7 Consequences of Premarital Sex You Wish You Knew Earlier

The present-day generation has blind folded their eyes to see the consequences of premarital sex.

Warnings have come in diverse ways to enhance purity but, it is only heard and not applied.

According to Wikipedia, premarital sex is sexual activity which is practiced by people before they are married.

Sprecher (2007) referred to premarital sex as a sexual behavior practiced prior to marriage, typically in the lives of adolescents and young adults.

Premarital sex is penetrative vaginal intercourse that happens between partners before formal marriage.

It is not godly as it is an abomination before God. Therefore, Christians should flee form it completely. The right position and time to enjoy SEX is within the confine of marriage.

7 Consequences of Premarital Sex No One Told You

1. Premarital Sex Can Indicate a Trust Issue

One of the major consequences of premarital sex is that it brings about trust issues.

Someone who has slept with you has a chance of sleeping with another. And to you, what is the chance you won’t sleep with another if the situation arises.

So, where is the place of faithfulness to yourself and to God?

In Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

And sometimes, these trust issues can be internal. The two parties so much ‘trust’ themselves that they had sex.

It will lead to unwanted pregnancy. When realized, they may sort to go for abortion – another sin before the Lord.

When you lean on your own ability, you may face some challenges that you cannot overcome. We should lean on God for grace and understanding.

2. It Causes Comparison in Marriage

When we engage in premarital sex, we are tempted to compare our partner to another because we have opened the door to comparison.

Just as with emotional bonds, comparison is an emotional response that can rear its ugly head time and time again.

It only takes down one’s glory. For the women, when you are deflowered, you will compare yourself to other girls.

Some may mock you, scorn you, and pity you. Some parents do act to the extent of rejecting you. They drive you away leaving rest of your life in regret.

Discussing this with your partner, before marriage and after marriage, will help to settle a run-away thought life. Discussion and forgiveness are central to the healing process.

Keep reading as we continue with the consequences of engaging in premarital sex and how to remain sexually pure before marriage.

3. Premarital Sex Sets a Shaky Foundation.

You build a strong marriage on a solid foundation. And that is Christ, whom is the basis for any good and faith-filled beginning.

Premarital experiences can chip away a good marriage because of diseases or unexpected pregnancy.

And you know what happens to a shaky foundation? They don’t last.

4. Premarital Sex Builds Communication Hurdles.

A breach of communication occurs as premarital sex happens. Two parties involved cannot communicate because a crime is committed.

You both find it difficult to look at each other. When you are together, you quickly want to leave because you no longer feel comfortable.

This is another of the many consequences of premarital sex.

If this is you, please bring it up for discussion among yourself and also in marriage class.

5. Lasting Emotional Bond Are Created

For women especially, a sexual encounter can leave a trail of emotions lingering for days or years.

This can even trickle into marriage, whether or not the spouse was the premarital sex partner.

Those lasting emotional bonds are related to the familiar heart-guarding issue.

Go for counselling to avoid “Had I known”. This expression cannot save time and action. It does not bring any good to you.

6. Additional Sin Can Barge In

When we jump into the waters of premarital sex, other sins often jump into those waters, too. One sin invites another.

Lies—whether to parents, a future spouse, friends, or others—and deception are two sins that often tag along for the ride with sex outside of marriage.

Abortion sets in too. Taking the child to orphanage homes also crawls in. To avoid this, flee from premarital sex.

We may be able to lie to others, but God knows our hearts and He asks us to trust Him completely.

We’re wise to be alert and cling to God’s righteousness versus walking into the domino chain effect of sin.

7. You May Be Putting Something or Someone Else before God

One of the major consequences of premarital sex is that you begin to honor the partner(s) than God.

Worshiping something or someone—including a boyfriend or girlfriend, or our lusts—over our Father equates to creating our own god.

We place their importance higher than that of God Almighty.

Could this indicate an authority issue? It’s possible. When we hold God in the highest esteem, we trust Him and obey His commands.

Putting anything before God will only lead us to heartache and disappointment because only God can truly satisfy us.

And He is the only one who will never disappoint us because He can be trusted in all circumstances to be holy, sovereign, and good.

Avoid premarital sex so it doesn’t compete sovereignty with God in your life.

There is Forgiveness to The Consequences of Premarital Sex

In all these consequences listed above, there is a great idea in all. There is Forgiveness.

One thing remains certain when it comes to sin, including sexual immorality. Jesus forgives.

For those of us who’ve been tempted in this area, we find relief in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Whether we’ve barely experimented with premarital sex or have a long history—or our spouse does—Jesus freely grants His grace and forgiveness.

Our action step is to simply ask Him. It’s not too late. Then we are to extend that same grace and forgiveness toward our partner out of humility and gratitude.

Jesus forgives wholeheartedly. He was slain for the remission of our sins. We can go to Him in prayer for the forgiveness of our sin.

In His Word, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white a snow”. How heavy your load of sin may be, come to Jesus for pardon. He will lift the load of sin away and wash you to be as white as snow.

When you are forgiven, ask for grace not to fall back into sin. Ask for overcoming power to resist the Devil. He will make you look like a sinner, be bold to tell him, you are not alone.

Tell him that Jesus rules within your heart. Have the boldness to remain pure. Feed your inner man with the scriptures.

Flee premarital sex to avoid the consequences that follow.

How To Remain Sexually Pure Before Marriage

Scripture states, “But sexual immorality, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not even be mentioned among you, as becomes saints;” (Eph. 5:3, WEB).

As youth, we should be watchful and be alert. Our enemy, Satan, is roaming like a Lion, seeking for whom to devour. Please! Don’t fall a prey to his trap.

If anyone approaches you in such manner, please, vacate the environment. Flee! Run, as fast as your leg can pull you.

This verse notes, “Flee sexual immorality. ‘Every sin that a man does is outside the body,’ but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body” (1 Cor. 6:18).

In the portions above, we can deduced that God warns His followers to flee from anything “IMMORAL”. It is sin committed against his own body.

There is a load that is weighed when sex is done outside marriage. It is heavier than your sin. It is a bond, a covenant that cannot be broken.

We are advised to have self-control because it is a great virtue to human.

When the urge to have sex comes, and there is no self-control in you, you can have it with anyone around.

You may not want to know who the person is. Out of ignorance, you fall a prey. Don’t visit a fellow guy alone. Go with someone older.

However, seek to know yourself. Know your weakness and strength. Work towards having a clean mind and live a life that is void of impurity.

Pray about it. Tell God you don’t want to be a prey to the devil. Ask for grace to live a Holy life.

Final Note On Consequences Of Premarital Sex

Premarital sex is deadly. STDS is real. HIV is real. These diseases are deadly connected.

Having intercourse with an infected partner easily transmits the disease to you. It will cost your happiness, joy and bring regret, sorrow and moment of grief.

Premarital sex is pleasurable, but only in marriage. No blames, no murmurings, no grievances, no regret.

If your partner asks for it, and it’s not appropriate, tell him to wait. If he can’t wait, pray for grace from God to help him out. He might be struggling with desires that are not pleasant.

Pray every morning and night without ceasing. You don’t know who’s chasing after you. Don’t be weak in the spirit.

Premarital sex is a loss over self-esteem bringing you insults.

With the Grace of God, premarital sex is avoidable.

Stay pure and gentle. Be meek and humble. Don’t act according to your desires. Learn to control your urges as you fight against impure thoughts.

Don’t fall to the pressure from your peer groups. Instead, flee then set boundaries.

God bless you and keep you.






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