Nigerian AirForce Requirements for DSSC Recruitment

The Nigerian Airforce DSSC courses has requirements you must meet to be eligible to apply for its recruitment exercises and appear in the shortlist form. In this article you will find them all.

The DSSC training period is usually 6 months of intensive military training. After which they would commission successful candidates as Flying Officers.

A brief history about the Nigerian AirForce…

Nigeria’s idea for an air force emerged in 1961 after peace-keeping efforts in Congo and Tanganyika. At that time, foreign air forces airlifted the Nigerian Army Regiment during these peace-keeping operations.

Then, the Nigerian government saw the necessity of a modern air force to strengthen its military. The Government approved the establishment of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in early 1962.

Nigerian AirForce DSSC Recruitment General Instructions

The Nigerian Airforce DSSC recruitment is open to civilians and military personnel with degrees in specified fields. Successful applicants would be invited for board interview exercise.

1. Nationality: Applicants must be Nigerian citizen by origin or by birth.

2. Age: Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 30 years (25 – 40 years for Medical Consultants). Please note the following:

  • Candidates born before 15 December 1994 are not eligible, while candidates born before 15 December 1984 are not eligible for medical consultants.
  • The Exercise is not for serving personnel desiring Branch Commission. Therefore, personnel above 30 years of age (born before 15 December 1994) are not to apply.

3. Height: Applicants must not be less than 1.66m tall for males and not less than 1.63m tall for females.

4. Medical Fitness: Applicants must be medically, physically and psychologically fit and must meet the Nigerian Air Force medical and employment standards.

5. Attestation Form: Applicants’ Local Government Area Attestation Form must be signed by:

  • A military officer from the same State as the applicants and not below the rank of Wing Commander in the Nigerian Air Force or
  • Equivalent in the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Navy or
  • A Police Officer of the rank of Assistant Commissioner and above, or
  • Local Government Chairman/Secretary, Magistrate and
  • Principals of Secondary Schools attended by applicants can also sign the Attestation Form.

The Local Government Area Attestation Form must be accompanied by the passport photograph and photocopy of the signees’ Drivers License or National ID Card or International Passport.

The signee is also to authenticate behind the applicants’ passport photograph.

6. Presentation of Original Credentials: Successful applicants are required to submit their original credentials for scrutiny at the Selection Board Interview Exercise. The credentials include the following:

  • Two recent passport size photographs to be stamped and countersigned by officer of appropriate rank specified in Paragraph 6.
  • Original and photocopy of birth certificate or Declaration of Age.
  • Original and photocopy of educational/professional Certificates.
  • Original and photocopy of Indigeneship certificate from applicant’s Local Government/State of Origin.
  • Original and photocopy of Attestation to Good Character signed by Officer of appropriate rank as specified in paragraph 6.

7. Impersonation: Any applicant suspected to have impersonated or submitted false document(s) shall be disqualified from the Selection Exercise.

Also, any false declaration detected later may lead to withdrawal from training. Such applicants will be handed over to the Nigeria Police for prosecution.

The Nigerian Air Force will not entertain any enquiries in respect of applicants whose applications have been rejected.

Interested applicants are to note that the online registration for the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Recruitment is FREE OF CHARGE.

Applicants are required to fill in valid email addresses and telephone numbers in the appropriate spaces provided in the Application Form.

8. Application Form: On completion of the application forms, applicants must print out the underlisted documents:

  • Acknowledgment Form.
  • Parent/Guardians Consent Form.
  • Local Government Area Attestation Form.

9. Invitation for Interview: Successful applicants would be invited for Selection Board Interview Exercise. In addition to this, email and phone numbers could be used as deemed necessary.

Nigerian AirForce DSSC Requirements for All Disciplines

1) Interested applicants must possess a minimum of Second-Class Lower Division for holders of the first degree and Lower Credit for HND holders.

2) In addition, applicants must possess credit in English Language and Mathematics and degree course of study. Computer literacy will be an added advantage.

3) Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge Certificate or Letter of Exemption from NYSC at the time of applying for DSSC.

4) Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria where applicable.

If you do not meet these requirements, you may consider applying to the Nigerian AirForce BMTC Recruitment.

Nigerian AirForce DSSC Requirements for Specific Disciplines

1) Aircraft Engineering:

  • HND/BEng/BSc Mechanical Engineering, Airframe and Engine Engineering, Avionics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering,
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering. MSc would be an added advantage.

2) Armament Technology:

  • BSc/HND/BEng, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry), Physics, Explosive Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering. MSc would be an added advantage.

3) Air Intelligence:

  • BSc/HND Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Cartography Photogrammetry, Geography,
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Computer Science (CompTIA A+, Ethical Hacking and OSINT),
  • Cyber Security/Data Science, Computer Engineering, Mandarin Language (Chinese) and Arabic Language.

4) Air Traffic Services:

Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/BTech/HND)

  • Air Traffic Control. BSC/HND (Sciences) or Air Traffic Control Licence (NCAA).
  • Meteorology. BTech Meteorology, BSc/HND Geography and BSc/HND Physics.
  • Fire BSc/HND (Science) or BEngr (Civil Engineering) and BSc/HND Chemistry. Fire Fighting/Rescue Certificate would be an added advantage.

5) Communication, Information and Space Technology:

  • BEng/BTech/HND Radar Engineering, BEng/BTech/BSc/HND Communications Engineering,
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering, BSc Satellite Communication/Satellite Ground Station Engineering,
  • BSc/HND Remote Sensing, BSc/HND Geographic Information System, BSc/HND Rocketry/ Astronomy/Space Engineering, BSc Geography, BSc Geo-Physics/Physics,
  • BEng/BTech/BSc/HND/MSc/MTech Telecommunications Engineering, ICT Engineering,
  • Computer and Electronics Engineering, Robotics Engineering, HND/BSc/MSc Software Engineering/Developer,
  • HND/BSc/MSc Information Technology/Computer Science, Cyber Security, Computer Engineering,
  • HND/BSc/MSc Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Robotics and Mechatronics.
  • BSc/HND/MSc in other discipline with proven competencies in Software Development languages such as PHP, Python, C++ and MERN Stack can also apply.
  • Possession of professional certificates such as CCNA Wireless, CCNP Wireless, Network+, Security+, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CompTIA Security+, and other ICT proficiency are added advantage.
  • Applicants to submit details of github accounts demonstrating competencies with successful projects.

6) Logistics:

  • BSc/HND Purchasing and Supply/Procurement, Marketing, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics,
  • Data Analytics, Industrial Chemistry, Biology/Bio-Chemistry, POL Laboratory Science, Database Administration/ Management.

Application Process for the Nigerian Airforce DSSC recruitment is FREE OF CHARGE.

7) Works and Services:

  • BSc/HND Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geoinformatics, Quantity Surveyor and Land Surveyor.

8) Catering Services:

  • BSc/HND Hotel and Catering Management, BSc/HND Hospitality Management and BSC/HND Event Management.

9) Administration/Personnel Services:

  • BSc/HND Public Administration, Statistics.

10) Sports and Physical Education:

  • BSc Physical and Health Education.

11) Air Provost:

  • BSc Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, LLB, BL, BMLS (Lab Scientist), Veterinary and BSc Cyber Security.

12) Education:

  • BA(Ed)/BEd/BSc(Ed)/BTech in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science,
  • Geography, Building Construction, Electrical/Electronics, Agricultural Science,
  • Hausa Language, Yoruba Language, Igbo Language, Economics, History and Library Science.

13) Chaplaincy:

  • BA Theology/Divinity.

14) Imam:

  • BA Islamic Studies, BA Ed Arabic Studies and Education and BA Sharia Law.

15) Music:

  • BA/BEd Music.

16) Legal Services:

  • LLB, BL.

17) Public Relations:

  • BSc/BA/HND Mass Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Television and Film Production.

18) Medical Doctor/Consultants:

Must possess MBBS, MBchB or equivalent by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

19) Therapeutics/Diagnostics/Medical Support Services:

  • Must have specialist’s qualification or its equivalent (BSc/HND).
  • Also, must be fully registered by its specialist’s Council of Nigeria and possess a current practicing license in appropriate specialist areas:

20) Nurses – BSc/RN and RM.

  • Must be registered and have a current practicing license from the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council.

21) Account and Budget:

  • BSc Accounting, Banking and Finance.

22) Museum and Archives:

  • BA History, Archeology, Anthropology and Museum Technology.

Apply for NAF DSSC

Nigerian AirForce Officers Rank and Monthly Salary

RankRegular Officers
Air Chief Marshal₦2,113,602
Air Marshal₦1,838,711
Air Vice-Marshal₦1,699,451
Rank DSSC Officers
Air Commodore₦977,895
Group Captain₦852,631
Wing Commander₦742,586
Squadron Leader₦648,004
Flight Lieutenant₦332,484
Flying Officer₦218,400
Pilot Officer₦187,159
RankBMTC Officers
Air Warrant Officer₦171,793
Master Warrant Officer₦165,697
Warrant Officer₦101,974
Flight Sergeant₦97,115
Lance Corporal₦59,261
Table showing ranks and monthly salary of the Nigerian AirForce Officers

As a DSSC officer, your peak in the Nigerian AirForce ranking system is Air Commodore unless you seek for an upgrade after 15 years of service.

Nigeria AirForce DSSC Shortlist

There are three ways to know you are among the successful candidate in the Nigerian Airforce DSSC shortlist.

1. Phone: You will receive a text message from the Nigerian Airforce of your success. Please ensure you remove your phone on DND.

2. Email: They will send you an email inviting you for an interview. Ensure you check your spam inbox always.

3. Website: The last means to know is to login regularly and check your dashboard on the Nigerian Airforce official website.

There is no need getting disturbed when the shortlist will be out. They will reach out to you in any of the means mentioned above.

And what matters most is that you are among the shortlisted candidates. It’s my prayer they shortlist you in Jesus Name.

Nigerian Airforce DSSC Training Requirements

Once you are shortlisted, below are the training requirement.:

  • Original and photocopies of credentials
  • Four copies of 5 by 7 colour photograph without cap/hat,
  • Writing materials to include biro, pencils, ruler, notebooks and file jacket,
  • Three pairs of white (unmarked) round neck vests and navy blue shorts (without stripes) and two pairs of white and black socks.
  • Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable),
  • Two white bedsheets and pillowcases, two black trousers and white long sleeve shirts,
  • One blanket (grey or army green colour),
  • Two pairs of national dress or suit and casual wears with shoes, Bucket, cutlasses and brooms to be purchased on arrival, some pocket money and toiletries,
  • Two black cloth facemasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Nigerian airforce dssc form out?

    The Nigerian Airforce DSSC courses recruitment registration form comes out every January and the portal closes March of the same year.

  2. Is the Nigerian Airforce DSSC shortlist out?

    The Nigerian Airforce DSSC shortlist takes between 4 to 6 weeks after the registration deadline date. The list would consist eligible candidates for the training exercise.

  3. How long is Nigerian air force dssc training?

    The training period for the Nigerian Airforce DSSC courses is usually 6 months of intensive military training and successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Flying Officer.

  4. What are the requirements for the Nigerian Airforce DSSC?

    The Nigerian Airforce DSSC recruitment requirements are as follows: You must be a Nigeria citizen with six credits score including Mathematics and English in your SSCE to apply. And so many others.

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