7 Freelance Websites for Side Gig Jobs in Nigeria

Discover good freelance websites in Nigeria where beginners can get the best paying side gig jobs.

The desire to be a freelancer means you want flexibility and want to be in total control of your life.

But is it that easy to start? Will you wake up from bed, open your laptop and have clients waiting for your replies? I wish it works that way.

From planning, goal setting, time management, work values, need for portfolio, legal practices, and more.

In this article, I share the perfect list of the best freelance websites accessible from Nigeria.

Good Freelance Websites In Nigeria To Get Side Gig Jobs

1. Upwork Freelance Website

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance websites in Nigeria where beginners can easily get remote side gig jobs.

7 Freelance Websites for Side Gig Jobs in Nigeria

On Upwork, clients post jobs with details and grades of freelancers they want.

As a freelancer, you submit a proposal explaining why you are the best for the job.

It is then in the client’s interest to choose whoever he/she wants.

The platform then takes payment from clients and releases it to you once the client approves of your work.

This is one benefit of using a freelance platform like Upwork. They ensure you receive your payment for the work completed.

But there are also downsides to using Upwork. The first is that they take a huge percentage of your payment to cover site maintenance and management fees.

With time, these fees will add, and soon you will realize you are getting paid less than you are worth.

And if you decide to charge your clients more than standard, you might just push them out.

2. Freelancer For Side Gig Jobs

Freelancer is like Upwork but not the same. It is a site available for all kinds of work covering many industries, as you may think.

This is one of the good freelance websites for side gig jobs without the need too much processes.

The best part of this platform is that it showcases your skills to clients to see your portfolio before they decide.

Freelancer provides an inbuilt chat feature that makes it easy to interact with a client on the platform.

This way, you can provide project updates and keep the conversation going with clients.

A downside of Freelancer is that it pushes you into the scarcity mindset – to win clients, you cut down your prices.

3. Fiverr Freelance Website

Fiverr is a freelance site with a focus on smaller side gig jobs like website fixes and graphics retouch and the rest.

A significant advantage of using Fiverr is that it allows you to submit proposals even if there is no job listing on the ground.

This way, you set your own terms and conditions and what you will collect, unlike Upwork where the client is the boss.

You will see this with their “I Will…” template.


  • I will edit your 5 videos and upload them all on YouTube.
  • And many more.

4. LinkedIn Remote Jobs

One of the best freelance websites in Nigeria for professionals

LinkedIn is a networking website where professionals connect, interact and post remote, hybrid, and onsite jobs.

This platform is full of many opportunities that even the biggest of recruiters come to this platform to hire.

At least, I am a living testimony. I got my first two full-time corporate jobs on LinkedIn.

So, you can’t ignore LinkedIn because it is a good way to reach more prospects and build networks with fellow freelancers.

While it may take time to set up (especially your profile), you never can predict how much success it can bring you.

If you have not, please join LinkedIn here.

5) Email Job Application

A quiet method to get side gig jobs.

While you see email as only a communication medium, I also see it as a way to win clients.

Anything that will get your clients becomes a freelance platform.

Even in this century, cold emails still work. I won a series of clients by sending emails that resonate with them.

While all didn’t respond, most did, and few worked with me.

When cold emailing, ensure you are contacting the right person and even more personalize the message. You don’t want to sound generic.

Also, make sure you do your research on the company’s website and social media pages to identify their challenges and provide workable solutions.

6. Pitching Freelance

Though offline, I decided to include this on my list of good freelance websites for side gig jobs

Another way of finding clients is by going out there, meeting with people, and pitching your services.

Sometimes, it means visiting an organization to explain what you can do to improve its digital strategy.

You can work with any of these digital marketing agencies in Nigeria.

I had an organization called me 5 months after our first meeting for an open digital marketing position.

But by then, I had moved forward. All I did was recommend another freelancer, and he got the job with ease.

So, go out and talk to people, you never can tell where favour will meet you.

7. Your Freelance Website

Th is my best among the list of good freelance websites for side gig jobs.

For many years, I have been saying and will keep saying that your website is a far greater asset than your social media accounts as a freelancer.

Social media admins can block your accounts accusing you of violating their policy that you know nothing about.

But with your website, you are in total control.

Other freelance platforms will limit what you can place on the proposal. But with your website, you can include anything you want and set your terms and conditions.

My biggest clients through my personal website, not any of these freelance platforms.

The reason freelancers shy away from having their own website is that either of:

  • Lack the technical experience (here is a way out)
  • They are busy working on clients’ projects and then neglecting theirs.
  • Having a website is too expensive (A cheaper yet reliable option)

Please, I don’t care how much you may get from social media. Having your own website regularly updated with relevant blog articles will do you more good in the long term.

Get a professional website today and you will thank me later.

Before Joining Any Of These Freelance Websites

1) Research To Gain Clarity

Before taking any side gig jobs, it is important that you research the industry and existing freelancers.

You need to know what they are doing.

And the best way to get this right is to study them and their processes. Trust me, it works.

Do they operate an eCommerce website or just a blog? What social media platforms are they active on?

Analyze their marketing and branding message, and apply the same to your business.

The aim is to study them and then do better.

Also, you need to know what your motivation is. Why do you want to be a freelancer? To increase your income or for a better work/life balance?

While it is not possible to get it all right in the beginning, please do your homework. 

2) Work With A Plan

As one wants to start a freelance business, you need a plan.

And when I mean a business plan, I am not talking about 50-page documents with charts and tables.

Rather, I mean you need a one-page document that highlights your goals and actionable plans to achieve them.

Beyond just goals, your plan should figure out how much money you will need to live comfortably.

It’s easy math–including rent, utility bills, transportation if any, internet charges, and more.

This will help you know how best to charge your clients. You can always adjust and update as your business grows.

3) Create A Portfolio

A portfolio is a website that shows who you are and the elements of your work. We call it the digital version of a resume.

If you are going to be successful as a freelancer, then you need one to convince your clients about what you do and why you are the best.

Including works completed and testimonials from previous clients is a good way to remove clients’ doubts.

But what if you are just starting and you don’t have any portfolio yet?

While some will call that you offer your service for free to gain testimonials, I don’t support this move.

The clients will never want to grow beyond the free mode since they have become used to it.

What do you do then?

Lower your prices to the industry standard.

Pick smaller side gig jobs from these freelance websites to gain more experience.

Aside from your work, other things you must list are your website address and social media pages.

This is why I told you that your website is one asset you must invest in to become a successful freelancer.

Discover the best website builders to create your website.

4) Place Value On Your Time

Some say, “Time is money”. But I say, “Time is life”.

Time management is essential to a successful freelance work. It affects your pricing and determines how many jobs you can take at a time.

You can’t be here and there and expect to be productive. So, you must work in a way you won’t burn out.

After all, you are the expert with valuable skills and experience and you deserve higher pay and better control of your time.

Beyond work overload, one disease affecting most freelancers also is taking too much advantage of their flexibility to relax, leading to procrastination.

There is nothing bad with having dedicated hours off to refresh and regenerate. But having too much of it for no justifiable reason can be dangerous.

You know when you are most productive, so structure your working hours around it.

5) Scale Your Business

A bad interpretation of freelance jobs is that it is not an actual business.

You are not the random laptop guy. You are a digital entrepreneur, and you must operate as one.

Get a website so it becomes easy to project yourself as one. This way, you can arrange your services in ways that position as experts.

Below are some ways to scale your freelancing business.

  • Commit to a full-time freelance business and lifestyle.
  • Niche in your offering so the best clients can locate you quickly.
  • Identify your potential clients and targets them with relevant content.
  • Hire others and build a team of experts in different fields.
  • Brand yourself as an established business.
  • Add new and relevant services to increase your offering value.
  • Increase your price when the need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is starting a freelance business the best for me?

Only you can answer that. But to help, I would like you to consider your strengths.

What can you do better? What skills do you need to improve?

Because you will be most successful if you play to your strengths.

What jobs are available in Nigeria on these freelance websites?

You will find lots of services on these freelance websites that align with your skills and interests. We have:

  • Writing
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing and more.

How much do I need to start on the freelance platforms?

While most of these freelance websites are free, there are some that request a fee to register.

But in most cases, the fees are always little–it’s their own way to commit you to the platform.

Other areas you will spend are setting up your home office and getting a good laptop.

Can I really be a successful freelancer?

Yes, you can be. It all depends on you.

Starting and running a freelance business requires discipline and motivation. You don’t have a boss telling you what to do, so you must hold yourself to a high standard.

Conclusion On Good Freelance Websites For Side Gigs

7 Freelance Websites For Beginners You Need For Remote Jobs

It is easy to get distracted and register on all freelance websites. No! it’s not the best.

As a freelancer, decide on what you want to do and improve your skills to be the best in it.

Monitor your progress and keep up to date with your industry. Most of all, enjoy your freelancing business.

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