TikTok: History, Truths And Misconception

Social media has gone beyond using only text and images and this is one of the reason for TikTok becoming Popular.

TikTok uses short-form videos to share ideas, make presentations and pass information. Its video can last up to 10 minutes.

TikTok is so popular because it has extensive tools that support creativity in making short videos.

These special tools include duet, lip-syncing, sound search, and filter. In the duet, a TikTok user can sing alongside the original singer. They duplicate to sing and create a video.

Notwithstanding all the tools available for users, its duet function is a big hit that has changed the game on the social platform.

Origin of TikTok

On September 2016, a Chinese company called ByteDance launched an app called TikTok.

TikTok: History, Truths And Misconception

It was a single app called Duoyin by the Chinese. So, it gained popularity among Asians.

On August 2018, TikTok bought another app called Musical.ly which had a firm base in the US.

These two brands, Duoyin (TikTok) and Musical.ly came under one umbrella which is known as TikTok today.

TikTok has consolidated to grow numerous global users.

Here is what you need to know about TikTok’s duet function.

TikTok Duet Function

An outstanding feature of TikTok that increased its wide acceptance around the world is its duet tool.

This feature has made it hard for TikTok to be ignored, especially among Gen-Z.

It has equally served as a unique selling point for the company.

Many social media platforms have copied and replicated this same feature on their platforms.

Misconceptions About Tiktok

When TikTok started people saw it as a community for a singing competition and dance challenge.

Currently, some people still see it through this lens. But, the influx of many companies and brands on TikTok shows it is more than what people thought it was at first.

Over the years, TikTok has grown to a large community that encompasses and supports different tools and contents.

With this development, there has been a wide download and usage of the app across the globe.

People enjoy using the TikTok app this is why they spend time on this platform.

Businesses now deem it fit to have an account on this platform to connect with their customers.

They understand today’s digital economy. Hence, uses the platform to promote their products.

Then, if businesses will remain relevant in this digital economy, they must match up with every latest change and development in technology.

Therefore, they equally create an online presence on TikTok.

How TikTok Became Popular

TikTok which is called Duoyin by the Chinese is an app that was launched in late 2016.

A Chinese start-up company called Byte dance owns TikTok. They later merged with a company called musical.ly on August 2, 2018.

The app became internationally available for all to use. This led to its wide usage, growth, and popularity not just among the Chinese but internationally.

It is pretty surprising that TikTok, a Chinese app, has become so popular within a short period because many popular social media apps are owned by either a British or an American.

What You Need To Know About Tiktok Algorithm

TikTok algorithm shows personalized content to each user by learning how one uses the features on the platform.

This includes the account the user is following, the type of content that the user likes or leaves a comment on, and the videos saved.

TikTok Statistics

  • App download: There have been over 656 million TikTok app downloads worldwide in 2021 according to Statista. This made TikTok the highly downloaded app of the year.
  • Overall App Download: Reports show that TikTok has been downloaded worldwide 2 billion times.
  • App reach: TikTok has reached a wide audience of 50.3% in the US in the year 2021.
  • Revenue generation: In 2021 TikTok generated annual revenue of $58 billion for ByteDance company.
  • Users: About 57% of the total number of TikTok users are female.
  • Active Users: Records have it that TikTok has over 1 billion daily users.
  • Time Spent: It is recorded that people spent 19.6 hours monthly on TikTok.
  • Social Media Platform Ranking: According to the data provided by Statista, they ranked TikTok as the sixth most used social media platform in the year 2023.

What Can I Use TikTok to do?

Tiktok can be used to share a variety of videos with diverse content.

So, you can use it to create and share fun videos, lip-sync a song, a dancing challenge, a singing competition, market a product, and share a recipe and comedy. The list is endless.

What is Special About Tiktok?

Duet has remained a special attraction for TikTok users. This allows you to sing and video record along with an original singer on a split screen.

People also find lip-syncing fascinating. It’s obvious that TikTok has passed through various stages of development to be so popular today.

So, its extensive tools that enhance creativity in creating videos gave TikTok an upper hand that increased its popularity in a short while.

Conclusion On TikTok Becoming Popular

TikTok has changed the narrative of text and images in communication with its special tools and features that promote the use of short interesting videos.

While many assume that the platform is for dancing and singing competitions, the influx of businesses on this platform has proved otherwise.

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