Open Ai ChatBot: 7 Reasons You Should Use ChatGPT

The chat bot, ChatGPT, is an Open Ai technology that dialogues in a human relatable text in response to a query.

They launched ChatGPT on November 2022 and it garnered a million users within the space of 5 days, unlike Facebook, which took 2 months to amass a such large number of users.

ChatGPT is not the first chat bot, but you wonder why everyone is talking about ChatGPT.

Before we continue, let’s understand what this Open Ai Chat bot is all about.

ChatGPT is an Open AI-generating chat bot that generates human-like responses when asked a question.

We can use ChatGPT in several ways to generate content ideas and improve learning once you sign up and log in to your Open Ai account. 

ChatGPT uses a Large Language Model (LLM) by using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

Hence, it generates responses as dialogue in human relatable text.

ChatGPT is so popular because of its ability to communicate answers to queries in a seamless natural human various language text.

Its direct conversational approach makes the outstanding. No chatbot has generated massive users of 100 million people in two months except ChatGPT.

How To Use Open Ai Chat Bot (ChatGPT)?

You can start using ChatGPT today by creating an account on the Open Ai website, logging into your account, and typing in the query in the search box.

You can as well download the ChatGPT app and type in the question to get an answer.

ChatGPT generates responses to a wide range of questions, from music, programming, history, and data analysis to crafting letters and CVs. The list is endless.

When next you encounter a coding problem, ChatGPT can detect the coding problem and proffer a solution to the problem. 

Instead of showing endless links to websites when you type in your question, ChatGPT analyzes many websites and presents a singular answer to your question.

ChatGPT is a great tool for generating ideas and brainstorming. It also gives a guide on how to achieve an activity.

So, don’t be afraid to ask queries about how to achieve a result or smash a set goal. You can use it to generate content to boost your TikTok popularity.

There are certain queries that ChatGPT doesn’t respond to. This includes questions on personal belief, violence, and certain uncommon subjects.

Why Use This Chat Bot?

Many individuals and businesses opt to use chatbots technology tools like Open AI ChatGPT, Google Bard AI, and Elon Musk’s Grok AI for these reasons:

  • Accuracy in response to questions: ChatGPT has performed above 60% in medical exams, hence showing a good level of accuracy.
  • Tackles complicated questions: When compared to other chat bots, ChatGPT can tackle complex questions simply. While some chat bots have difficulty in responding to certain technical subjects like coding and Mathematics. ChatGPT is a tool that can help you perform better in your coding skills and solve algebraic equations.
  • Timely response to questions: There is a high response rate for ChatGPT Premium users. Although, sometimes the site becomes down and ceases to work when the volume of active users is high. The consequence of the high traffic happens only to free users.
  • Saves time: Instead of going through different web pages to get an answer to a question, this Open Ai chat bot makes the work easier by visiting different web pages on your behalf and presenting a fine-tuned answer to your question. That saves time for the user.
  • Response to a wide range of subjects: We can likened ChatGPT to a Jack of all trades and master of all. It handles a varied range of subjects. Wide language support:
  • The Open Ai chat bot does not understand and interpret only questions in the English language, but supports up to 90 different languages. These languages comprise French, Spanish, and Chinese, among others.

We can as well use ChatGPT for language translation saving the negative effects of technology because of excessive usage.

For example, you can send in your prompt in French, to get a response in French Language using ChatGPT.

Why Is The Platform Down?

ChatGPT becomes unresponsive sometimes and requests users to check back later because of the high rate of traffic on the site.

With its ever-increasing popularity and growing users, the open Ai chat bot gets filled to its highest capacity at some point.

To get answers to the query entered when the site is not working, it leave users with the option of being notified when ChatGPT becomes responsive.

Another reason ChatGPT is not working can be because of network issues and other technical errors from the user’s end.

Aside from that, there are countries where ChatGPT is currently not available for use.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Notwithstanding that ChatGPT has its benefits and uses, here are some limitations of using Open ai Chat bot.

  • Biased response: The use of data that are erroneous in training the Large Language Model can affect the output of the ChatGPT.

The same thing happens if it narrowed the training data to generate a set of responses to a wide range of queries. So, the model may find it difficult to generate the most suitable answer for specific questions.

  • Threat to Linguistic diversity: There is a neglect of the unpopular mode of writing and structure while promoting the common and renowned ones with the use of ChatGPT.

This simply means that it perceives certain writings as usual, while some require a unique request to generate the needed responses.

While a standard may be required in writing when using ChatGPT, it is unjust for it to be achieved by sidelining other unpopular forms of writing.

Conclusion On The Open Ai Chat Bot

ChatGPT is an Open ai chat bot technology that gives accurate, simple, and timely responses to queries in conversational human language text.

Its effectiveness and wide range of language make it popular. Notwithstanding the high traffic generated by the increased number of users, it still has its limitations.

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