5 Best Cybersecurity Software Companies For Your Website

In this article, you will discover the best cybersecurity software companies that can protect your eCommerce websites.

You must have heard that data is life.

In a digital world that heavily relies on technological and digital systems to execute business transactions, there is an increasing need to take security measures that will protect your business and customers’ data.

The different types of cyberattacks on E-Commerce websites include Phishing, Malware, DDOS/IoT attacks, and ransomware.

Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard your eCommerce website from malicious attacks that can affect your brand and customers negatively.

Statistics On Cybersecurity 

  • According to the Blackberry Global Threat Intelligence Report, over 1.5 million attacks were spotted by BlackBerry Cybersecurity Solutions, with about 11.5 cyberattacks per minute.
  • According to Statista, the average cost of data breaches worldwide is $ 4.35 million. 
  • According to Statista, security software recorded over $150 billion in revenue.

The rate of cyberattacks keeps skyrocketing each day, exposing many E-commerce businesses to risks. Sometimes, human errors can expose an e-commerce website to such attacks.

These Cyberattacks affect businesses negatively in diverse ways, like accessing and stealing intellectual property, breach of data, loss of trust, and customer loyalty.

In everything, businesses should prioritize allocating a considerable sum of their budget to any of these website security companies.

Since business transactions now take place online, eCommerce stores make conscious efforts to keep the data of their customers secure. This helps to keep their online businesses free from cyberattacks.

Your eCommerce store loses hugely if your website data gets hacked. You need to take proactive measures to secure your website against Cyberattacks. 

With this, let’s consider the five best cybersecurity software companies that protect your eCommerce websites maximally.

5 Best CyberSecurity Software Companies

1. Cloudflare

You might have tried accessing a website through your device, only for you to click on the website, and what shows up is a connection check.

Your device network connection automatically undergoes a connection check to verify that the connection is secure and you are not a robot.

As one of the best cybersecurity software companies, Cloudflare protects your site from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

With its automated DDoS mitigation system, every day, Cloudflare prevents about 112 billion malicious cyber attacks. 

Its powerful Cloud-based technology helps to secure websites that are self-hosted to prevent security threats.

Cloudflare achieves maximum security on websites without compromising the site’s loading speed.

As a user, you enjoy advanced protection with the help of its Web Application Firewall (WAF).

You can buy a Cloudflare package for your e-commerce website to get the complete security benefits.

2. SiteLock

One of the best website security companies that can secure your business website is SiteLock.

It continuously monitors and detects any malicious threat from your website. It takes a step further to block all the malicious content instantly to keep your website safe for your customers.

SiteLock constantly assesses your website for malware and quickly alerts you once it comes across a threat.

To prevent being a victim and protect your brand reputation, SiteLock offers you the best to stay ahead of hacking and other threats.

Once SiteLock is actively working on your site, the scanner allows you to showcase the SiteLock logo on your site.

The sight of the SiteLock logo builds trust in your customers and takes away the thoughts of internet fraud on ecommerce websites.

Since Site Lock keeps your eCommerce store safe, it leaves that feeling of satisfaction and the best online shopping experience in your customer’s hearts and minds.

It automatically means more referrals, customer loyalty and trust in your eCommerce store.

Other features of SiteLock include weekly reports, automatic scan and removal activity, email alerts, and SMART removal.

3. Duo Security

Since online stores have a lot of vital information about customers, it has made them the number one target of cyber attacks.

To this end, Duo security aims to give an additional layer of protection through its Multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature.

The MFA feature of Duo security prevents access to accounts, especially when a Fraudster accesses a sensitive data in an eCommerce store.

Many businesses, organizations, and agencies use Duo security for the identification of their hybrid or remote workers to beef up their security situation. 

Instead of merely asking for login details, Duo Security Software will require that the user provide a unique detail before they are given access or continue with an activity on the website.

In return, this will significantly minimize the incidence of cyberattacks.

With Duo security on your eCommerce website, customers and collaborators will undergo additional verification processes through its different authentication methods.

You can access authentication methods like SMS, callbacks, push notifications, tokens, and other recognition methods.

You can eliminate third-party contractors in your e-commerce website or organization if you are using Duo Security MFA.

Duo offers excellent services in securing your endpoints, devices, and VPN making it one of the best cybersecurity software companies. Therefore, restricting wide access to sensitive systems.

Oftentimes, people interchange MFA with two-factor authentication (2FA), but they are not the same.

The difference between 2FA and MFA is that 2FA is a type of MFA that requires only two factors to validate an activity or give permission, while MFA requires two or more factors to give the necessary validation.

Duo MFA works across a range of applications like Customer Relationship Management(CRM) systems and customized applications like ledger, eCommerce collaboration tools, and Payment systems like Point Of Sale (POS) Systems.

4. Astra Security

You can access and meet the security needs of your eCommerce store confidently with Astra Security Software. It ensures end-to-end web security solutions.

An Astra software scans the pages attempting to log in to block spam and suspicious logins to keep the

website safe.

You can access and meet the security needs of your eCommerce store confidently with Astra Security. Astra is built solidly to serve a wide range of enterprises, freelancers, and agencies. It can assess and fix credit card issues.

Features of Astra security software that makes it one of the best website security companies include:

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Machine learning,
  • Solid firewall protection,
  • Vulnerability scanning,
  • Stopping bad bots, and
  • Blocklisting incident management.

Other functions of Astra include monitoring, identifying, and notifying administrators of threats, and auditing. It achieves auditing by analyzing data on website traffic and site efficiency.

5. Sucuri Security

Sucuri offers the total protection your e-commerce website needs to run smoothly and keep it safe from malware.

It is one of the best website security companies that maintains the integrity of your site through constant malware scanning, backups and email spam protection.

Using Sucuri software day-to-day as an e-commerce store prevents Zero-day exploit, spam injection, and DDoS attack mitigation.

It also audits, scans for malware and optimizes security by providing a website firewall. The Web Application Firewall (WAF) functions as a layer that protects your website from Internet traffic to filter off malware and other cyber attacks.

You can use Sucuri software to secure your WordPress website since it provides information on event logs and automatic security for plugins.

They focus on the best security practices.

Sucuri blocks malicious IP addresses, especially when there is an attempt of brute force cyber attack. Other subsequent attacks from that fraudulent account will also be blocked off immediately.

Conclusion On Website Security Companies

Are you still contemplating of the best cybersecurity software companies?

Any of these five security software namely, Cloudflare, Site Lock, Duo Security, Astra, and Sucuri can block malware and cater for the overall security needs of your eCommerce business.

Your e-commerce website needs solid security software to protect the interests of your customers and to save your business from huge losses.

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