5 Benefits Of Ecommerce Website To Your Business

You cannot underestimate the benefits of having an ecommerce website for your small business.

It is an online business website that allows the buying and selling of your products or services. This could be physical products (shoes), digital products (eBooks), or services (consultancy).

As much as we appreciate the trade by barter systems and the money exchange, they limited us.

They could not sell outside the local. You need to be there before transactions can take place.

This is harmful to your business, as it places a ceiling in your sales.

As the internet becomes part of our daily lives, we see more importance of ecommerce website.

With the use of cards online, a study expects online transactions to exceed $5 trillion in the next three years.

As an eCommerce specialist helping top companies start and grow successful businesses online, I will take you through the entire processes.

In this article, you will learn the importance of ecommerce in your small business.

Benefits of Ecommerce Website For Your Small Business

High Returns on Investment

One of the first benefits of ecommerce websites to your business

If customers don’t buy what you sell, you are losing money. The goal is to sell.

We see people visit a physical shop, skim the products, and leave without buying. Some may come back, but very few.

If the same happens on your ecommerce website, you can use re-target marketing to reach those who visited your online store but made no action.

If they visited, add your products to cart, proceed to the checkout button but didn’t make payment.

You can reach the same people using the abandoned cart system. This way, the website emails the visitors an automated message with a link to continue where they stopped.

Also, it is easy to cross-sell and up-sell high valued products with an ecommerce website. Therefore, leading to more sales.

Another way to get more return on investments is to recommend products related to what the buyer is browsing.

If the website detects the user added a trouser to the cart, it will recommend a leather belt via a pop-up.

And in most cases, users will buy.

Also, the website can recommend products based on customers’ past purchases.

So someone who bought a suit will also love to see some nice-looking business shoes.

This is one of the greatest secrets of Amazon. They website has a wonderful recommendation engine.

Having an ecommerce website offers you more benefits in the long run than operating without one.

Reach More Customers

A major importance to having an ecommerce website.

Wouldn’t you be happy if you can get your products to people who need them? Don’t you enjoy having lots of customers order your products per day?

People go online to check the price of products and compare. While the majority depend on the web to make a purchase.

Personally, I have spent more money helping people order Phones on Jumia Black Friday than I have in any physical shops.

And not only on Jumia but other small businesses websites in the health, food and fashion industry.

There are no better benefits of buying on an ecommerce website than the ease it offers me.

The same with your customers. Some prefer to see the products first online, ask all questions, then meet with you (if possible) to get the products.

But if you are not online, how will they see you?

Another among many benefits of ecommerce website is that it enhances your relationship with customers.

Customers can access your number and give you a quick call. Also, they can suggest features they want in your products via feedback form.

Also, verified buyers can leave reviews about your products on the website which opens more winnings for you.

So, with a website and the best digital marketing strategies, you can sell more and build better relationship without leaving your house.

Exact Report in Real Time

One of those benefits of ecommerce website over physical shops

It’s risky to live on speculations. You can’t start and grow a successful ecommerce business if all you do is to make assumptions.

Until you know what works and what doesn’t, you wouldn’t know where you are lacking.

Your ability to track your success allows you to make plans and get more working.

While traditional shops delays your results till end of sales; your ecommerce website shows you as it is happening.

So, the issues of missing sales and incomplete account does not happen with an ecommerce website. You will see everything that is happening.

It takes away the guesswork and allows you to measure your progress in actual time.

Don’t limit yourself to offline sales. You can do more with a professional ecommerce website.

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Go Unlimited

Another importance of owning your own ecommerce website

If you are that business owner, that hates restrictions, then you need to get an ecommerce website.

With your ecommerce website, you can do and undo. There is no limit to changes you can make.

If you place a billboard at the front of your shop. And tomorrow, you no longer resonate with the writing on the board.

To change it, you will need to call a painter or designer to make you a new billboard to replace the old one.

But with your website, it is just a matter of edit and save.

How about when you need to showcase your products for the world to see? There is always a limitation to the amount of goods you can display because of space.

With your website, you can include all – even the ones that are yet to arrive.

I am not done yet…

How about the number of customers that can visit your website at a time?

While your traditional shop can accommodate all, your website will accept all and still hope to receive many.

Then, let’s move to the number of things you can sell on your ecommerce website. There is no limitation..

From physical products (shoe), digital products (eBooks) and services (consultancy).

Like I told you earlier, there are too many benefits to having your own ecommerce website.

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Scale Up Your Business

Years back, you either grow big or go home. It’s a different story today.

The evolution of ecommerce websites and marketing level the playing field for you and the big brands.

Now you can attract new customers and get your own sales share.

You can grow to be a king in your niche, choosing your strategy wisely. No more pressure, but pleasure.

Also, you can display your many social proofs – testimonials, reviews, awards, and many more for the world to see.

If you have a message to share with your customers and the world at large, the blog section of your website allows you to do that.

This way, you position as an authority and win more trust with first-time customers.

This is the last but not the least of the many benefits of having an ecommerce website for your small business.

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Types of Ecommerce Website and Their Benefits

Business-to-Business (B2B) Website:

You can transact goods and services with another company on the website. Example: Alibaba, Shopify.

• Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Website:
On this website, you do business directly with consumers. Example: Your website.

• Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): 

This ecommerce website allows transaction between consumers. Example: eBay, Amazon.

• Consumer-to-Business (C2B): 

This is a website where individuals offer products or services to companies. Example: Oluboba

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How Does Ecommerce Website Works?

Ecommerce website operates on the same commerce principles as physical retail shops. The only difference is the methods and processes.

While retail stores depend on a customer’s physical visit, ecommerce doesn’t. With a few clicks, your customers can place orders of your products.

Your path to growing a successful business online starts with building an ecommerce site.

Below are steps a customer follows on your ecommerce website.

  • You upload your product, write the description (what it’s about) and give your price.
  • A customer enters your site, shop around products, and buys.
  • You receive notifications about the order while the customer receives a receipt.
  • You ship the order(s) to the customer’s address.

You are happy. The customer is happy.

FAQs On The Importance Of Ecommerce Website

What is an ecommerce website?

An eCommerce website is your online business home where customers order for your products via an electronic device.

What are the benefits of ecommerce website to small businesses?

A major important of ecommerce website is that it allows you to reach new customers and sell more of your products while doing less.

How much can you earn with your ecommerce website?

It depends on what you are selling, the people you are selling and your understanding of the best ecommerce marketing strategies.

What are the benefits of ecommerce website to consumers?

For me, it is the conveniences it offers. I can compare through many products, place order and get it at my doorstep without leaving the house.

Conclusion On The Benefits Of Ecommerce Website

I have come to the end of benefits of having an ecommerce website for your business.

If you want to make a mark in the business world, you can do that with an effective online presence.

While there are platforms that allow you to do it yourself, you are at their mercy. They can remove you any day without your notice.

So, I encourage you to contact My Business and I for a professional ecommerce website. They are the best.

Or checkout work for some of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria.

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