7 Entertainment Business Ideas You Can Start in Nigeria

If you are passionate about the entertainment industry, consider starting one of these business ideas best suited for you.

I love music and dancing. So, in most cases, I find myself happy to be where there are pleasant sounds. It shows my passion for music.

Yet, these businesses are not for me.

But if you have a deep passion for everything in the industry.

I mean, you find the headaches and drama of the industry fun. Then, these entertainment business ideas are for you.

A thing about this industry is that it is broad. While we celebrate the key performer on stage, there are actually many people that make that production possible.

And all these people represent a business idea, not a job. From event planner, photographer, instrumentalist, personal assistants and more.

Below are the best entertainment business ideas you can start in Nigeria.

Best Entertainment Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Public Relations Officer

Public relations is one of the best entertainment business ideas in Nigeria.

7 Entertainment Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria - Spotile
Best entertainment business ideas in Nigeria

It is an important aspect of the entertainment industry. While many view this business as the same with marketing, they are not.

Public relations is all about what your clients say, do, and what people think of him/her.

And since the people’s perception matters a lot about the progress of your clients, then you are an important part of the industry.

You are the one who speaks to the local and global community, convincing them to come to your next events.

Your role includes, but not limited to:

  • Creating more awareness
  • Improving clients’ reputation
  • Attracting the right customers
  • Strengthen new and existing relationships.

This business needs you to have good organizational skills. And it needs that you have an insider into the industry to attract clients.

2. Photographer

Even though I listed photography as one of the local business ideas in Nigeria, it is a big-time business if you choose to make it so.

The beauty of the entertainment industry is visuals–images and videos.

And who gives makes the pictures? Photographers.

Celebrities and the entire industry will forever need professional photos.

I am not saying the phone like photos, but professional ones that depict the beauty and aura of one in the picture.

So, this is the best time to take advantage of this demand.

If you have experience with the equipment, then you only need to learn the business side.

But if you lack knowledge of the tools and techniques, I advise you to enroll in a photography school.

I understand you have YouTube to learn. But if you are truly serious, attend the school. You will gain access to vital information that you wouldn’t get online.

So, let nothing hold you back in starting any of these entertainment business ideas in Nigeria.

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3. Makeup Artist

I have a friend who is into the makeup business. It amazed me when she mentions the amount she realizes as a profit in the business.

This is someone who started about 2 years back and still trying to get her foot into the entertainment industry.

If people spend so much to look good, don’t you think it’s a good entrance for you?

Celebrities will spend anything to look their best self facially. This makes the makeup business as one of the most promising in the entertainment industry.

They will need you before, during and after photo shoots and events.

And from my little knowledge, celebrities don’t waste time to share who wore them with the makeup.

Pursue this idea if you have a love for beauty. Also, ensure to further your training in cosmetology.

It will boost your professionalism.

4. Hair Stylist

All ladies know how to make hair, but not all are hair stylist.

Hair stylist remains one of the best entertainment business ideas out there.

When you see a well-trained stylist, you will know. They are the few that make it to the top.

While makeup is most time, limited to female, hairstylist touches everybody in the industry.

Also, I noticed something.

After doctors, hairstylists set of persons that enjoys celebrities loyalty.

There is a possibility that the same shop where you style your hair last year is the same you are using today.

What does this tell you?

It is a gigantic business because it is hard to lose your customers, provided you are good at your work.

The bad side also is that it makes it difficult for someone new in the business to find his or her way in, since everyone has their preferred person.

The best solution is to go work with one of the biggest salon in the city.

Local Business Ideas In Nigeria

5. Event Planning

Event planning is one of the best business ideas in the entertainment industry with the least persons.

Not everyone has the skill of event planning. And you can’t fake it.

It is a business that demands your creativity and organizational skills to ensure they set all and get ready.

It is a business that builds on your contacts. You just have to know people who are best in their jobs in this and that.

It is your duty to bring in caterers, DJs, and many more.

From small hall, gathering to large concerts, celebrities will always need you.

But in most cases, you may not be working directly with the celebrities themselves but their manager.

You don’t need to have a hall of your own. You can always book for one.

Register your business, share contact cards, position yourself as experts, and watch the miracle unfold.

Event planning ranks as one of the top business ideas this year.

6. Fashion Designer

Are you in the fashion business? Or about starting? Whichever consider choosing this idea and targeting the entertainment industry as your audience.

There is a saying that celebrities don’t wear the same clothes twice (in public).

This means more money for you. You will have a lot to sow.

Unlike all other entertainment business ideas where you need to be in contact with celebrities to showcase your worth, designing is different.

I know from afar if I like a cloth and if I would like to have one or not.

It means you can social DM selected celebrities from your styles and previous works–more reasons you need a good camera.

Right there, they will tell you if they are interested.

Beyond just celebrities, always upload crazy designs on your status. Someone will request your service.

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7. Manager

If you are interested in helping people manage their life, then these entertainment business ideas might be your best options.

The managing business looks similar to that of the public relations. But while the relation officer handles the client’s image, you handle all that concerns the client’s career.

I will say you are the most important person in the career of a celebrity. And they (celebrities) are always careful whom they give this position.

You are the one to negotiate a price for sponsorships and partnerships. Your decision becomes the celebrity decision.

All other businesses in the entertainment industry listed above reports to you. And you to the celebrity.

This is a very delicate business that demands a deep level of trust.

I suggest you start with any of the entertainment business ideas above to find your way in to the industry. Then, you can upgrade.

Except you are a family member to already known celebrity, then relationship may speak for you.

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Conclusion on Entertainment Business Ideas In Nigeria

After reading this list of entertainment business ideas, you may wonder which is best to start.

There is no best one to start. You must define your own best according to your strength.

But here are a few questions that help you identify this strength and passion.

  • What industry experience do you have?
  • What part of the industry do you smell consistent incompetence?
  • Do you have resources on the ground to start?
  • Are you flexible enough to change career and location?

By answering these questions, you will know what entertainment business is best for you.

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