9 Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria That Pay You Daily

Since not all affiliate marketing websites allows people from Nigeria, most beginners suffer concerns about choosing the best platforms that pay daily.

And some that do allow may not be honest with their tracking and payments system. I took it upon myself to do the work so you won’t fall victim.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling third-party products for a commission. These products can be physical, digital, and even services.

When someone buys via your link, the company pays you a commission in a fixed amount or percentage.

With some platforms, you can earn as high as 60% or a fixed income of whatever you sell. More on that later…

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses you can start with over 12 billion dollars payouts every year.

In this article, you will learn:

Discover the best affiliate programs that pays you daily or per click.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria That Pay Daily

1. Jumia KOL Affiliate Program

One of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Jumia KOl prides itself on stability and consistency in paying partners.

I registered with Jumia Force while still an undergraduate.

All I wanted then was to earn beyond my pocket money and find my way out of lack.

Today, I operate as a regular affiliate, and it has been awesome.

So, I recommend this program to you if you are serious about starting an online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

You make money as a Jumia affiliate when you send visitors to their website who convert (buy on Jumia). 

To succeed in this business, you need active marketing and dedication to grow your business.

  • You can earn as high as 10% commission on every item sold within 30 days. 
  • So, if your referral buys, wears of N200,000. You should expect nothing less than N15,000 from that sales because of the 7 -10% commission on fashions and accessories.
  • Jumia pays via bank transfer in the last week of every month. Sometimes, you may get your money in the first week of the following month.
  • You can promote Jumia’s link with other affiliate links on the same website.
  • Last, Jumia does not charge you for both registration and banners – It’s FREE.

2. Wakanow Affiliate Program

A leading affiliate partner in the travel industry

If you seek to work with the first online travel agent in Nigeria, then it’s Wakanow.

They gained more momentum during the 2010 South Africa world cup.

Their goal is to bridge the gap and inefficiencies facing the travel industry.

In Wakanow, they refer to affiliates as sales associates of the organisation.

  • Sign up as an affiliate and check your email for a confirmation message
  • Earn through your referral link when your user pays the registration fee.
  • Increase the price of products in Wakanow to make more profits.
  • Gain access to discounts on Airfares, Hotels, Airport pickup services and Visa processing.

3. PiggyVest Affiliate Program

This is one of Nigeria best affiliate marketing platforms in the finance sector

PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) is an online app that helps you save and invest with ease.

You can choose to save towards a particular goal daily, weekly and monthly. Or lock away your money for a period.

They launched the PiggyVest affiliate program in Nigeria to bring more users to the platform. 

And also to help you and me make more money online using our smartphones.

The good thing about this program is that they pay both you and the person you refer.

  • When a user registers through your link and completes their registration process, PiggyVest pays both of you N1000.
  • But note that you only get paid when your referral becomes valid. I.e They link their BVN and fund their Flex Naira wallet with at least #100.
  • Fund any other two wallets on the platform with at least #1000 each.
  • Then, they will pay your commission into your SafeLock account, and it becomes mature for you to withdraw after 10 days.
  • PiggyVest allows you to opt out of the referral program by using the Delete Promo SafeLock button.

4. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

One of the best affiliate company in Nigeria for sport lovers.

Bet9ja positions itself as the number one betting site in Nigeria for great odds. 

It covers significant sports games and other vital entertaining events.

To make selling easy for you, Bet9ja has an in-house design team ready to assist you. 

They make available custom banners and landing pages to engage your audience.

If you want collaboration, they are open to working with some of the biggest partners in town.

  • Sign up on the bet9ja affiliate marketing website.
  • Document all details they need and wait for their approval.
  • Bet9ja pays a 20% commission of a monthly profit.
  • You cannot promote bet9ja on sites that contain sexual or violent content.

5. Travelstart Affiliate Program

The second best among list of travel affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Travelstart is an online travel company founded on two primary principles; simplicity and best price. 

They founded the company in 1999 and today operates in several countries in Africa.

You can make as high as N400,000 a month with the Travelstart affiliate program in Nigeria.

So whether you are a lifestyle blogger or travel agent, this is one of the top business ideas in Nigeria right now for you. 

  • Sign up for FREE, and the team gets back to you in 48 hours.
  • Earn 70% of the airline commission or profit with every paid booking using your affiliate tool. 
  • Also, you earn a flat fee for all flights that do not originate in Nigeria.
  • They pay you your commission 2-3 weeks after the month has ended.
  • You can either choose to present the program to your readers in iFrame or a text-link solution.

6. Qservers Affiliate Program

One of the best affiliate in Nigeria for web designers.

There is no better time to monetize the traffic on your site and start recommending Qservers.

They rated Qservers as one of Nigeria’s best hosting companies. 

They sell not only hosting but also domain names, website design, digital marketing services and more.

As a Qservers’ affiliate, you have all the digital marketing tools you need to convert your existing audience into profit.

Because they supply you with a range of special banners and textual links with unique affiliate identification numbers that you place within your site. 

When someone clicks on your links, their software tracks the user activity.

You can log in to your dashboard in the next 24 hours to see how your banners and links perform.

  • You don’t pay to become an affiliate–it’s Free.
  • Qservers pay you N500 for signing up–kind of them.
  • You earn up to 20% onetime commission per referral!
  • They pay you via bank transfer once you have up to N3000 balance.

7. Konga Affiliate Program

One of the best-known affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

Konga Affiliate Program is the second best in the Nigeria eCommerce industry.

Your referrals can shop all they want while you make money from home.

Konga boasts of over 10,000 partners across the 36 states in Nigeria, including FCT. 

That’s evident proof it’s working.

  • Konga varies growth levels according to Associate, Silver, Gold and Platinum performance.
  • Konga pays from 1% – 3% commission on what your referral bought. 

8. WhogoHost Affiliate Program

Another web hosting affiliate company you can join.

Whogohost pride itself as Africa’s largest and most popular web hosting provider.

They have been serving individuals, small businesses, and enterprises for over 12 years.

You can promote Whogohost’s services on your website using your referral link.

You earn money when a client you recommend pays for any of their products.

Guess what? Like Qservers, WhoGoHost credits your account with N500 for joining.

More About Whogohost’s Affiliate Program In Nigeria

  • You receive as much as a 15% commission per referral.
  • Whogohost provides banners you can display on your website using HTML Code.
  • You can request a withdrawal once you have up to N3000 in your balance.
  • And the provided dashboard shows you the number of visits and signups you have.

9. 1XBet Affiliate Program

The second best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria betting industry.

1XBET, an online betting website launched in 2011, is currently one of the best bookmakers. 

Being a partner is an opportunity for you to earn extra income.

All you need to do is promote their product on your website, social media, and traffic sources.

Then, when your referral registers and deposit, you receive a commission. 

With 1XBet, you can earn as much as N300,000 a month – a legit online business.

  • Create your affiliate account
  • Introduce new users to 1xbet
  • Receive commission up to 40% for referred customers
  • Withdraw your money every week via bank transfer.

5 Qualities Of Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria

  • High Commission Or High Ticket:

I would tell affiliates, “anything below 30% commission for services and 10% for products is not wise”.

Except, in rare cases where the product is a high ticket.

So, even though the commission is low but because the product price is high, you still earn much.

  • Digital Products Or Services:

I encourage digital products.

Companies selling physical products in Nigeria like Jumia pay less in commission because of the cost of production and returns of goods.

Make your life easy by promoting digital products or premium services.

  • Promotional Tools

Access to the best digital marketing tools makes the work easier.

An example of such is the link shortening tool – to shorten long affiliate links into 10 characters or fewer.

  • Recurring Payment

Only a few affiliate marketing platforms offer recurring deals. So, if you find one, rejoice.

Recurring works such that as long as your referral remains a customer, the vendor keeps paying your commission.

  • Fast Payment

While some affiliate marketing platforms pay 30, 45 or 60 days after sales, others pay on a fixed day of the month.

So, some vendors came up with a system called the tentative payment.

This is a system where vendors pay you as an affiliate, 80% of your commission and pay the 20% after the customers’ refund period.

As of the time of writing, none of the affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria use this model.

3 Mistakes To Avoid As An Affiliate Marketer

1. Lacking Knowledge Of Your Buyers

Before you can start receiving pay with any of these affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria, you need to understand your audience.

  • Who are the people who needs this products?
  • What are their frustrations?
  • Why should they buy from you?
  • What do they stand to gain when they buy from you? (free installation, same-day delivery, etc.)

2. Buying Traffic

Like products, all traffic is not equal. Quality will always triumph over quantity.

Don’t make the mistake of buying traffic from third-party sources, you will regret it.

More blog or social media followers are not the same as ready-to-buy customers.

So, be wise with your marketing strategies online.

3. Spamming Subscribers

This is common with beginners who think sending out daily emails will make subscribers buy more.

No, it’s doesn’t work that way. No one likes you to clutter their inbox with sales emails.

In fact, people frown at it, and they will unsubscribe without a second thought.

So, give space to your newsletter and reduce the frequency of your sales promotions.

In most cases, I encourage that you only send promotional emails only after five educational emails.

This is a better email marketing strategy.

Glossary Of Affiliate Marketing Terms You Need To Know

  • Advertiser:

You can call them the product manufacturer.

  • Disclosure:

It is how you inform your website visitors that you are a partner with the companies or products you mentioned on your website.

  • Link:

This unique link distinguishes you from every other affiliate registered with the company. It’s like your passport to promoting the products.

  • Network:

An affiliate network is a marketplace that provides you with many affiliate offers from different companies.

  • Offer:

Anything you promote online for a commission via your link or visuals is an affiliate offer.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR):

This is a key digital marketing metric that measures the number of times people click on your affiliate link as against when they see it.

  • Conversion Rate:

The conversion rate is the number of people that buys against the number of people that visited the offer page.

  • Cookie:

A cookie is a code with expired period that signals the tracking system when someone clicks on your link

  • Data Feeds:

Some of the top affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria will give you access you access to a pool of data to enhance your sales.

  • Impressions:

Impressions are the number of times that people view your ads.

  • Landing Page:

A landing page is the product or service page that you send your visitors to learn more about your affiliate offer.

  • Two-Tier Affiliate Program

A two-tie affiliate program pays you not only the commission for your sales but also a certain percentage from the commissions of the affiliate you have recruited.

Are Affiliate Marketing Platforms In Nigeria Worth It?

Yes, affiliate marketing is worth it. And here are my reasons:

  • No Stress: Aside from being stress free, it offers you the freedom you have always desired.
  • Pays Daily: You can wake up every day to see you have made a sale you are not even aware of.
  • Less Technical: The companies you are affiliating with provides everything you need to succeed.

Now you have the list of the top affiliate marketing platforms that pay you daily in Nigeria. The best thing you can do is to start right now.

And you don’t have to register all. Kindly, choose the one that aligns with your interest or industry.

Lastly, I have discovered blogging is the best way to succeed with affiliate marketing. So, I encourage you to learn here how to start and make money with blogging through affiliate marketing.

I can’t wait to see you at the top.

I am Oluboba.

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