10 Passive Income Ideas that Earn You Money

In this article, you will learn about the best passive income ideas that can earn you more money in Nigeria through legitimate means.

They say that the only constant thing is change. So, how do you keep up with rising change in bills and still live your best?

The answer is passive income.

Put simply; passive income is the money you make without trading your time for it. When you make money from your business with less effort, that is passive income.

Top 10 Best Passive Income Ideas That Earn You Money In Nigeria

1. Rent your car out for Uber:

This is one of the best passive income ideas for car owners in Nigeria.

If you have a car in good working conditions, you can earn renting it out to Uber.

Uber has a program called “Uber Vehicle Solutions”, where you can make money by having someone else drive your car for Uber.

To participate in this program, you need to apply and meet certain requirements, like car age, driving record, and other eligibility criteria.

Then you will find a driver who drives your car to make money for you passively.

2. Invest in Real Estate:

This option is widely known to be one of the surest form of passive income ideas for the rich.

I’m not going to tell you any different here, rather than break it down. When you hear real estate, the first thing that comes to mind is investing in properties, but there’s more to it.

Real Estate refers to land, which includes everything that land has to offer, including, natural resources, water, buildings, trees, and houses.

It is a tangible asset with intrinsic value, which you can buy and sell, or rent and lease.

A proper research and consultation should set you on the right path.

3. Start Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products to customers without having to own any of those products yourself.

You don’t even have to purchase any of the product before hand, your job is to be the middle man.

As the middle man, you gain the profit made from the sale without the hassle of buying, transporting, storing and shipping.

  • You set up an ecommerce website to showcase the products.
  • Partner with Dropshipping suppliers like Alibaba.
  • Employ the services of an SEO experts for Google ranking.
  • An intending customer finds a product and places order.
  • The supplier ships directly to the customer using your brand name.

Dropshipping is the perfect source of passive income in Nigeria because you don’t have to put in much effort or time after the initial setup.

4. Forex Copy Trading:

Forex copy trading is also one of the best passive income ideas in Nigeria that allows a novice trader to copy the trade choices of experienced professional.

It is a means to earn from the Forex market without having to commit hours into doing it yourself.        

  • Choose a copy trading platform: Forex brokers have features that allows you copy signals from professional traders.
  • Select a trader to copy: You will have the option to browse through the successes and failures their listed professionals.
  • Allocate funds: You get to decide how much you want to allocate to the whole trading, and also how much per trade.
  • Automatic copying: Once your set up is complete, the copy trading software automatically copies your trading choices and mirrors it in your account.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Copy trading is not completely hands off, you need to pay attention to the trades as well. In a case where the pro-trader is having a bad run, you might have to stop or adjust.

Copy trading can be a source of passive income, but you must make sure to conduct a proper research before committing to it.

5. Crypto Lending:

If you are looking to grow your income you can put your crypto assets up for lending and earn.

It involves lending out your crypto currency assets to traders in the exchange market.

Although lending out your crypto asset to some random trader seems like a risky endeavour.

But it is safe because most crypto apps and platforms has an insurance policy that ensures you get your money back.

  • Choose a crypto trading platform that facilitates lending.
  • Deposit crypto currency into your lending account and allocate.
  • Earn interest; this can vary due to the platforms you choose and the currency you choose to lend out.
  • Hold or withdraw earning: You can choose to hold or withdraw your earning. Also, you can choose to place your crypto assets on auto lending.
  • Manage risks: While crypto lending might be one of the safest ideas for passive income, the crypto market is very volatile and assets value can fluctuate drastically.

Crypto lending can help you leverage your assets and earn money from an otherwise dormant asset.

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is fairly popular as one of the oldest online business that pays daily.

It is a performance-based marketing where you make commissions by selling other people’s product.

Affiliate marketing is a good option if you already have a source of traffic, like a website or a social media account with a lot of followers.

If this is you, then you can leverage our online presence for some extra cash by signing up to some of the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria.

  • Join an affiliate network: You need to find an affiliate network that matches your Niche (field).
  • Promote the product/website: This can be either hands on or off depending on the traffic source. As a website owner, place the link on your website.
  • Earn commissions: When a visitor or customer buys through your link, you earn a certain amount in commissions.

Affiliate can be a very good source of investment if you enough traffic source.

7. Invest In Stocks

Stock investment is another of the best business ideas in Nigeria that earn you passive income.

It involves the purchase of the stocks of a publicly traded company in hopes that the value of your investment will increase over time.

Investing in stock can be a good source of passive income in the long run. There are two major ways you can invest in stock.

  • Dividend share:

Some stock brokerage companies distribute a portion of their yearly profit to investors in the form of dividends.

If you own the stocks of such companies, then you’re entitled to a regular payment, and this payment is a perfect example of a passive income.

  • Capital gains

As the value of the stocks you own increases, you can decide to sell all or parts of it. While this is you selling your assets, it still represents a source of income, and a passive one at that.

9. Invest in Businesses

There are plenty of people walking around with great business ideas and no money to fund it.

Just this afternoon I was reading about the founders of Airbnb. In their early days, the company was facing a major financial problem during the American 2008 election.

So they came up with the idea to sell custom cereal boxes they called “Obama O’s” and “Cap’n McCain’s” to survive the dark time.

Today, they are valued at $80 billion dollars. Imagine you invested in this company in their early times. It would be something great today.

If you don’t have to the eye for a great product or service, you can seek the service of a business consultant like Oluboba for advice.

And with his guidance, you will open a door of financial freedom for yourself and generations to come.

10. Become A Social Media Influencer:

Social media influencing is the last but not the least on my list of the best passive income ideas in Nigeria.

This option here is a little more hands on than the other ones I mentioned earlier, but it also depends on your personality.

Becoming a social media influencer is the modern day version of been a book writer in the 1500’s.

In fact, if you don’t have a social media presence, you might as well not exist in our present day.

No one in the 50’s could have imagined what they world become as soon as Facebook and Twitter started. Today, you can earn from it.

If you are a social person and enjoys your time in the spotlight, then social media influencing is for you.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter now pays Nigerians once they reach a particular milestone.

You should consider it, especially since it cost a lot less than our other options. It only requires your time and determination.

FAQs on Passive Income In Nigeria

What is passive income?

Passive income is the income you make without actively getting involved in the business itself. This is the money you make with less effort and time.

Are passive income ideas real?

Yes, passive income ideas are very real. And, I want to encourage you to also seek to starting making money without your presence.

Can passive income make you rich?

Passive income has the potential to contribute to your wealth creation, but whether it can make you rich or not depends on depends on various factors.

The key factor influencing wealth creation from passive income is your capital and strategies.

Why is passive income good?

Passive income is advantageous for many reasons. It offers you financial freedom by generating income with less involvement, and allows the flexibility of work place and location.

Where can I make passive income?

Refer to the article above for our list of the top 10 passive income ideas in Nigeria.

Conclusion On Passive Income In Nigeria

When most people hear passive income, the first thing that comes to mind is “Free money”.

Let me clear this up for you; passive income is not free money as there is no such thing as that.

Passive income would usually require an initial set up money or time.

You will have to invest your time, money and energy into setting it up properly in order for you to keep earning.

Another way to earn passively is to have multiple streams of income.

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