11 Business Ideas Best for Housewives in Nigeria

Starting with any of the business ideas below is believed to be the best for housewives in Nigeria.

It comes with many benefits, which includes:

  • Less stress
  • More money
  • More time for family

Below are the best business ideas for housewives.

1. Book Publishing

One of the best digital business ideas for housewives with low investment.

11 Business Ideas Best for Housewives in Nigeria

Everyone has a book in them – a book they wish to write someday. While they have the words, they lack the process and motivations.

Your work is to turn their dreams into reality by helping publish their books. In your services, you can include transcribing those words to audio formats.

Or translating to a many local languages if you can.

As housewives, you have very little time with you.

So, it’s best can start with eBooks publishing and with time move on to physical books.

Few tips that can help with this business.

  • Promote your blog to reach more young authors.
  • Follow and engage with Writing Groups on Facebook.
  • Partner with top publishers abroad to translate their books in local languages.
  • Charge authors with Amazon KDP and get paid.

2. Catering Services

One of the best home-based business ideas for housewives. Do you know how to cook well? I mean the finger-licking kind of food.

Almost all caterers I know operate this idea as a side business, working from home.

Instead of waiting for people booking you for events, you can deliver lunches for offices.

Don’t just sit at home. Approach banks, schools, industries, you will be surprised they have been waiting for you.

With time, the manager may ask you to cook for their next regional meetings.

And some staff members will even book you for their church and personal events.

Also, you can enroll students who pay you to teach them.

Or sell courses of your videos showing how to cook a particular food.

Few tips to help you with this idea.

  • Appear neat at all times because no one likes a dirty caterer.
  • Be ready to wake early, settle the family and start with business.
  • Buying ingredients in large quantities saves you cost.

3. Cleaning Services

A small business idea you can start with little to no capital.

Either in homes or offices, there will always be a need for cleaning.

People are busy that they don’t have the time for sweeping, mopping, and more.

Since you have this time, the cleaning service is for you.

Note: This is not the same as house help. You only come to clean and take your leave.

Some months ago, I recommended a lady to an engineer for cleaning services.

She goes to the house every Saturdays by 6 am and leave before 9 am.

Last week Saturday, the engineer commended me the lady has never failed in her duties.

That she comes early and keeps to what brought her to the house.

For housewives, this is one of the best business ideas to earn extra money income.

Few tips to help you start with this business.

  • Start with nearby houses where you can walk into. It saves you transport fare and guarantees your security.
  • Make yourself happy and care for your personal being the same way you care for your clients.
  • Ensure clients sign your service policy so they don’t abuse your time and efforts.
  • As you grow, you can hire people to do the job, while you pay them per work completed.

4. Day Care / Nanny Services

One of the best small business ideas for housewives.

With more women choosing the career path, the daycare business has been growing so fast.

These women need someone they can entrust their children without fear of molestation.

The same applies to those who have elders at home needing help with bathing and feeding.

Both want your professional service.

If you will package yourself and look responsible, you won’t struggle to get clients.

This is one of the best small business ideas you can start from home with little to no cash.

Few tips that may help

  • Have a love to be around the extreme ends of age–the little children and adults.
  • Be friendly and of good character, so you win your clients’ trust.
  • Having a an extra room for playground will give you an edge.
  • Do have a legal contract to avoid any unethical expectations from parents.
  • Ask your clients to refer you to their colleagues at the office.

5. Hair Stylist

One of the best business ideas for housewives

Are you a stay-at-home mom who needs something doing, then hairdressing is for you?

Hairstyling is one of the ancient’s small business ideas our ancestors started at home.

You can set yourself apart with your style of service and speed of delivery.

Also, offer a home service for career women on weekends. These women will pay more for your time and transportation.

Few tips that may be of help

  • Make your clients look their best to get referrals from them.
  • For every clients you made their hair, take good pictures and upload on Facebook.
  • Ensure you set up your own working hours and days to avoid unnecessary calls.
  • You can include add-ons services such as professional nail and makeup services.

6. Jewelries Making

One of the lucrative business ideas that earns you bigger money.

When you hear, small but mighty, it is the jewellery business.

There is great amount of opportunities selling jewelries especially online.

People will spend thousands and millions to buy jewelleries.

The jewellery-making business requires you to work using beads and precious stones.

If this something you are good at, you can start today.

Few tips that may help.

  • Attend trade and open fair events.
  • Study the competition to know their strength and weakness.
  • Choose and focus on one type of jewelry so you can break through
  • Promote your ready-made products on social media and Google Profile.
  • Offer custom designs for clients who request them.

7. Start A Laundry Service

This business gives you money everyday

As fact as I know, you don’t need any capital to start a laundry business.

All you need is soap, starch, and iron. And you already have these at home.

With you can consider getting a washing machine. But don’t trouble yourself about it now.

In your marketing activities, target working men. They pay more since they have the least time to do laundry themselves.

Give out business cards to strangers. You never can tell – they may call you to pick some clothes.

If you have no serious passion for cloth cleaning, please stay away.

For housewives, this is one of the best business ideas that pays daily.

Few tips that may help.

  • Accept the blame when customers complain.
  • Living in an enclosed place with big space will help.
  • Get a book for record keeping of incoming and outgoing clothes.
  • Ask existing customers to refer you to their friends.

8. Make Up Artist

Start this business if you have a thing for beauty.

Are you good at covering facial flaws? Do you know how to bring out the beauty on someone’s face?

If yes. Then, this business is good for you.

As a makeup artist, be ready to work on weekends – mostly Saturdays.

Your clients’ base (the people you work with) has no limit. This ranges from brides to new moms to working class to college students.

Your understanding of face types will set you up as a professional.

Few tips for you.

  • You need some makeup kits to start.
  • Also, get a good mobile phone and ring light.
  • Update your status often with samples of your work.
  • Be ready to offer home service (in most cases).
  • In cases of less works, do a video teaching importance of make overs.
  • When possible, seek to offer your service to groups rather than individuals.

9. Music Training

One of the untapped business ideas for housewives.

Do you understand music and are ready to pass on your knowledge to beginners?

Then, you can become a music instructor, as you will have lots of students wanting to learn from you.

Your job is to teach voice training, the art of singing and playing instruments.

You can increase your income by selling and renting musical instruments to churches and your students.

Don’t say, “This is men’s work.” No, it is also for you.

Study shows that stay at home mom make the best music artist. Yet nobody know because they don’t push themselves out there.

Please, don’t add to the number.

Few tips that may help.

  • Record yourself as you sing in the kitchen, and in the bathroom.
  • Promote these recordings on social media and ask friends to share.
  • Talk to people about your service – you never can tell where referrals will come from.
  • Play at church programs, public gatherings, birthdays, and more for visibility.

10. Personal Assistant

The unbelievable among these business ideas.

Before now, I have always limit the remote work-type to tech businesses.

Not until yesterday, when I saw a company in need of a remote personal assistant.

And the job descriptions stated were all remote duties.

Consider the personal assisting business if you have proper organizing skills.

A personal assistant needs the will to help busy people.

A lot of working professionals are looking for someone they can handle menial tasks.

They need someone who can set up and remind them of meetings and more.

Few tips that may help

  • Become good with goal setting and time management.
  • A knowledge of computer and basic software will set you apart.
  • Rest a lot to preserve your mental energy for good decision-making.
  • This is a glorious business if you have high-paying clients.

11. Savings and Contributions

One of the untapped business ideas for housewives

By contributions, I mean Osusu or Ajo (Yoruba).

Helping people save their money while you also make money without stress.

Convince ten people to save with you N10,000 per month.

Invest the money with reputable companies like PiggyVest or Cowrywise for at least 10% per annual return.

By year-end, return their money while you keep the interest in it.

  • Be in control of your life and content with what you have.
  • Lock the money in a one-year investment plan, where you don’t have access until maturity.
  • Never disclose the investment company you are using.
  • Ask for 1% of their savings with you at the end of the year.
  • Keep your mind open to prosperity.

Conclusion on the Best Business Ideas for Housewives in Nigeria

Conducting market research before starting any of these business ideas for housewives is crucial to your success.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of too much analysis and not getting productive. All you need is to start now.

Last, you need online marketing to increase your chance of success with the business.

  • Design a website educating your audience about the industry.
  • Publish quality contents that meets with users’ search intentions.
  • Perform on-page and off-page SEO on your website to rank top in your local.

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