10 Pension Companies in Nigeria for Your Retirement

In this article, you will discover the best pension companies in Nigeria that serves your interest.

Are you retiring very soon and started planning for your retirement? Or You are just starting as a working-class citizen, and you are looking for the best pension plan.

You are at the right place.

Pension is a retirement benefit received by retirees after years of service to take care of themselves in old age.

Therefore, a pension helps retirees to stay afloat and enjoy life after years of labour and sacrifice for their place of work.

While pension companies are bodies commonly known as Pension Fund Administration that are allowed to manage and handle pension funds and assets that belong to retirees.

A pension plan involves putting a percentage of your monthly salary aside into a retirement account upon your retirement.

This money will be paid to you either for a lifetime or number of years depending on your options.

One of the main characteristics of a good pension company is offering a lifetime plan with a good track record.

Top 10 Best Pension Companies in Nigeria 

1. AXA Mansard Pension Limited:

The best among pension companies in Nigeria

AXA Mansard Pension Limited is among the leading and largest pension companies in Nigeria.

It was incorporated in 2006 as Penman Pension Limited. This company is located at Ahmadu Bello Road in Victoria Island, Lagos with branches across the nation.

AXA Mansard Pension Limited is licensed as a Pension Fund Administrator to service public and private company employees.

In the last 4 years, this company has been recorded to be among the top 5 leading industries that offer a good return on investment.

They have many packages with the purpose of satisfying the clients’ wants.

Apart from being an employee, a self-employed person can also plan for their retirement through a Micro Pension Plan (MPP).

Most services offered by AXA Mansard Pension Limited include

  • Savings plan
  • Pension advisory,
  • Investment and Consultancy services.

2. ARM Pension Manager Limited

One of the first seven PFA licensed by Pencom.

ARM Pension Manager Limited is a leading management pensioners company with a good reputation.

Over the years ARM Pension Manager Limited has authorized over N1.2 billion payments to pensioners and the retirement savings account can be opened by anybody.

Most of the services offered by ARM Pension Manager Limited include free lectures for retirees, excellent customer service, and transparency to customers.

Over the years, ARM pension has gained competence in Investment Management, Research and Pension Fund Management.

3. Oak Pension

One of the top pension companies in Nigeria.

Oak Pension was incorporated on March 30, 2006, as a Pension Fund Administrator, and on 14 November the same year, this company was licensed by the National Pension Commission (PenCom).

Over the years this company has had experience in shareholders and management in pension funds Administration, a good track record in returns on investment.

They boast of credibility, sound pedigree in asset management with products like:

  • Voluntary contribution,
  • Retirement savings accounts,
  • Benefits of administrations, and advisory services.

Most schemes offered by Oak Pension include Retirement savings account (RSA) and Retirement Benefits Schemes for mostly employees both in the government and the private sector.

This company was designed to represent: a culture of professionalism, team spirit, integrity, innovation, and customer service. 

4. LeadWay Pensure

A leading Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) in Nigeria

Leadway Pensure is a subsidiary of Leadway Holdings Limited incorporated on August 25, 2004, as Pension Fund Administrator and is licensed by the National Pension Commission.  

Over the years Leadway Pensure has managed over N1.2 trillion for clients.

They offer:

  • Long-term funds protection,
  • Unit-linked savings schemes (ULSSs),
  • Flexible and customer-friendly post-retirement support,
  • Equity funds, fixed income bonds, and real estate investments.

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With their experience, transparency, and expertise this company can track overall financial Securities.

5. Crusaders Sterling Pension Limited

An award-winning pension company in Nigeria.

Crusaders Sterling Pension Limited was incorporated on October 12, 2004, and licensed by the National Pension Commission (PenCom).

They have maintained their reputation when it comes to customer service and a good track record in returns on investment to retirees.

Over the years, this company has remained unbeaten when it comes to giving returns on investment to retirees.

Crusaders Sterling Pension Limited is a Pension Fund Administrator that is a subsidiary of Custodian Investment PLC, Sterling Asset Management Ltd, Custodian Trustees Limited, WSTC Financial Services Limited, and Ideal Insurance Brokers Limited.

The retirement schemes offered by the company include Retirement Savings Account and Voluntary Contributions for employees.

They also offer education services which include life after retirement, entrepreneurship, and opportunities.

6. NLPC Pension Fund Administrator Limited

One of the tested and trusted pension companies in Nigeria

NLPC Pension Fund Administrator Limited manages and invests pensioners’ funds to provide a stable income to them at the end of their service year. 

They were licensed in the year 2006 with offices across the nation.

Today, they boast of shareholders’ Fund above the minimum N5 billion un-impaired capital requirements in the industry.

Their mission to secure a brighter future for our clients is driven by our vision to be a dominant Pension Fund Administrator.

7. VGP Pension Limited

Formerly known as FUG Pension.

This pension firm is owned by long-standing financial corporates in insurance, Veritas Kapital Assurance Plc.

They are one of the Pension Fund Administrators with excellent customer service and service delivery.

  • VGP Pension offers the following package to customers:
  • Retirement Savings Account (RSA),
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC),
  • Portfolio Management,
  • Benefits Administration, and
  • Pension Advisory Services.

Their mission is to deliver outstanding investment returns and efficient benefit administration by employing world class management expertise and technology.

8. Access Pension

One of the largest pension companies in Nigeria.

Access Pensions, (a subsidiary of the Access Corporation) is a licensed Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), which resulted from the business combination of First Guarantee Pension Limited and Sigma Pensions Limited.

The Company has Assets Under Management (AUM) of over N1 trillion and over 1 million Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs).

Today, they boast as the Fourth (4th) largest Pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria.

Their vision is to create a world where everyone is inspired and empowered to Shape the future.

9. Fidelity Pension Managers Limited:

One of the popular pension managers in Nigeria

Before now Fidelity Pension Managers Limited was formerly known as Alliance Management Limited.

In compliance with the minimum share capital requirement for pension funds administrators, their authorised and paid-up share capital is N5Billion.

Their main goal is to provide securing and rewarding pension service for a better retirement.

10. Pension Alliance Limited (PAL Pension):

One of the most trusted pension companies in Nigeria.

Pension Alliance Limited was established in 2005 over the years they have been in service of managing and payments of pensioners’ funds.

This company has a good track record when it comes to managing pension funds and they have 13 years of professional service with over 450,000 pensioners.

Pension Alliance Limited is a subsidiary of The African Alliance Insurance Company Limited and First Securities Discount House (FSDH) Merchant Bank.


As a working-class citizen in the country either in the Government or Private sector one day you will certainly retire from your place of assignment that is why you need to plan for your retirement.

For you to enjoy the days of your retirement to the fullest you need to make the best choice when it comes to choosing your Pension Fund Administrator Manager before entrusting your funds to them.

That is why you need to do a proper investigation in this list of the best pension companies in Nigeria before you make your own decision.

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