Work-Life Balance: How You Can Live A Balanced Life

Do you struggle with work-life balance? Would you want to achieve stability in your mental, physical, financial, and spiritual health?

If yes, you are in the right place.

When I started out new in business, I was so occupied that my life was failing apart right in my eyes.

I worked many hours to scale up my business with no regards for the engine I was using – my body.

All that matters to me was reaching the benchmark the society called, “Success”.

Then, I met a mentor who instilled in me values of freedom, time, and love.

Soon, I realised that wisdom is choosing ‘better’ over ‘more’.

Today, all I could say is, I am grateful. The journey is worth every step.

The principle of work-life balance does not limit to employees’ performance alone. It applies to everyone, including you and me.

What Is Work-Life Balance?

In 2014, I was at a business seminar listening to one of the successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

He made mentioned of how his employee insisted he open new branches in other states.

And he replied the employee, “Do we have to do more to become better?”

Meditate on that reply.

Do you have to open more businesses to make more money? Do you have to work all day to prove your worth to your boss?

Work-Life balance is that point of life where both your professional (business or job) and personal life (wealth and relationships) aligns – none affecting the other.

It is the moment where you achieve an equal rise and stability in all areas of your life.

As much as I want you to have the best of high-paying jobs, know when to stop.

Because, I don’t want you to get to that point where, for every money you earn, you need to work your body.

More reason I chose to start an online business that pays daily.

When we are young, we lose our health to gain wealth. When we are old, we are ready to lose our wealth to regain our health.

Importance Of Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is winning at business and succeeding in life. It questions the traditional beliefs of life about success.

Those with a balanced life understand that there is more to life than making a profit.

They know you don’t make more by pursuing more. That the game of more is not the smartest solutions to the challenges of life.

Here are the reasons it is important to embrace the work-life balance principles.

  • You become more self-reliant in your decisions.
  • You don’t trade time for money.
  • You become better and more productive.
  • In business, you save energy with automations and systems.
  • You become more creative in solving problems.
  • You build your business around your life and not your life around your business.
  • People celebrate your difference and uniqueness.

Solutions To Work-Life Balance

1. Do Nothing

We are always in motion, our actions become mechanical, and our life full of stress.

We have become friends with technology as an escape to not vetting our thought.

But little do you know that the best ideas won’t come to you when working in front of your laptop or at your production site.

These inspirations come when you are doing nothing related to your business – bathing, cooking and more.

Likewise, you make better decisions when you sit with your own thoughts.

2. Go Online

Businesses that operate from one location with online extensions prove to do better.

You pay more to build and maintain physical offices than the cost of designing an ecommerce website.

With a chat box in your online store, customers can reach out to you about your products.

That alone goes a long way to giving you peace of mind, leading to a work-life balance.

Remember, the world is digital, go with the best eCommerce company in Nigeria.

3. Automate Repetitive Tasks

You can automate most things you are doing all times.

This will help you reduce the time you spend on activities. Ways you can do this include:

  • Create explanatory videos about basic things, so your customers can start with.
  • State your product/services price on your website to avoid unnecessary bargains.
  • Answer all customer’s questions about your product via FAQ on your website.

4. Focus One Business Until Success:

This is against the popular beliefs that say you have to have 7 income sources to become a millionaire.

But that is not all true.

More income isn’t the same as more business. You don’t need to create six more business.

Instead, seek ways to create 7 incomes from one business.

And if you are yet to make significant results in your current business, keep working on it rather thinking of another to open.

5. Accept Your Responsibility

When you are responsible, you accept reality as it is. You don’t daydream or engage in wishes.

  • “I wish it was like this…”,
  • “If only this will happen”

My friend, the world owes you nothing. And no one is coming to save you.

Don’t pray for life to be easy. Pray you become tougher.

I have faced many challenges that I thought it would crush me. Yet, I kept standing.

All Glory To God!

As you drive towards a work-life balance life, you will face challenges you never prayed for. Such as.

  • Low income (at least for some few months),
  • Business struggles.
  • Doubt arising. And more.

It’s your duty to recover quick from these troubles. You can’t afford to remain on the ground.

Your ability to take charge of your life will take you far more than any high income skills.

By taking responsibility, you make a good judgement on problems.

6. Be Good At What You Do

Many people desire excellence in their work, but only a few could achieve it.

Why? The Lack of Expertise.

You will know a man by three things:

  • His Punctuality to meetings (What respect does he have for time?)
  • His Integrity, and to his words (Does he keep his promises?)
  • Quality of his works (How good is he in what he does?)

How does being an expertise helps you achieve a work-life balance?

  • It gives you the ability to attract the best of clients and discard low ones.
  • You can select the customers you want and the projects you want to work on.
  • You complete work faster than normal, saving you more time.

All this wouldn’t be possible if you are not a master at what you do.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

Ecclessiates 9 vs 10

7. Keep It Simple

In business, offering customers many products options at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

Marketers will tell you, the simpler it is to explain, the easier it is to sell.

Identify any man who has achieved work-life balance. The first quality you will notice is his simplicity of lifestyle.

This is one of the most admirable qualities I live by – Simplicity. It is the most complicated sophistication in the world.

Your simplicity in words, actions, thoughts helps ease a work-life balance.

It’s hard to find fault with a man of great simplicity.

I encourage you to make your life simple that you have no attachment to anything.

Don’t become a victim of blind growth, as it will lead to nothing but disappointments.

Choosing to go the path of work-life balance will be one of your best decision to achieving a balanced life.

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