Top 10 Fintech Companies In Nigeria (2024)

Fintech companies, the fusion of finance and technology, play a vital role in the progress of our country, Nigeria.

It fosters financial inclusive, accelerates economic growth, propels technological innovation, creates jobs, and enhances government services.

In essence, fintech is the trans-formative engine driving Nigeria towards a digitally empowered and economically resilient future.

Nigeria boasts a vast untapped market, driven by a youthful population of over 150 million under 35, the largest in the world.

And there’s even more potential, with over 150 million mobile lines and smartphone brands, fintech adoption is on the rise.

Yet, challenges persist. Inadequate infrastructure, evolving regulations, internet frauds, and a talent shortage hinder seamless progress.

Despite this, government backing, evidenced by the Central Bank’s e-Naira launch, fosters an environment conducive to fintech advancement.

Nigeria’s fintech surge not only propels financial services but also garners substantial venture capital, outstripping other sectors.

Beyond financial gains, the industry’s growth promises enhanced financial inclusion, poverty reduction, and economic advancement.

In essence, while hurdles exist, the future of Nigerian fintech is a compelling narrative of resilience, innovation, and transformative impact.

This article takes a stab at the fintech companies that are at the forefront of this innovative impact in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Fintech Companies In Nigeria


Flutterwave is one of the best fintech companies revolutionizing global payment infrastructures in Nigeria since 2016.

Renowned for its integrated payment solutions, advisory services, and transaction processing capabilities.

Flutterwave serves diverse sectors, empowering government bodies, corporate entities, and clients across the continent.

Acting as a pivotal API for payment processing, Flutterwave addresses challenges within Africa’s payment ecosystem.

The company’s JavaScript API seamlessly integrates with various payment methods, enabling credit card, mobile wallet, and bank account transactions.

Flutterwave extends its support to merchants, advocating for swift legal entity establishment within a five-day time frame.

As a major player in Nigeria’s fintech landscape, Flutterwave has achieved unicorn status, boasting a valuation exceeding $1 billion.

Processing a staggering 140 million transactions, totaling over $9 billion, Flutterwave has expanded operations to Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

The company’s funding history reflects its compelling success, with a noteworthy $170 million Series C funding round in March 2021.

Flutterwave’s accolades include:

  • The 2021 African Fintech Company of the Year at the African Banker Awards
  • The Best Fintech Solution at the AppsAfrica Innovation Awards in 2017 and 2018,
  • CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, as the African CEO of the Year at the Africa CEO Forum Awards in 2021.

Flutterwave’s innovative prowess and transformative contributions underscore its pivotal role in propelling Nigeria’s fintech sector.

2. PAYSTACK Fintech Company

Founded in 2015 by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, Paystack stands as one of the pioneering fintech companies in Nigeria.

They offer enterprise cutting-edge payment processing services to businesses.

The company made history in November 2015 by becoming the first Nigerian entity accepted into Y Combinator.

Paystack’s core offering is an online platform and mobile apps that empower Nigerian businesses to seamlessly accept online payments.

The company swiftly gained traction, expanding its footprint to other African countries.

Although, it cuts down its operations in 2023.

Paystack commands a significant share of Nigeria’s payments landscape, processing over 50% of all online payments in the country.

Before its acquisition by Stripe in 2020 for a substantial $200 million, Paystack was already utilized by over 60,000 businesses.

In terms of funding, Paystack has secured substantial investments, including a noteworthy $1.3 million seed funding in 2016.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2018 when Paystack raised $8 million in a Series A funding round led by Stripe.

Paystack’s impactful journey in the fintech realm has garnered recognition and accolades.

The company was named the Best Fintech Startup at the 2018 AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

They also secured the title of West African Startup of the Year at the 2019 African Startup Awards.

Paystack’s innovative payment solutions have helped in cementing them as one of the best fintech companies in Nigeria.


Established in 2016 by Somto Ifezue and Odunayo Eweniyi, PiggyVest has grown to become a prominent Nigerian fintech player.

They specialize in delivering cutting-edge savings and investment services to both individuals and businesses.

This makes them one of the best saving apps in Nigeria right now.

PiggyVest’s platform, accessible through an online interface and mobile apps, empowers users to cultivate a savings culture with features like goal-setting, automated savings, and interest accrual.

Beyond traditional savings, PiggyVest extends investment opportunities into sectors such as agriculture, real estate, and transportation.

With a colossal user base surpassing 3 million and transactions exceeding $100 million since its inception, PiggyVest has solidified its standing as a leader in Nigeria’s dynamic savings and investment landscape.

In terms of financial backing, PiggyVest has secured substantial investments, marking key milestones in its growth trajectory.

In 2018, the company raised $1.1 million in seed funding from investors, including LeadPath Nigeria, Village Capital, and Ventures Platform.

Fast forward to 2021, PiggyVest orchestrated a remarkable Series B funding round, raising $25 million. This round was spearheaded by Valar Ventures, a venture capital firm co-founded by Peter Thiel.

PiggyVest’s impact reverberates not only in its impressive user base and financial achievements but also in the accolades it has garnered.

The company was honoured as the Best Fintech Startup at the 2019 AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

PiggyVest’s innovative solutions in the realm of savings and investments have undeniably played a pivotal role in propelling the fintech industry’s growth in both Nigeria and the broader African landscape.


Paga is a Nigerian fintech venture established in 2012 by entrepreneur Tayo Oviosu, who holds an MBA from Stanford University and experience gained at Cisco Systems.

Oviosu had envisioned a platform that would simplify money transfers, bill payments, and digital purchases.

Paga’s innovative multi-channel network, accessible via online platforms and mobile apps compatible with iOS, Android, and basic USSD phones, has rapidly gained traction.

Currently serving 9 million customers, including 6,000 businesses, Paga has become synonymous with seamless digital financial transactions.

Noteworthy is Paga’s strategic partnerships, including collaborations with industry giants like Western Union and Moneytrans for remittances.

The platform’s adaptability is evident through its compatibility with various devices, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.

In terms of market share, Paga is a frontrunner in Nigeria’s dynamic payments landscape, having processed a staggering 57 million transactions amounting to $3.6 billion since its inception.

Paga’s financial journey includes a significant funding milestone in 2018 when it secured $10 million in a funding round led by the Global Innovation Fund, attesting to investor confidence in its vision.

The accolades bestowed upon Paga underscore its impact on the fintech landscape.

In 2019, Paga was honored as the Best Fintech Startup at the AppsAfrica Innovation Awards. This is enough to make the list of the best fintech companies in Nigeria.

Paga’s relentless pursuit of innovative payment solutions has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the fintech industry’s trajectory in Nigeria and across the African continent.

5. INTERSWITCH Fintech Company

Established in 2002 by Nigerian entrepreneur Mitchell Elegbe, Interswitch stands as an Innovator in the world of Nigerian fintech.

Initially focusing on transaction switching and processing, Interswitch has undergone a transformative journey, embracing consumer financial services.

Notable milestones include the launches of Quickteller, a retail payments ecosystem, and Verve, a homegrown, EMV-certified payments card scheme.

Interswitch’s evolution has significantly contributed to the development of Nigeria’s payments ecosystem.

The company’s reach extends beyond national borders, solidifying its status as a leading player in Africa’s dynamic financial landscape.

With a full suite of omni-channel payment solutions, Interswitch caters to the diverse needs of modern consumers.

A testament to its impact, Interswitch has clinched numerous awards, including the Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme Efficiency Awards in 2016.

The company’s prowess is further emphasized by its unicorn status, boasting a valuation exceeding $1 billion.

In 2022, Interswitch secured a substantial $110 million in funding, a testament to investor confidence and a strategic move to fuel further expansion.

As one of the six Nigerian unicorns, Interswitch continues to shape the future of digital finance, combining innovation, credibility, and a commitment to providing accessible and efficient digital solutions across the African continent.


Carbon, formerly known as Carbon Paylater, stands as a prominent Nigerian fintech company specializing in digital lending, payments, and investment services.

Founded in 2012 by Chijioke Dozie and Ngozi Dozie, Carbon has emerged as a groundbreaker in the digital lending market.

They offer a diverse range of financial services from savings to payments and investments.

Carbon enables users to access instant loans using their apps, make payments, and invest their money.

With an expanding footprint that includes other African countries like Kenya and Ghana, Carbon has significantly impacted the fintech landscape.

In 2020 alone, the company processed over $240 million in payments, marking an 89% increase from the previous year.

As one of the leading fintech companies in Nigeria, Carbon has secured a substantial market share in the digital lending and payments ecosystem.

The company’s funding history reflects its success, having attracted significant investments from various sources, including a $10 million funding round in 2018 led by the Global Innovation Fund.

Carbon’s achievements extend to multiple awards for electronic payment services, notably winning the inaugural Electronic Payment Incentive Scheme Efficiency Awards in 2016.

These accolades underscore Carbon’s innovative contributions to the growth of the fintech industry in both Nigeria and Africa.


Kuda, a Nigerian digital-led bank established in 2016 by Babs Ogundeyi and Musty Mustapha, stands out as one of the best fintech companies in Nigeria.

They offer a diverse range of banking services, from savings to loans and bill payments, through their mobile app.

Kuda has garnered a substantial market share with over 1.4 million registered users and $2 billion in processed transactions.

The company’s financial journey includes a noteworthy $55 million Series B funding round in 2021, spearheaded by Valar Ventures.

Kuda’s achievements extend beyond financial metrics, earning recognition as the Best Digital Bank in Nigeria at the 2021 Global Banking and Finance Awards.

This acknowledgment underscores Kuda’s commitment to innovation in digital banking, contributing significantly to the overall growth of the fintech industry in Nigeria and Africa.

The company’s rapid expansion has solidified its position as a leading digital bank, reflecting its dedication to transforming and enhancing the banking experience for users across the continent.


Opay, a trailblazing Nigerian fintech firm, has emerged as a transformative force in mobile payments and financial services since its establishment in 2018 by Opera Software.

Expanding its influence beyond Nigeria, Opay’s mobile app seamlessly facilitates payments, fund transfers, and various financial services.

They amass an impressive user base exceeding 5 million and processing transactions totalling over $2 billion.

This places Opay as one of the best fintech companies in Nigeria, holding a substantial market share and demonstrating its prowess in the mobile payment and financial services sector.

Underpinning its meteoric rise is Opay’s strategic financial backing. In a significant funding round in 2019, the company secured $50 million, led by Sequoia Capital China.

This substantial investment attests to the confidence placed in Opay’s vision and potential for further growth.

Opay’s journey is marked not only by financial milestones but also by industry recognition.

In 2020, Opay was honored with the title of Best Mobile Payment Platform at the esteemed AppsAfrica Innovation Awards.

This accolade underscores Opay’s innovative contributions to the fintech landscape and its ability to provide cutting-edge solutions.

As Opay continues its expansion, these achievements position it as a leading mobile payment and financial services provider in both Nigeria and the broader African market.

The company’s commitment to innovation, backed by strategic funding and industry accolades, cements Opay’s status as a transformative player in the dynamic and rapidly evolving fintech sector.


PalmPay, founded in 2019 under the leadership of CEO Greg Reeve, stands as a prominent mobile-based financial services provider in Nigeria.

Offering a diverse array of digital payment solutions, PalmPay has quickly become a frontrunner in the country’s dynamic fintech landscape.

The company’s comprehensive suite of services encompasses fee-free payment options, bill payments, enticing rewards programs, and discounted airtime, catering to the diverse financial needs of its users.

This commitment to user-centric services has propelled PalmPay to significant market dominance, boasting over 10 million registered users as of 2021.

PalmPay’s journey is marked by substantial financial backing, with a noteworthy $40 million seed round in 2019, led by Transsion, a prominent Chinese mobile-phone manufacturer.

This infusion of capital has undoubtedly contributed to PalmPay’s robust growth and market penetration.

Moreover, PalmPay has not only gained user trust but has also garnered industry recognition.

The company clinched the coveted Outstanding Payment Platform of the Year award at the prestigious 2023 Marketing Edge Awards, affirming its excellence in the fintech realm.

Their strategic vision, user-focused services, substantial funding, and industry accolades position it as a driving force in shaping the future of digital payments in Nigeria.

With a solid foundation and a commitment to innovation, PalmPay is fit to be in the list of top fintech companies in Nigeria.

10. REMITA Fintech Company

Remita, an esteemed electronic payment platform, provides comprehensive financial solutions for both businesses and individuals.

Remita’s well-established reputation and a plethora of accolades spotlight its profound impact on the fintech landscape.

Its widespread recognition and numerous awards underscore its substantial influence within the African fintech sector.

Remita’s service offerings span a diverse spectrum, encompassing tailor-made electronic payment solutions for businesses and individuals, versatile bill payment capabilities, and efficient financial management solutions across multiple banks.

Remita’s achievements and recognition suggest a robust foundation and considerable support within the fintech industry.

Notably, Remita has clinched prestigious awards, notably being crowned “Africa’s Fintech Company of the Year 2023” by Acquisition International, UK.

This recognition solidifies Remita’s status as a global trailblazer, showcasing its excellence and innovation in the fintech realm.

Remita’s consistent recognition and awards underscore its pivotal contributions to the African fintech landscape.

Through its electronic payment solutions, bill payment capabilities, and financial management services, Remita has rightfully earned its place as a prominent and pioneering player in the industry.

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