domain name for your eCommerce business.

  • Company: Stick with .com extension. It is the short form of a company.
  • Clarity: Avoid hyphens, numbers, and double letters. It should be memorable and easy to pronounce.
  • Concise: Go for short names because customers c see it on mobile browsers.
  • Creative: You will do well with a unique name. It’s easy to brand.

How To Buy Domain Name On NameCheap Almost For FREE

1. Visit NameCheap to Search Domain Name

To begin, go to NameCheap.com and click on the logo at the top-left to ensure you are on the homepage.

On the front page, you will see a large search form where you can input a name of your choice.

The text in the search form reads, “Register a domain to start”.

In it, you can type your desired name and click the search button with a red background.

It reloads and takes you to a page where you see other extensions of the domain name.

Ignore them since what you want is a (.com).

Next is to click the “Add to Cart” button or just basket if you are using mobile.

Note: Don’t be worry about the price you are seeing. Once you apply the code below, it changes.

Proceed by clicking on the checkout button at the bottom-right of your screen.

2. Checkout and Make Payment

On the checkout page, click on the 1 Year button and change to 2 or more years.

To enjoy this discount offer, input 98DOTCOM into the promo code box labelled 2 and click apply.

Confirm order and make payment.

The domain name then becomes yours.

Read my article on the best hosting companies in Nigeria to link your domain name.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

Step 1: Write your Business Name Keywords

Knowing your business name keyword is the first step to choosing a good domain name.

What’s your business name? What do you do?  Do you want to use a personal name?

When you have decided, it’s time to point out the keyword in your name. Keyword is the unique word that stands out in your business name.


My full name is Oluboba Ayodeji. Surname is Oluboba and firstname is Ayodeji.

The keyword in my name is Oluboba.

Reason: There are many persons named Ayodeji but few, Oluboba.

So, it’s easy to rank fast on search engines using Oluboba.com.

Another example;

Let’s say your business name is Exclusive Unique Wears (though name too general), the keyword will be, “wears”.

If your business name is John Doe and you sell herbal products.

A name like johnherb[.com], or johnherbal[.com] will be nice because the keyword is herb.

The entire essence of keywords is to help your customers have a quick hint on what you sell.

Step 2: Use Domain Name Generator.

Domain name generator will suggest names to you based on your keywords. Their purpose is to ease your domain name search before you buy.

There are many tools out there, but I only use one. And it’s been wonderful.

Apart from the speed, it shows you if your name is available as fresh buy or for resell.

Do you know the keyword in your business name now? If YES, visit Instant Domain Search.

Click on the domain name generator tab/menu and enter your keyword into the search box.

Using the previous example, enter herb into the search box. The domains with the green BUY link at the front are available.

Take your time to go through the domain name list so you can buy the best for your business website.

Step 3: Buy Domain Name

If you have chosen the name that seems best to you, congrats!

The next step is to buy the domain name

NameCheap offers FREE Whois privacy – keeping your personal details away from the public.

Also, their domain lock security coupled with 2FA prevents the bad guys from stealing your domain.

NameCheap has been in the industry for over 10 years. They have millions of names registered with them. So, you can be at peace knowing you are with the right domain provider.

So, go to NameCheap now to buy domain name.

FAQs On How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business

Why NameCheap?

Below are reasons I recommend NameCheap if you need a domain name for free.

  • They offer popular domains at competitive prices. (.com for 93% off, .org for 42% off and more).
  • NameCheap offers free products and services when you register, which includes the privacy protection for life.
  • The dashboard is easy to use with lots of documentations and expert to help in times of need.

If you are yet to register your domain name, NameCheap is a great option for you.

My Domain Name Is Unavailable?

When you started your business, you probably may have no plans of going online. Now that you want to, someone else has registered your domain name.

What can you do if your domain name is unavailable?

Let’s me assume you have avoided all these mistakes above and your exact domain name is not available. Add prefixes (My, The, Get) to it.

If Example.com is not available. You can use GetExample.com

Conclusion On Choosing The Best Domain Name

It may seem at first like much work choosing the best business domain name. But with this guide, you will find it more easily.

  • Write your business name keywords
  • Use Domain Name Generator.
  • Register the name as soon as possible.
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