7 Digital Marketing Strategies And Cost Price In Nigeria (2024)

What are the best digital marketing strategies for ecommerce businesses and what are their cost price?

Ecommerce marketing is promoting your products or services to reach more targeted customers on the internet via electronic devices – smart phones, tablets, or laptops.

And the goal is to influence people to buy your products immediately or at a later time.

Also, it comes with the following benefits.

  • Market your products to millions of consumers in a quick time.
  • Strategize and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Targeted specific audience using an existing pool of data.

But before we discuss the cost price, I would like us to understand the best digital marketing strategies for ecommerce businesses

Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Businesses

1. Website Designing

Having a fast ecommerce website is your first step to succeeding with any digital marketing strategies.

Do you know we associate brands with their website?

When I mention Amazon, what comes to your mind first? It’s Amazon.com.

One benefit of an ecommerce website is that it communicates your brand than you can ever do.

Your website conveys your message, shows your offers and connects all other strategies on the list.

The cost of ecommerce website design varies depending on your needs.

Get a professional ecommerce website today.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the practice of optimising your website to appear on the front page of search engines so you can reach more ready buyers.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the major search engines you need to optimise for.

And it is because, the earlier you get it ready, the faster these search engines can start crawling your website.

Some of the best SEO Marketing Strategies you can implement is keyword research and link building.

Let’s take this example:

If you search, “What are the best ecommerce marketing strategies for small businesses?” on Google.

The bolded phrase are the keywords.

3. PPC (Pay Per Click)

As the name implies, you only pay when someone clicks on your link. It’s better than when you pay for views.

Two questions determine how much you will pay for an ad. They are;

  • What is the score quality of your ecommerce website?
  • How competitive is the keyword you want to run ads for?

You use tools like Google AdWords to find keywords you want to rank your products for. It’s the best among all other PPC tools.

Then you choose the location (city, country, worldwide) you want to promote products in.

It is important that you include PPC in your list of digital marketing strategies if you need instant sales.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media sites to promote your products or services.

These social sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

You don’t have to market your products on all social media platforms. For physical products, I recommend maximizing Facebook and Instagram.

They have certain information (age, location, gender, etc.) about their users.

Use this data to target your ads to people who have shown previous interest in similar products.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing your content with an intent to achieve a goal. The goal could be to:

  • Inform,
  • Describe,
  • Educate or
  • Engage.

The good thing about ecommerce site is you don’t need lots of content compared to an information blog.

Are your products better than others? Write a post explaining what makes yours better.

Note: You don’t have to speak bad about other products, you only have to amplify your unique benefits.

Take your time to include every detail about your products. It cannot be too long. It can only be too boring.

Content marketing is beyond writing. It could also be a video, audio, or images.

Also, you can do a recording showing your new arrivals. Do a video explaining how to use your products.

6. Email Marketing

This is also one of the best digital marketing strategies for your ecommerce website.

Email marketing involves sending newsletters, featured products, and offers to your email subscribers.

It is a wonderful way of reaching out to your customers, be it for new products or discount offers.

Email marketing will increase your revenue by reducing cart abandonment.

The case where a customer’s input his email but didn’t complete the purchase.

You can set up an automated follow-up email after 30 minutes, 24 hours and 3 days to re-engage them in buying.

Also, avoid spamming your customers’ inbox. For this reason, I don’t encourage buying email lists.

Build your email list organically and develop your relationship with your customers. It is a powerful weapon you have.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling a third-party products to your audience. It’s the commission based business model.

Influencers and bloggers make money recommending other people’s products. You can have them recommend your products too.

You can sell more without paying for ads if you will maximize the power of affiliate marketing.

I believe a product recommendation from a trusted person is stronger and sells more than ads.

So, include affiliate marketing as part of your ecommerce marketing strategies.

You need to decide the percentage you want to give out to marketers. Though anything 30% and above is the best.

Breakdown Cost Of Digital Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce

It is difficult to give a quotation on the cost of digital marketing in Nigeria

Because of the different types like website design, SEO, and more which differ in pricing.

To reach a good pricing for any digital marketing work, we need to answer to the following question.

  • Do you have an existing website or need a new one?
  • Are you looking forward to a long term sustainable sales or a short instant sales.
  • What marketing strategies have you tried before?

Once you can answer the questions, then contact any of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria.

They would deliver your job at the best price ever,

The cost of digital marketing in Nigeria can range from N250,000 to N500,000 or more.

Let’s discuss your digital marketing project.

FAQs on Digital Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce

How can I promote/market my ecommerce business in my community?

Focus more on local search engine optimization (SEO) when marketing in your community. Doing this, you can target local audience who needs your products. Also, you will rank your products high on search engines.

What are types of ecommerce marketing?

Web Designing
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Search Engine Optimisation

What is the difference between ecommerce and digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing is a broader type of marketing. It includes all forms of marketing carried out on the internet.
Ecommerce marketing is specific to online stores. It promises huge customer reach compared to random marketing.

What is the importance of ecommerce marketing strategy?

Market your products to millions of consumers in a quick time.
Strategize and stay ahead of your competitors, leveraging on the web.
Targeted specific audience with specific products using an existing pool of data.

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