7 Tech Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria

By tech business ideas, I mean those businesses that can earn you money via either the creation of technology or the use of it.

Before now, oil was the best industry with the biggest opportunities. Those that went in early got so wealthy that we adore them as idols.

But soonest then came to the tech revolution – now called the digital oil. You can’t see or touch it like the physical oil, yet perform miracles.

This unseen asset has taken men from nothing to something.

People who chose this path didn’t only make money but did so in a short time.

While the oil industry only enriches the owners, the tech industry is enriching everyone connected.

Below are tech business ideas you can start today.

Tech Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria

1. Programming

With the everyday need for tech, programming is one of the business ideas you should consider.

This is one aspect of business, I wish to continue.

I started as a programmer but soon left (for some reason) and moved into marketing.

I have friends who are doing great in this field. The ones who seek safety are in earning six figures in their respective companies.

The entrepreneurs among them who seek freedom are building six-figure apps.

Beyond the money, learning how to program has so many benefits:

  • Automate tasks
  • Create new software
  • Invent effective systems

Also, as a programmer, you get more opportunities and charge higher.

Your experience in this business is very important. It determines what project you can take.

  • Start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. – Those are the basics.
  • Don’t start a business immediately if you are still a beginner. Instead, be part of projects with startups.
  • Keep a portfolio of your works and cite them when you meet clients.
  • Network with fellow programmers and challenge yourself to learn.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of forever. Give yourself time to rest.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is one of the easiest digital tech businesses you can start

Yesterday, I received an email from someone needing a business plan. In less than 24 hours, we closed the deal.

That tells you how profitable this idea can be if you are passionate about it.

You can start a freelance career right from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

This is a business idea you can run as full-time, or part-time.

Why choose this idea?

  • You don’t need to be a graduate
  • You don’t have any capital (whatsoever)
  • The work comes with so much flexibility.

So, starting a business in this line is a good choice as it presents you with many opportunities.

And if you are a copywriter, you work with businesses on writing persuasive sales copy.

Entrepreneurs need your service to pitch their products to investors.

Freelance writing is best as a side business, so add any other tech business ideas to it.

  • You need high communication and persuasive skills to win and engage readers.
  • Make quality writing and speed delivery to your clients.
  • Write and share your ideas on Spotile. You will need them for reference someday.
  • As you progress, I recommend that you also learn the art of copywriting – it pays more.

3. CyberSecurity

Among all tech business ideas, this is the one I admire most.

(Cheat: I have a love for security and privacy.)

Cyber security presents you with so much flexibility and transferable skills.

This means, you can move anywhere in this world, and you will still be relevant.

This is a business idea that cuts across all industries: medicine, law, government, and more.

So, you will always be in demand. Not only that, but you will command respect also.

But it takes serious learning and application to break forth except you want to end up at the help desk.

  • The more programming knowledge you have, the better you become.
  • Having a home studio for operations is key to your efficiency.
  • Never be afraid to charge your worth. You are more expensive than a programmer.
  • No one will value you as a beginner in this industry. So, work up.
  • The business is most time boring, get hobbies that make you happy.

4. Graphics Design

This is the only tech business that is listed among local business ideas in Nigeria

While there seems to be a lot of competition in this field, your creativity will stand you out.

As a graphic designer, you will do better if you stand alone than working as an employee.

A lot of organizations need your service. They include publishers, churches, small businesses, and more.

Your service is to communicate ideas and solutions via visuals to inform, engage, and educate users.

And as time goes on, you can open an office where you print graphics works.

  • You need to have marketing knowledge to pitch your work to potential clients.
  • Be able to communicate an idea with images and a few words.
  • Take good care of your mental health so you can operate to the best of your creativity.
  • Improve yourself to transit into UI/UX design.

5. Data Analyst

One of the best tech business ideas for people that love numbers.

In 19,000 BC, the people of old used bones to perform simple mathematical calculations.

Then, in the 1640s, John Graunt, started collecting death information in London.

He noted the number of deaths, their causes and more.

And this was how data analysis came to be.

Data is nothing but information. While data analysis is the collection and interpretation of information.

Back to our modern times…

Business needs help with acquiring relevant and accurate information.

They want to make the best of strategies that rely on the data at hand.

This is where you come in. You help collect, interpret, organise and present the data to them.

  • A degree in this profession will give you an edge.
  • Be good at creating business reports using visualization.
  • Good use of Tableau, QlikView, Excel, and Power BI, is essential to claim your expertise.

6. Digital Marketing

One of the top business ideas you can start in Nigeria.

Businesses want customers, so marketing becomes a must for them.

Your duty involves promoting brands on the internet via an electronic device.

These electronic devices include smartphones, tablets and computers.

As an online marketer, your client expects you to deliver more than the conventional.

A good example you can learn from is Oluboba Consults. They are the best digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

While media agencies may use billboards and flyers, you run online ads.

You must be excellent with your service to create marketing copies that sell.

  • Ensure you have a clear backing of your work scope with clients before you start.
  • Always stay updated about the marketing industry to keep learning.
  • Know your clients’ customers and what makes them buy before executing strategies
  • Educate small business owners on the need for your services.

7. Sell Products Online

One of the business ideas using tech to function.

If you have tried all the tech business ideas and it seems nothing is working, try this.

What is the eCommerce business about and how does it work in Nigeria?

It is a business where you sell physical or digital products or services online.

Whatever you sell does not have to be your own.

Look for someone who wants to sell his or her laptop.

Take pictures of the laptop and upload them on platforms.

  • It’s best you focus on selling physical products as they are easy to sell even with no experience.

Conclusion on Tech Business Ideas In Nigeria

7 Best Tech Business Ideas You Can Start In 2023
Video on The best Tech Business Ideas in Nigeria

The tech industry has become very successful than we expect.

In fact, it is the number employer of new graduates.

I will encourage you to be a part of the great movement. And here are my reasons:

  • The future is tech.
  • The tech business offers you many business ideas to start.
  • These ideas are all flexible giving you time for yourself.
  • You will earn more in a short time than when you are non-tech.

So, there is nothing stopping you today. Start now.

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