10 Apps to Save Money and Earn You Interest in Nigeria

In this article, you will discover the top 10 best apps that save you money and also earn you interest in Nigeria without extra charges.

Saving money in Nigeria is one of the major challenges that is faced by the Nigerian youth.

According to the global economy, only 33.87% of Nigerians save, that’s about 68 million Nigerians out of over 200 million people.

Many people have tried to save with the traditional bank, but they lose money with the bank charges.

So, what should anyone wants to save?

Fintech companies became aware of these challenges, and they decided to come up with platforms and apps that allow Nigerians to save and get high-interest rates.

One of the most common reasons for this low turnout was because people don’t have a reason to save. There is no target like buy a house, pay school fees and more.

To avoid you touching your savings, these apps impose fair penalties on withdrawals you initiate before the set date. This way, it makes it easy to reach your financial goal.

The evolution of these digital apps and platforms has made it easy to save and earn with interest in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Apps That Save You Money And Earn You Interest in Nigeria

1. Opay Nigeria:

The first on the list of apps that save you money in Nigeria with interest.

Having tried all savings platforms, I can tell you that Opay is the best among saving apps that save your money and earn you high interest in Nigeria.

10 Apps to Save Money and Earn You Interest in Nigeria

With the Opay app on Appstore and Playstore, you can perform all manners of transactions with no limitations.

Their transfers are not only free but also the fastest I have ever seen in the Nigeria banking ecosystem.

You won’t experience network issues that leaves your money hanging in the air like the conventional banks.

With Opay:

  • You can request a physical debit card and a virtual card.
  • You get a higher interest rate than normal.
  • Opay has a feature that helps you autosave as you spend.

Your money is safe and secured as it is insured by NDIC and licensed by CBN.

2. PiggyVest

One of the best saving platforms in Nigeria.

PiggyVest currently assists over 4 million consumers in reaching their financial objectives by making it simple for them to save and invest.

Since its launch in 2016, Piggyvest has remained committed to providing top-notch customer support and assisting users in managing their finances in an easy and open manner.

Piggyvest, an app with over a million downloads on the Google Play Store, offers a variety of savings plans that you can customize to your needs.

According to the company, you earn an interest of 8% per annum on funds in your flex account, but this is subject to a minimum of 4 withdrawals in a month.

3. V Bank:

The third in the list of best apps to save money in Nigeria.

V Bank aka V app is a popular money savings app in Nigeria with over 500,000 downloads, owned by VFD microfinance bank.

This app allows you to earn high returns from their savings with just their smartphone without visiting any bank location.

With the V app, you can track your expenses, and budgets, and set your spending limits. You are in control of your finances.

You can open an account in minutes without visiting any branch. Everything happens on your phone with no paperwork.

According to the bank, you get up to 14% interest on your fixed deposit with them.

You can download their app from the Apple Store for iPhone users and from the Play Store for Android phone users. 

4. Cowrywise

A fintech platform that allows you save and earn with interest.

They introduced Cowrywise in 2017 and was licensed by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC). It offers savings with monthly, fixed, and onetime interest rates.

This platform allows users to earn interest on each savings which is credited to your account each day at midnight.

The user-friendly interface and “Savings Challenge’’ of Cowrywise are notable features you will love.

This challenge encourages you to implement strict savings plans that will help you amass emergency funds at the end of the specified period.

On calculations, the company promised a range of 5.5% to 8.5% per year.

5. Kolopay

Another of the best apps to save money in Nigeria.

Kolo Pay is just like any other Fintech company in Nigeria that helps you save a lot more money than you might have anticipated.

You can choose to automate your savings by schedule using the EasySave and Autosave options—daily, weekly, or monthly.

The app makes it simple for you to save money for your goals through these plans.

You can ask people to contribute to your saving goal by using the Koloshare feature.

Kolopay offers an interest rate of up to 10%, allowing you to have multiple accounts.

6. Kuda Bank

A bank-like app to save money and earn interest in Nigeria.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has granted Kuda, a free, exclusively digital bank, a license for microfinance banking.

Kuda has tools for tracking your spending patterns, increasing your savings, and making wise financial decisions.

You can select whether you want to save daily, weekly, or monthly using the app. The flexible savings plan guarantees your regular savings.

With over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, Kuda is luring new users with its cost-free banking options.

It also offers a high interest rate of up to 10% per annum.

7. Alat App

One of the best Nigeria digital banking apps that save you money.

This online saving app is the innovative creation of WEMA Bank Nigeria.

This implies that you do not need to visit a physical branch; instead, you may conduct all of your transactions using your electronic devices from the convenience of your home.

ALAT enables you to select a savings goal, choose how much to save, and how long to save it for. You have the option of automating your savings or saving at your own speed.

The Group Savings option also lets you decide whether to save by yourself or with others.

The bank offers an interest of 8.5% per annum on your savings.

Also, you can open a domiciliary account and they will deliver your dollar virtual card to your home.

8. Sumotrust

One of the legitimate savings apps in Nigeria

SumoTrust, an automated and investment platform, changes Nigerians’ substandard saving and investing habits.

You may quickly and automatically set money aside with the help of the saving app, which also provides investment options.

The app gives its users the freedom to choose between three different saving options:

  • Main Savings, which allows users to save on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis;
  • Fixed Savings, which locks away your savings for a year; and
  • Mission Savings, which is designed for users with projects that must be finished by a certain deadline.

According to the company, you automatically choose to save either on daily, weekly or monthly intervals and earn 10% interest per annum.

9. Mintyn App

One of the finest saving platforms in Nigeria to save, and invest your money.

Despite only being well known a few years ago, the Mintyn Digital Banking App is currently considered being the finest saving app in Nigeria. With the Mint saving software, you can decide how your money will proceed.

Also, every consumer should be on the lookout for low or no fees while doing financial activities.

Mintyn has continued to make sure that their customers are happy with the bank.

According to the company, all you have to do is activate the round-up savings on the Mint App and earn as much as 15% on your savings.


A physical saving platform among list of apps that save you money.

It’s a type of savings where a group of people comes together to contribute a certain amount of money.

Afterwards, they cumulatively give to a person and at the end of the month and everyone contributes again.

This is very common among people these days and there is barely anyone in Nigeria or even the world that doesn’t have an understanding of this system.

Yet, there is a difference between AJO and ESUSU.

Read more about AJO vs ESUS savings in Nigeria here to know which is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best apps to help save money?

While there are many apps that can you save your money and even earn you interest, I have three that top the list. They are Opay, PiggyVest and Alat.

Is there an app that automatically saves money?

Yes, all apps on this list automatically saves your money daily, weekly, and monthly according to your choice. It is a financial habit to automate your savings.

What is the highest interest saving apps in Nigeria?

I will consider the highest interest savings apps in Nigeria to Opay, V Bank and Kolopay. Remember, this is subject to change.

Which app can I invest and earn daily?

Opay, Piggyvest, V bank, Cowrywise, Kuda, Kolopay and many more are apps that can help you invest, and they pay you daily.

Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Saving Apps In Nigeria

In this article, I shared with you the best apps that can save money and earn you interest in Nigeria. Yet you need to evaluate and decide for yourself.

The need to save money in our society cannot be overemphasized. Savings is a life saver for individuals in days of opportunities and times of emergency.

I encourage you to remain disciplined with your saving habits. Also, do not forget to invest with the best Nigeria stocks that pays you dividend daily.

Which of these online savings platforms or app are you using? Let me know.

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