10 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Website

Here is a list of the top 10 best eCommerce plugins you need on your WordPress site to facilitate your online shopping process.

There is no doubt that with the increasing access to the internet in different parts of the world, online transactions have come to stay.

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services through the internet via the process of online shopping. It accounts for over 19% of retail sales worldwide.

Aside from selling physical products, you can choose to sell digital products like online courses, website templates, music, tutorials, E-books, photography, and more.

WordPress eCommerce Plugins are software that integrates with WordPress to provide specific functions that enhance the overall processes in the commerce business.

They add customized features that facilitate payment processing, filling of contact forms and streamlining certain website functions. Another name for a plugin is an add-on or extension. 

Best Ecommerce Plugins For WordPress Websites

1. WooCommerce

Woocommerce is the first and most important on the list of ecommerce plugins you need to install on your WordPress website.

It is used to transform your WordPress blog into an efficient eCommerce store. That’s magical, right? No wonder the WooCommerce plugin is widely accepted today.

With WooCommerce, you can create and set up an online store for your physical and digital products. This plugin allows offers flexible payment option that allows your customers pay with virtual dollar cards.

In 2023, its flexible and exceptional features made WooCommerce rank as the best eCommerce builder globally. It has both free and paid versions for its users.

2. BigCommerce

This Plugin enables different people to manage an online store, with each user receiving permission to perform specific responsibilities.

It helps with cross-functional collaboration in an online store.

BigCommerce Plugin prioritizes ensuring a smooth customer shopping experience while managing your orders effectively.

3. Shopify

With little or no coding skills, you can link the Shopify plugin to your WordPress. Adding this WordPress plugin to your online store adds the buy button to your webpage.

It helps your customers to shop instantly for different products on your eCommerce WordPress web page.

The Shopify plugin for WordPress has both free and paid subscriptions for users to choose from.

It is a good option if you want to start an online business that pays you daily.

4. Easy Digital Download (EDD)

Easy Digital Download is an eCommerce plugin that enables you to sell your digital products online with the help of WordPress.

As its name implies, it helps to sell digital downloads like audio, graphics, and E-books.

EDD have different options for payment and integrations for mailing and creating an affiliate marketing program. It also offers a limited free version to users.

5. OptinMonster

This Plugin focuses on optimizing conversion and lead generation for online businesses. OptinMonster is good at creating pop-ups, welcome mats and floating bars.

The Plugin’s wide range of templates and drag-and-drop builder functionality make it easier for business owners to create conversion campaigns for their eCommerce stores.

Instead of experiencing multiple cart abandonment as a business, OptinMonster follows up with your customers to rapidly increase sales.

6. HubSpot

Customers are the people who keep you in business, so it is important to use the HubSpot WordPress eCommerce Plugin to maintain good Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

From the WordPress environment, the HubSpot Plugin enables you to engage in Live chat, access site analytics and metrics, create forms, pop-ups, email automation and contact management.

Hubspot plugin is customer-centric to cater to the overall well-being and shopping experience of customers.

7. SeedProd

Are you seeking an all-in-one solution to your landing page problem? Then, SeedProd is the real deal.

The unique features of SeedProd include a custom WordPress theme builder, drag-and-drop page builder, advanced page blocks, a wide range of landing page templates and options for customization.

SeedProd Landing Page is developed in a special way that makes it user-friendly to customize your WordPress webpage. It has different plans and costs for its users.

Meanwhile, you can still access its free version called SeedProd Lite.

8. WP Forms

As an online businessyou need contact forms, receipts and feedback regularly.

With the latest version of WordPress and the WP Form plugin, you can confidently create polls and surveys, choose different form templates, access abandoned or unfinished forms, launch offline forms and add other add-ons when necessary. 

You can also track and understand your customer’s journey. This is mind-blowing. WP Form is free but has additional benefits accessible to only its premium users.

9. CartFlows

You can get a prospect to be a loyal customer through funnel building using

As an online businessyou need contact forms, receipts and feedback regularly. CartFlows as your sales funnel builder. Its use is not limited to sales funnel building, but also creates custom checkout pages.

CartFlows is an essential WordPress online store plugin that can generate, nurture and convert leads. In each stage of the funnel, CartFlows ensure that they optimize the process to give the desired results.

It has blocks for CTA and testimonials you can edit. This eCommerce plugin has free and premium plans for its users. 

10. LiteSpeed Cache

Improve your eCommerce WordPress website performance with this acceleration Plugin. LiteSpeed Cache uses its latest management tools to free up your log and increase your page speed score.

Other functions of LiteSpeed Cache include offering an outstanding User experience, handling traffic breaches and providing optimization tools. The free version has limited offerings, while the paid version offers a wide range of functions.

Conclusion On The Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

WordPress eCommerce plugins are essential in your day to day running of your online stores. Whether it’s creating forms or improving your customers’ experience, both are key for your online business to run smoothly.

With little or no coding experience, you can use them effortlessly to achieve your business goals and objectives.

I use them to manage the inventory, processing payments, and tracking product delivery. 

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