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11 Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment Requirements

    The Nigerian Navy DSSC courses recruitment form comes out December and the portal closes for application in February the next year.

    The training period is usually six months of intensive military training. After which they would commission successful candidates as Sub Lieutenant.

    A brief history about the Nigerian Navy.

    After the Second World War in 1945, nationalist from the Marine Departments of the Royal navy submitted a proposal to establish NPA.

    At first, there was a resistance from parliament members of the Royal Navy (colonial masters) who felt it is their duty to protect citizens of Nigeria.

    But with further pressure from the likes of Mr. LL Olakunle, a member of the parliament, the colonial administration approved of the Nigerian Naval Defence Force in 1956.

    Today, we all know it as the Nigerian Navy.

    Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment General Requirements

    To apply for the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment exercise, below are the general requirements.

    1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth.

    2. Don’t deceive with false information or fake certificates. Any act of such will lead to disqualification and prosecution.

    3. First degree holders should have at least Second-Class Upper Division, while HND holders need Upper Credit. Your knowledge of computer is an advantage.

    4. Applicants must have certificates from their respective professional bodies in Nigeria.

    5. If you studied abroad, get your certificates verified by the Ministry of Education and bring copies to the test center.

    6. Also, bring your WAEC or NECO certificate, plus any other results you have with credits in Mathematics and English.

    7. You must submit either the NYSC discharge certificate or letter of exemption. Also, come with the Parent/Guardian form and acknowledgement form.

    8. For males, the least height requirement is 1.68 meters and for females, it’s 1.65 meters.

    9. If you’re between 22 and 28 as at the deadline date, you are good to go. Medical Officers shouldn’t be older than 30.

    10. To apply, military and paramilitary servicemen and women need a letter signed by their unit heads.

    11. If you made it to the shortlist, they would let you know the date and time of the aptitude test through the Nigerian Navy website.

    The enlistment process is free, so don’t fall for anyone asking for money.

    Also, you can apply to the Nigerian Navy Basic Recruitment Exercise.

    Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment Departmental Requirements

    To apply for the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment exercise, below are the departmental requirements:

    1. Medical:

    These are the fields you can apply for if you meet the requirements:

    • Medical Doctors/Dental Surgeons:

    MBBS, MBBCh and/or BDS with practice license from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

    • Pharmacy:

    B.Pharm/Doctor Pharmacy degree and full registration with the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria as well as have a current practicing license.

    • Medical Lab Science:

    BMLS with a practicing license from the Medical Laboratory Scientist Council of Nigeria.

    • Radiographer:

    BSc in Radiography with current practicing license.

    • Physiotherapy:

    B.Physiotherapy or BMR (Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation) with a practicing license from the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria (MRTB).

    • Optometry:

    Doctor of Optometry with a practicing license from the Optical Council of Nigeria.

    • Medical Records/Health Information Management:

    BSc/HND required with a current practicing license.

    • Clinical Psychology:

    BSc in Clinical Psychology and Applied Psychology, with current practicing license.

    • Biomedical Engineer:

    BSc/HND in Biomedical Engineering with a current practicing license.

    • Public Health Officer:

    BSc/HND in either Environmental Health or Community Health Information and Education with a practicing license from the Environmental Health Officers Registrations Council of Nigeria (EHORCON).

    • General Nursing/Midwives:

    B.NSc, RN and RM with current practicing license.

    It is an added advantage if you have a basic qualification in any of these fields.

    (1) Accident and Emergency Nurse.

    (2) Intensive Care Unit Nurse.

    (3) Peri-Operative Nurse.

    (4) Ophthalmic Nurse.

    (5) Dialysis/Renal Nurse.

    • Social Welfare Officer/Nutritionist:

    BSc, practicing license from relevant regulatory bodies, registered member of the professional board.

    • Occupational Therapist:

    BSc, practicing license from relevant regulatory bodies, registered member of the professional board.

    2. Engineering:

    B.Sc or B Eng qualifications requirement to apply in these fields.

    • Control Engineering.
    • Naval Architecture/Ship Design.
    • Marine Engineering (Mechanical).
    • Marine Engineering (Electrical).
    • Mechatronics Engineering.

    Being a member of NSE and COREN gives you an extra edge.

    3. Information and Communication Technology:

    B.Sc/ B.Tech/ B.Eng in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Priority will be given to candidates with relevant qualifications in:

    • Networking and Network Administration.
    • Programming and Software Development.
    • Server and Database Administration.
    • Cyber Security.
    • Computer Forensics/Digital Investigation.
    • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

    Certification in relevant fields is an added advantage.

    4. Legal Service:

    LLB and BL. LLM in International Maritime Law, International Law or Forensic Law is an added advantage.

    Apply for Nigerian Navy DSSC

    Nigeria AirForce DSSC Recruitment Shortlist

    There are three ways to know you are among the successful candidate in the Nigerian Navy DSSC shortlist.

    1. Phone: You will receive a text message from the Nigerian Navy of your success. Please ensure you remove your phone from DND.

    2. Email: They will send you an email inviting you for an interview. Ensure you check your spam inbox always.

    3. Website: The last means to know is to login regularly and check your dashboard on the Nigerian Navy official website.

    There is no need getting disturbed when the shortlist will be out. They will reach out to you by any of the means mentioned above.

    And what matters most is that you are among the shortlisted candidates. It’s my prayer they shortlist you in Jesus Name.

    Nigerian Navy Officers Rank and Monthly Salary

    RanksMonthly Salary
    RankCommissioned Officers
    Rear Admiral₦1,366,393
    RanksNon-commissioned Officers
    Warrant Chief Petty Officer₦155,655 
    Chief Petty Officer₦120,572
    Petty Officer₦90,254
    Leading Seaman₦72,659
    Able Seaman₦68,850
    Ordinary Seaman₦53,851
    Table showing ranks and monthly salary of the Nigerian Navy Officers

    Nigerian Navy DSSC Training Requirements

    Once you are shortlisted, below are the training requirement.:

    • Original and photocopies of credentials
    • Four copies of 5 by 7 colour photograph without cap/hat,
    • Writing materials to include biro, pencils, ruler, notebooks and file jacket,
    • Three pairs of white (unmarked) round neck vests and navy blue shorts (without stripes) and two pairs of white and black socks.
    • Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable),
    • Two white bedsheets and pillowcases, two black trousers and white long sleeve shirts,
    • One blanket (grey or army green colour),
    • Two pairs of national dress or suit and casual wears with shoes, Bucket, cutlasses and brooms to be purchased on arrival, some pocket money and toiletries,
    • Two black cloth facemasks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the Nigerian navy dssc requirements?

      To apply to the Nigerian Navy DSSC, it requires you are a Nigerian by birth. You must have a first degree with practice license from your professional body. And you must be at least 1.68 meters for males and 1.65 meters for females.

    • Is Nigerian navy dssc form out?

      The Nigerian Navy DSSC courses recruitment form comes out December and the portal closes for application in February the next year. Check the official website for the current date.

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